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Vance, Gertrude (Pratt) — to brother, December 9, 1913

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9 Dec 1913
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214 North
Dec. 9 1913
Dear Don, (My Brother)

That was a fine long letter of yours. I am glad to hear about the Montclair theater announcements. I would like to see “Within the Law”. When is that coming.

I expect to get my proofs for my pictures to-morrow and if I do I will mail them right home and you & Mamma & Dad must decide which one you like best & which second etc. and tell me why and send them right back the same day you get them in the evening. They are $2.50 for a doz. & 50¢ extra if you have two proofs finished. For


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1913-12-09_074_007_011_002
more than 1 doz. it is at the same rate $2.50 per. How many do you think I will need? ^About 1 doz. I guess. One for the family, you all, then Mary Robinson, Florence, Helen [Rutman?], Kath. Benidict, and some of our relations. They will make very cheap & easy Xmas present. I hope they are good. If they are not I don’t have to take them or pay for them tho.

The last thing you [crossed out: asked] told me was to “keep up in my studies” when you left at the train. So perhaps you will be interested to know that my math. teacher told me I was doing much better work in class and for to-morrow we have the “devils coffin” which has a figure like this


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1913-12-09_074_007_011_003
and I got it all [thru?] my head but one step.

My English teacher told [...] that a composition I wrote on my idea of a hero was very well worked out & very good. I studied this afternoon by my new schedule and went out to dinner with Florence Nichols in Josselyn. She had a string of paper dolls on her wall with the heads cut off some. You remember the kind Mamma [crossed out: you] used to make us by folding a paper over and over and cutting the shapes out. She said they were the days


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Photos -- “Devils Coffin”

before we went home Christmas and she cuts a head off each day. Lots of girls have them and I made one over in her room after dinner. To-night being ice cream night we had chocolate ice-cream. We have been having [...] corn beef & cabbage & ham & parsnips.

Well to-night I had dancing and afterwards owing to the “devils coffin” I was kept up quite late. But now I will turn in and say - Good night. Dont mind if my letter is not as long as yours. I will write you another soon.