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Slade, Caroline E. | to sister, Apr. 14, 1866:

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April 14, 1866
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Vassar College April 14./66 Sunday morning My Dear Sister I have been thinking of you all this morning and have imagined you busy eating breakfast and preparing to go to Sabbath School I am very glad that there is to be a reformation in the school but it will be so funny to have any one else but Uncle Abaer still I think that he has had the task long enough and that it is perfectly right for some one younger to relieve him I do not doubt Mamie but what thee will do everything in thy power to increase the interest of the school has Mother the same class I wish that we had mere scholars


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Maria Booth just came in for me
to look out of her window and see a
young man one of the girls' brother
he came to take her to ride do not think
I am getting depraved but he had a
splendid horse and buggy and the morning
is perfectly lovely so altogether it was
enough to make me wish that I could
go to ride too I am afraid that I shall
forget how to behave in a carriage

Yesterday morning Prof Tenney invited
his class to go walking and get some
spring flowers they do not have the
trailing arbutus here but we found
a pretty little flower called the Hypatia
I will send you a sample the grass
is quite green and our out door duty
will soon become a pleasure I think
When are these contrabands coming
and they do belong inside of the house
or outside, inside I hope though I
am afraid they will occasion mother
some trouble at first


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I think the death of the Atwill brothers
very sad did you see the notice of their
death in the Fall River paper taken
from one of the Boston papers

I am very glad to hear that C. Read is
recovering our love to them

It is really pitiable to think people
will trouble you with so many
questions but I suppose it can't be
helped you might make up a short
sentence that would answer for every
one never mind only eleve weeks more
We received the two dollars I thought
I had acknowledged the receipt of It before
The last time we were in town as we
knew that we should not be allowed
to go in again very soon we thought best
to see about our spring hats we were
intending to have our turbans whitened
and pressed but found that it would
cost us as much as new ones so we
bought a simple white straw hats
with a band of black velvet around


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them they cost $3 1/2 apiece. Laura
has one of the same style we did
not buy anything else but little
things which we had to have but
they always count up we bought some
tooth brushes, belts, collars, pins, nets,
soap, shoe strings and a dollar for our
dinners. When is Mother going to
Boston and what are you going to have
new this spring. When Is Mary Shove
coming back this week I suppose.
I should judge that the house cleaning
was progressing very rapidly I hope
you will not press it so hard that
you will get sick.

Mary Rodman has not written us
since we have been here
Give our love down to the next
house is Aunt Emeline stronger this
spring Our best love to Father and
Mother your loving sister

(Caroline E. Slade)