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Shipp, Margaret M. | to Family, 21 September 1903

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Monday night.
My dearest family,
You can imagine I felt pretty good at getting through my German, but I was also pretty tired. And then it is so exciting the first week that nobody can either sleep or ear.
I met Miss Leach (did I tell you this before?) last Friday evening and I gave her the messages of Miss Robinson and Mrs Nicholson. I told her that Miss Robinson had said “If Miss Leach doesn’t remember me just tell her


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I was there the year Miss Dameron was there, and she'll know who I am.” Miss Leach laughed and said, “Indeed I remember Miss Roninson much better than I do Miss Dameron.” She is awfully fond of Mrs Nicholson. I told her I was going to resume Greek this year after having tried a year of something else, and she patted me on the shoulder and said “Well, I’ll take the pretty little prodigal back.”
Then I met Miss Mann (joy and bliss forever!) and she


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was oh so cordial and nice and asked me to come right over to see her which I did last night with Betty and we had a lovely jolly nice time. Poor Miss Mann has her hand in plaster though on account of a sprained thumb, isn’t that too bad!
Yesterday we got our pictures all hung and they look beauteous. The furniture is all arranged too and the curtains in my bedroom are up. I think we may go without portiers for a while though because though I searched the stores this afternoon, I could find nothing either in canton flannels, ducks, or denims that was the right shade of green. Bettu has two little rugs and with my little one they do tolerably well for the floor of the sitting room, and the college furnishes a little rag rug for each bedroom. I am going to have the strip of green at each side of the


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curtains anyway though, portiers or no porttiers. The top of my bureau is 19 x 50 inches. All out furniture matches perfectly which is a relief after the heterogeneous assortments in some of the girls rooms.
This morning recitations began, Shakespeare with Miss Keys being the first one. She was more adorable than ever and had on a shirt waist suit just the color of her blue blue eyes. Miss Leach gave me a sweet smile as


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as I went into her class. I’m afraid Greek will be hard for me at first as I haven’t read any for so long.
The first night I got here I met Harriet Sawyer (a girl whom both Eloise and Ms Sewall had asked me to look up) and she stayed all night with me. Wasn’t it queer that I happened to sit next her at the dinner table? Yesterday Hazel West took dinner with me. She


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Will be very popular here I think.
Ruth and Bootoo and Polly send their love. They are all nice as ever. I certainly am expecting to have a fine time this year. Our table is not all made up yet, but so far we have very nice girls--two of them, Miss Thistle and Fannie Bell were on the debate you heard while you were here. Fannie Bell is from Brooklyn and is related to a perfectly charming instructor, Miss Richardson. Then there is Sara Duke of St Louis. I’ll tell you more about them later.
Slews of love


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Miss May Louise Shipp
1010 N. Delaware Street


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