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Vance, Gertrude (Pratt) — to mother, May 13, 1914

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13 May [1914]
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May. 13
Wed. night

Dear Mamma.

Just think this is the last billet doux which I will write before I come home. So I wont make it very long. I am just reading over your to-day letter again. I have been thinking about the satin slippers I think the white will do all right for that [jam?] at the [prom?]. If you think the bows look badly you might put on the pale pink ones Mary gave me for Christmas. They are in a little box in my middle bureau drawer. If you cant find them or dont like them dont put them on. I like white slippers best tho.

I [canned?] the 5th mouse to-night. [Theresa?] [Lesha?] has a


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[gu…g?][sp:guinea?] [pig?] for a pet in her room. It runs around loose. She says it will catch mice. The examination schedule is posted; & mine come as follows.

[crossed out: Jun 1]
Jun 1. Mon. math. & Fr.
Jun 2 Tues. Lat.
Jun 3 Wed. Eng.
Jun 4 Thurs [Se…?]. 2:30-4:30
[Worse?] luck as I can at best first rush to the 4:44 but maybe a lot of girls will plan to take the boat the next morning. This is the when I come home in June I mean.
Of course this Friday (May 15) I will take the 3:54 arrive 5:55 & the 6:35 from Hoboken I will look for Dad at Hoboboken as usual.

This afternoon I was up in Ethel [Roses?] room talking & I forgot about my german tutor lesson, but my tutor said it


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was all right & so I had it this evening. This afternoon I did my next Tuesday’s Latin. E. is going to spend the week end with M. C. & they are going down on the same train I do.. Well dear Good night from your loving chum Goo.

Thurs. A. M.

Dear Mamma

I got your letter this A. M. I am glad Don is not in that old debate. I have a vague idea that they [save?] the front seats at the Prom. for alumni. so if they do we could get [them?] -- as I am one. Put out my white lace dress for me Dear. I will bring the black


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satin slippers ^& stockings with me anyway as it wont do any harm to have them.

I have an idea for the girdle on my white dress. I have seen some like it here. Its the latest style.

[diagram] back

only I dont remember how we finished the belt if we had this kind of a girdle it would have to be finished off neatly in back. One advantage in this girdle its no trouble to make just tie the bow. We can talk it over when I get home to-night. Good bye till I see you soon
Love from your little Goo.