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Vance, Gertrude (Pratt) — to family, November 30, 1913

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30 Nov [1913]
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The Train
[] on the Hudson
Nov 30.

Dearest Family,

I want to begin my letter home now so I can go to bed early & I know when I get back I will run round to see all the girls.

We just had the best time in N. J. and Don was a perfect peach. I was so proud of him. He did just right about the money. All the girls [divyed?] up with Walworth who [...aid?] for the checks.


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and Marjorie’s Brother looked after him.

I am sitting with [A...le?], [M…?]. Lois Hollway and Esther [Rensenhoff?] (the girl whom Don admired so.) I was so glad Don came in with me. We got nicely settled when they put 2 extra cars on about 10. min. after we left Grand Central.

Jack Miller came & sat with me for a few min. and talked about german & Thanksgiving vacation. She visited two different


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I was going to take that other bathing suit of Don’s back but I forgot about it but I don’t need it as I have two which I think is sufficient.

I could not help telling the girls on the train that I had a new dress as they were telling about theirs. Adele said she thought the dress I had on at Marjories was lovely and asked if it was new. I said yes and that it was made at home. I just told her that & only Lois and she heard. Well we are getting to


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Poughkeepsie and I will finish when I get back to college.

214 North.

Dear Darling Mamma

I am back safe. I am so excited over everything that I dont know what the predominant emotion is. I had such a good time home, and such an exciting time & such fun coming up on the train and when I got to college I saw Elizabeth [crossed out: and them] in the hall coming in. We all had to sign in a book to show we were back before 10. o'clock. Then I went in Luella's room & saw her. Mildred [Hunt?] was with her.


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Then I went back again to get my room key and when I came back Luella was off with Grace Brian a Jr. I talked with E. & Mildred Hunt a few min. & showed them my [tam?] Luella has already bought one but I have not seen it yet.

Then I went up to [M…] Cobb’s room & we talked over our vacations. Then she came down with me to borrow my hair curlers (not curling irons) and she liked my tam ever so much. I did not show anyone my dress. I will keep it a surprise. Then I got undressed & put on a warm nightie, the white one which you wore, dear, when you were


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here. I first wore it because it is so [crossed out] nice to think you had it on. I really [...] am going to wear the new ones mostly but I began with this because it had you in it. I washed my neck with alchol & brushed my teeth and rubbed [stu...f?] on my pimples they seem all gone in my [mirror?] & I seem to look much better than I did before I went away. Perhaps my mirror is complimentary and that is why I did not see the pimples before.

Well I must say goodnight to my dear Mamma Dad & Don I have all your dear pictures on


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1917-11-30_074_007_009_007
the desk before me and I love you all so & I am going to try to make you [crossed out: proud fond of me] proud of me. (I wrote the wrong word [...] then was afraid you could not read it.)

Good night and love and kisses from your little Goo.

Monday A M

I did not keep my good resolution to get up early but I wore my beautiful dress. I was late to breakfast so there was no one to admire it but I saw [M…?] Cobb after & she admired it greatly. I feel so swell.

I got along alright in my tutor


: VCL_Letters_Vance-Gertrude-Pratt_1917-11-30_074_007_009_008
lesson and [as?] well as usual in other lessons. I must go to English now.

Lots of love to my dear mama
from Goo