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Anne Page Brydon
Richmond, Virginia

Anne Page Brydon
Richmond, Virginia

Cold and Windy
Sunday, January 1, 1922
One A.M. George and I have just gotten home from Charlotte's party, where we both had a very good time. George and
Cornelia got first prize for the guessing contest. Our new organist, Mr. Fleet, was there.
I went to Sunday-school, but Mrs. Ruffin was away, so Margaret and I talked. A good congregation at Church. Told
Virginia goodby until June. Aunt Evelyn came out to dinner and spent the afternoon. We had the P. and T. plum
pudding for desert [sic]. About five o'clock George went down town, and Daddy and I took a long walk, about five
miles in all. We went out Laburnum Av. to the A.P. Hill monument [1] and kept along a road to the R.F. and P.[2]
tracks. Very cold and windy.

[1] Civil War General Ambrose Powell Hill was buried for the third and final time underneath a memorial in Richmond,
[2] Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad

Clear and Cold
Monday, January 2
George left this morning, looking very fine in his uniform. Daddy took his pictures before he went. Mamma and I had
just started packing my trunk when the doorbell rang and Aunt Margaret came in. She said she saw Daddy getting on
the car but nobody else except a policeman! Great joke! Have just gotten into my upper berth. Had a nice talk with Eliz.
Horsley. Mama and I went to see Miss Katharyn this afternoon and Floyd Jr. Then we met Bessie and went to Uncle
Nelson's for supper, which was delicious. Daddy came to the station to help take my things down. Bride and Groom on

Tuesday, January 3
The train got in to New York at seven. Nobody was up at 31 W. 12 except Roddy, who got me a book to read. After
breakfast, had a nice chat with Mr. Crane; called up Fuzzy and met Aunt F. at the Colony Club. She got me a pair of
skates and sweater. Went to lunch with the Bacon's and then Ann and Deborah and Rosalind ... and her sister and I went
to see "Theodora." After the movie I met Aunt Frances and Clifford at the Biltmore and we had tea. Came up on the six
o'clock train with Fuzzy, Jimmy, Betsey, Ed, Flo-de-may and Lenney. Eleanor and Elizabeth Burchstead came on a late
train. Kay hasn't come yet. Eleanor has put up her hair. Flo de May is sleeping here tonight.

Sleet and Cold
Wednesday, January 4
Stayed in bed till nearly eight and got up just in time for breakfast. Went downtown to leave checks for my trunk and
Jimmie's; they haven't come yet. Had four classes today. Lecture instead of quiz in chemistry. There is a new girl here
taking Jacintha's place. Her name is Madeleine Finch. Fuzzy and Betsey went coasting sixth period. Dorothy Anne came
over for a short visit before we had to go to rhythmic exercises. After supper, Fuzzy, Margaret Kellogg and I went over
to the Libe to read Hygiene. The ground is terribly slippery and the two Margarets had a grand fall. I wrote to Betty and
Aunt Lucy today.

Warmer: Snow and ice Melting
Thursday, January 5
Did not have time to get any breakfast but a roll, but bought some food later over in Main [Building]. The Lab was easy
and we got through early. Apollo was married Jan 1st. My trunk hasn't come yet, neither has Jimmie's. Had Gym class
after lunch and did some kind of folk dancing. Came home and studied Latin with K.; started "Galusha the
Magnificent" [1] and wrote to Aunt Mildred. At dinner there was an interesting discussion on the various ways of
pronouncing words in different parts of the country. After dinner Eleanor and I studied Plato and made graphs for Trig.
together. My new white gloves, stockings and cap came. No hot water. Bed early.

