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Shipp, Margaret M. | to Family, 13 October 1901

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Sunday 9 45 AM
My dear people,
Many things have come to pass since last I touched pen to paper for your benefit. Friday night I had three invitations to dinner from Misses Hadley, Baker and [Pieser]. I went with Miss Hadley, senior pres, you know, and all the girls nearly died of envy. She had already asked Florence and


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Alberta and some other awfully nice girls whom I have met to go with her on the 1st senior barge to [Mohawk], and she asked me to go too. Isn’t that scrambunctious. I went to see Marie Honey cult yesterday afternoon and yesterday evening I went to a Christian Association


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reception with a Miss Brownell, a niece of Mrs Coburn’s and my dears if I saw much of her I should go perfectly crazy. She is simply the most busy officious simpering silly sentimental common little piece I ever saw. Asked me first thing if I were May Shipp’s sister. Said she had heard so much about her from Mrs Allen oh no - Mary I mean. Called me Margaret till I felt like-well I had a pretty good time at the reception notwithstanding. First everyone was introduced to Dr Taylor+ Mrs Kendrick, and then there were the cutest tableaux. Peter Newall’s pictures were represented you know and the little verses were sung. Then the glee club sang and mighty well too, and we wound up with delicious ice cream and cake. It was


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held in the room where the bureau of sales was, and it was great to see so many girls together. Oh I forgot to say that when the tableaux came off, everyone sat down on the floor! Imagine six hundred girls sitting on the floor!
I am afraid I am rather incoherent for I have to have this done by church time. I was


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terribly glad to get the nice letters from both of you you’d better believe, and I wait in hopes of getting another soon. I got a lovely long one from Ruth yesterday—twelve pages. I wonder what’s the matter with her. I haven’t heard from Eloise. How is she? Marrie, Florence and Grace send their love. Florence is perfectly lovely. She is the most


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thoughtful girl of other people that I ever saw, but somehow I think she has had a good deal of sadness in her life.
Well I must stop
Give everybody my love and ever and ever so much to yourselves from


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Dearest May Louise
I am simply dead tired to night, but I thought I’d write you just a little note to let you know that I have gotten your nice long letters. I am awfully glad the club [unclear] came out so nicely. It was sort of queer but I shouldn’t be surprised if Miss Julia had really


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not had sense enough to know what she ought to do.
Not a thing has happened this week. I am getting along all right in many lessons--especially in English and Geometry, “wouldn’t that crack your mother’s golden tooth” as Mrs Snow would say? By the way, have you


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heard from her lately. How is Little Dependencies getting along! I am crazy to see Lady Peggy. Do send me a copy. There was a class meeting to day and Bertha was put on a committee to receive nominations for president. I wish Mrs Mason would drop down here from New York. I’d like to see her ever so much.
We all expect to have a great old time Saturday when we go to [Mohawk]. Well I am simply too sleepy to say another word so bye bye.
With wagon loads of love to you and dad.
What have you done about the house?


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I think it is perfectly killing that Mrs Sewall is going to read part of my letter at school.


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Mrs Sewall reads her letters in class [Geometry]
Miss May Louise Shipp
1010 N. Delaware St


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