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Ryerson, Margary A. — to father, November 3, 1908

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3 Nov 1908
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Dear Papa, -

Why don't you send me some more postals? I simply have not time to write a letter in the middle of the week and my supply of postals has all given out. There is not any special news to tell as this Saturday was given over to the Junior's party to the freshmen and flunk-notes. Poor freshmen, I feel so sorry for them I took lunch with Gertrude Hodgeman & all the freshmen were comparing the [marks?] they had received, and on my way back to Main I met the "[unstamped?]-mail girl" with a big handful yet to be distributed.

Most of the day I spent working on Ethics. Prexy gave us a marvelously long lesson. This morning I went down to church (It is [Town?] Sunday) with Betty Holden and the [crossed out: Re...] Re[...] girls. Although we were all four Presbyterian, we went to [an?] Episcopal church. It is a simply grand day & and I should not be surprised if I took a walk this afternoon. This evening there is to be some kind of a lecture. Last night 60 Seniors went to President Taylors for dinner. They had a very good time. I was not in this 60 but my turn will


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come in a week or two as there are only about two hundred of us, and I think he has a party every week. Only seniors ever go. Margaret Edgar & her brother sat near us in church. He is getting to be quite [...ip]. He is so afraid of Vassar Girls, so Margaret says, that she has never been able to get him here but twice. I think it is quite an approvation [sp:approbation] to her, for she would quite [crossed out: a] like a brother to introduce to the girls. I had a postal from Auntie Walter[...]-Lathrop last week. It was from Dresden, and ^she is having a beautiful time & taking German classes.

Just before lunch a faculty who lives next door to us, stopped us in the hall & asked us to take her and her friend to senior parlor. You know of course that even faculty can’t go without a senior to take them. She said that [crossed out: she] her friend was one of her class mates at Radcliff, and it seems that they both knew Miss Berry who used to teach us Latin. [Crossed out: B] Miss Berry I believe was several classes ahead of them.

I suppose you know that Taft and Bryan spoke here last week - Some girls heard them but my lessons came just those hours so I did not go. Friday noon about 6 of the girls dressed as the prominent men in the [campaign?] &


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somewhere they borrowed an automobile, then they came in front of Rockefeller just as the classes were coming out, so they could collect a crowd & made speeches from the auto. It was very good. Pro [Mills?] of economics gave a lecture the other day on socialism. The room was packed so that lots of us had to sit on the floor. He told the reasons both for and against it [crossed out] but he is not himself a socialist. There are to be regular elections next week and all have to register before hand as in real voting.

The sr. gardens has its blue [crossed out] velvet background now & it is a big improvement for it makes it look lots more important, before as it is just the color of the wall it was hardly noticeable. The velvet is [] [...p] behind it & shows about three inches all the way around. [crossed out] One of the girls gave a tea for her mother there the other day. If cousin Bess ever comes perhaps I will give one for her. You see it costs nothing but the tea and the bother of washing the dishes. Each girl has to take care of the parlor one day in the year. Sweep it & dust it.

I don’t see why Mamma took such a gloomy view of Mohonk. The ride was not long enough [crossed out: for] to us and if she would try it once I think she would change her mind.


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I have just been in Helen Mc[Culla?]’s room having something to eat. Helen & two other girls room in the same alleyway as Betty. Miss Babson, one of Mrs. Kendrick’s assistants was there & she is lots of fun. I never saw her before when she was not in her official manners and she is lots of fun when she is just with girls.

This letter has been way layed from Sunday & as I am in a hurry now I will have to send it off without ending --

With lots of love to you both -
Margery -

The pictures came a week ago & are horrid, I send them & you don’t have to like any for I can sit again without any extra expense ---


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Colonel David [Q?] Ryerson
22 Prospect S[treet?]
South Ora[nge?]
New Jersey


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