[1] 1921 novel by Joseph C. Lincoln

Clear and Cold
Friday, January 6
Got up for breakfast and afterwards finished studying Plato with Eleanor. Studied Latin and walked over to class with
[Jilla]. Then came home and did "Zadig" [1] for French. My allowance for January came this morning. Am going to try
to save it for Blue Ridge next summer. Miss Potts read us some "School-boy Howlers" in English class. Perfectly
screaming. My trunk finally came and I got out my two cushions and picture. Eleanor and I walked into Po'keepsie
[Poughkeepsie]. It was pretty late so we came back on the car, a new one man car. Could not exchange Jimmie's
"Kalua" record. After dinner, I read most of Galusha [2] and then we had several games of Bridge.

[1] novel by Voltaire about a Babylonian philosopher
[2] novel Galusha the Magnificent

Wonderful weather, cold and peppy
Saturday, January 7
Too late for breakfast, it being Saturday. Fuzzy and I got some food over in Main [Building] the[n] we went to the Libe
where I read Hygiene and got out two of Shakespeares Historical plays for English. After lunch, read King John, then
Fuzzy, Jimmy and I dressed up in white sweaters and went down town (walked). We got the material for our memory
books. I wrote to Charlotte [...], Julia Wickam and a card to Alice Scott. Kay got two new cushions and a sweater and
Betsey got a pair of skates. The two K's are having a two handed game of Bridge. Very hilarious.

Cloudy, but cold
Sunday, January 8
Got up in time to have a bath before I got dressed for Chapel. Mr. Harry Miller was the preacher. We came home and
started out memory books. the covers are blue burlap padded with cotton and the sheets are plain brown paper. At four
Fuzzy and I went over for Mary Steichen and we went skating over on Pratt's lake. It was my first attempt and I didn't
fall down but three times. Think I am going to like it when I learn how. We went to dark music and Kay and I went to
see Helen Gage and Narcissa Vanderlip [1], who is quite attractive. Wrote home and to George. Have been telling

[1] Narcissa Cox Vanderlip chaired the New York State League of Women's Voters from 1919-1923 and persuaded
Eleanor Roosevelt to join its board of directors

Slight snow fall; melting
Monday, January 9
A letter from Jacintha came this morning, as well as one for all the other girls. Daddy sent me the Round Robin, which I
enjoyed reading. Fuzzy and Flora May and I went skating in the sixth period; ice was fairly good. After Hygiene, a
picture on How Life Begins. I played Water Basket-ball. Marion Taylor is coach. It is lots of fun I think. Tex and
Catherine Davis were playing too. Walked back as far as Raymond with Elmeda Ansell and "Jim" Booth. Fuzzy got
some cake from her Savannah friend, and we enjoyed it very much. I finished up my roll of Kodak films with two
pictures taken of us with skates on! I have decided to knit a navy blue sweater.

Fair & Warmer
Tuesday, January 10
Was almost late to Lab on account of getting up late and having little time for breakfast. Went to library the third period
to study Latin and French poem, which I did not have to recite. In English Miss Potts drew some funny pictures on the
board and also gave us back some Themes. Got a letter from Granny today which I enjoyed beaucoup. Went to walk
with Betsey Coggeshall; went to the shoemaker's in Poughkeepsie. Weather delightful except for being slushy
underfoot. Got a darling letter from Margaret Van Pelt asking me to dinner tomorrow night. Have been studying hard
but have not finished.

Cold & Snowing
Wednesday, January 11
This morning Eleanor woke me up at seven so that I could do my Latin. It began snowing after breakfast, and has been
doing so all day. Every thing is lovely. Stayed over in Main to lunch with Margaret Butcher. She also had Mary Bill,
Ruth Broughton & Caroline Butterfield to lunch. Fuzzy and I cut Rhythmic Exercises this afternoon. Eleanor and I went
walking down to the Flag and around the lake in our galoshes. Went to [McGlynns] tonight and had dinner with
Margaret Van Pelt. She is awfully nice and I spent a delightful evening. She had some food in her room in addition to
the good chicken & ice-cream dinner. Met Frances Vance who is Miss Hume's niece.

