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Pratt, Mary (Morris) | to mother, Oct. 20, 1879

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October 20, 1879
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Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.,
October 20, 1879.
My dear Mithery -
I was too lazy to write yesterday and so can only say a word this A.M. concerning something which can't wait until Wednesday. A week or so ago Lill wrote up asking me to set a Friday to go down to Brooklyn to see her. I wrote that I should be happy to go but couldn't set a time before Dec., upon which she wrote back that she wanted me to make time to come down on the 31st Oct or 1st Nov. As I have had


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my work a good deal lightened since I first wrote to her, I have now the time to go & wait your advice on the subject. If I don't go down before Xmas she will feel sure that it is because I don't want to see her, & if I go soon I shall have my pretty short suit to wear instead of a long heavy winter dress with straw hat. I think that you now have all the data.

I wish that the next time you see Fannie Upson you would tell her that I want very much to invite her up here this my last year, when she can come. Our public occasions are Phil.-—about the 1st. of Dec., Founder's—in April— & Commencement week; & there are besides ever


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many pleasant days in the reg-
ular course of the year. Helen
thinks her school will let her
come in the spring best.

Our senior parlor was opened
last week & we have had a
most extensive house warming.
On Wednesday eve it was opened
to the class & one of the girls
provided refreshments of ice-cream
& cake. A great many impromptu
songs were sung, & one to the
air of "Here's to Good Old Yale", was
so distinctly heard by some girls
in a prayer-meeting that they
had to keep singing hymns in
order not to hear the refrain.

On Thursday the parlor was
locked until between dinner &
Chapel when we invited "'82" to


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be our first guests in our new recep-
tion room, & all the rest of
that evening we were taking dif-
ferent teachers or students there
though we only allowed the
sophs to have the coffee & fruit.
We have an elegant dado &
frieze on the wall & most el-
egant, rare furniture, loaned
by different girls in the class.

The committee can compliment
themselves on having, with
a comparatively small amount of
money, presented the class with
what all the authorities con-
sider the most beautiful par-
lor they have seen. Prof. Van
Ingen even has nothing to find
fault with & says "The forms
are excellent," meaning that
very thing corresponds well.
You all have to come up to see
this parlor this year or you'll never


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be forgiven.
I must tell you about the rest of our week of
entertainment. On Fri-
day evening after a very en
tertaining Chapter meeting
six of us were invited to
Mrs. Rays where we met a cousin
of hers & stayed until 11.30!
On Saturday we let im-
portant affairs alone &
rested fancy work in
hand nearly all day long.
In the evening we gathered in
our parlor and sang "Sounding Raft
ers" until Julia came flying down
with the news that the 4th corridor had
come in on the chorus & she had to come down
& join in too. Mary Ives has been here since Satur
Day. Much obliged for the money. It came just in
time to prevent me from committing suicide. Love to all. M.S.M.
[Mary S. Morris,]