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Shipp, Margaret M. | to Family, 12 April 1903

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Easter Sunday
Dearest family
To day I am going down town to hear my Ms Hopkins and see my adorable Mr Dudley. Would that Mr Dudley’s homekeeper were not abroad, because if she were here, I might get invited there to dinner. To night comes the Easter Song Service given by the choir and the choral club of which latter I’ve lately become a member.
About the only item of mens[mention]


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that I know is the arrival of Phillis Yowry in New York where she is soon to be married to the man she was first engaged to when she was fifteen - isn’t that exciting. He is awfully nice I guess, and lives in Philadelphia.
I got the loveliest little gold pin from Eloise yesterday you ever saw. I had been here in college since my birthday but they hadn’t delivered it to me, the old [snarks] at the post office! A letter from Hilda


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came yesterday thanking me for the book which I had “sent her for her birthday”! It must have gotten to her just about on her birthday, isn’t that queer? It was a nice letter and she said she would come up and spend a day with me when she came to New York.
The papers have come now-all of them. Dad’s came Friday and [itre] from the journal of five yesterday. They were hailed with enthusiasm by every-one, and brought forth another [slew] of applause. [Little] Bootos just worships the ground you walk on Marie! She talks about “Peg’s adorable sister” all the time.
Of course I won’t overtrain for field day! I don’t intend to do much, and I shan’t go into the finals at all probably, but please send the permit immediately.


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Monday Morning.
Yesterday was a gorgeous day, an ideal Easter, but some way I didn’t feel very cheerful. Mr Hopkins preached a beautiful sermon and the music was good. After dinner I had a rehearsal for the Easter music, then four of us practiced up some other Easter songs and sang at the Young Women’s Christian Association till five o’clock. Then we


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went to see Miss Bennet who is lame and has to stay in bed all the time, and sang to her. She did seem to enjoy it so, and she was [interested] too. She looked enough like the catholic priest we met at the [Swifts] to have been his sister. Then I chased home and went to a spread in Rudge’s room, her mother having just sent her a [lucious] box of eats. Then I arrayed myself in my white dress, went over


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to chapel and sang s’more. Then I went to bed, and this morning I am just as tired and sleepy as if I’d never been to bed at all.
The poem you sent me Marie was awfully pretty. I’m going to be so awfully busy this week that I don’t know when you’ll hear from me again.
Farewell now
Slews of love


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Phyllis to get married
Mr Joseph P. Shipp
Miss Shipp
1010 N. Delaware Street


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