Clear and Cold
Thursday, January 12
Had my last laboratory for the semester this morning. Had to do the old experiment four times before I could suit Mr.
Kilpatrick. We are going to have quizes [quizzes] next week instead of lecture. After gym the fifth hour, Sarah and Ed
Denton and I went coasting, and had a grand time. We coasted down the hill by Assembly Hall. There were lots of girls
with skiis and snow shoes. At 4:30 we went over to Pat's room for tea. She had some delicious food. I opened my box of
Algaras candy that Mr. Crane gave me, today. Since dinner, have been doing Plato and Boissier (for Latin). A little
before ten, Jimmy, Fuzzy Eleanor and I went out doors for a walk in the snow. The moon was about full.

[1] a black-and-white-striped candy named after the bizarre hair coloring of Avignone Freres Algaras, an obscure
Mexican diplomat.

Weather: Same
Friday, January 13
Although I didn't have any lessons till third hour, I got up for breakfast (a little late); After Latin, went to the Dean's
office to arrange my schedule for next semestre [sic]. Met Margaret Hay outside and she said for me to come to see her.
After English, I went to the Libe, and met Eleanor, Jimmie & Mary Steichen at the beginning of the eighth hour. We
went to the lecture on Bacteriology by Dr. Park. Had the usual fish for supper. Our tea-set came today and we had tea in
it tonight. Betsey got it in Chinatown for $4.75. Eliz Burchstead came up too. Tomorrow we are going sleigh-riding, if
our plans go well. Have been studying chemistry.

Clear and Cold
Saturday, January 14
Got over to breakfast in time to get some hot cakes. After studying Chem, went over to the Libe and wrote a
composition and part of another. After lunch, played bridge with Betsey K. and Evelyn until time to go to the Winter
Carnival. It was lovely. They had potato and dustpan races, skiing, coasting & snow shoeing and fancy skating. I skated
some, but the ice was terribly rough. I got a box from Mamma with some delicious Penoche fudge in it, as well as some
clean clothes & a new petticoat. We went on our sleigh ride and had a marvelous time. Just 14 of us, with Mrs. Rule for
chaperone. The moon was full. Play[ed] bridge and had tea after we got back.

Sunday, January 15
This morning Betsey & Eleanor brought us some breakfast over. I got dressed in time for Chapel. Our preacher was Mr.
Cohoe, a Baptist from Montclair, but quite good indeed. He had a delightful dialect, either Scotch or Irish. Went to
dinner with Alice Williams over in Josselyn. We went to the lake to see if the ice was good enough for skating, but it
was too rough. Stayed in her room, talking, until after five. She says Virginia is coming up for Second Hall play. Mary
Allen Edge and I went to supper to Margaret Hay's in Davison. Found she is a Junior who went to Agnes Scott in
Atlanta for 2 yrs. [Met] Theodosia (Ted) Burton, of Ann Arbor. We went to Dark Music which was lovely, then I came
home & wrote to Granny.

Warmer and Clear
Monday, January 16
Studied Math in my two periods this morning. After Chem quiz 4th period, I went down to Flag to get some Kodak
pictures, and bought a waist for three dollars at Mrs. Lucas'. After lunch I went down to the bank and then had a
shampoo and water wave. Got back just in time for Hygiene. Very interesting lecture. K, Jimmy, Betsey, Fuzzy and I
went for a nice long walk eighth period. Got back about six. After dinner, went to hear Maud Rey read "Les Femmes
Savantes." She was perfectly fascinating. Had on a French costume of white net and yellow silk and her hair in curls.
Came home and studied Latin. Had a letter from Mamma today.

Very cold but clear
Tuesday, January 17
I didn't have a class this morning until the fourth period on account of Lab. cut, so I copied my English theme and wrote
out Hygiene notes. Walked over to Latin with Evelyn. Had a French cut fifth hour, so did nothing much until time to go
to English. Then came home and studied Latin. K and I walked over to Main to get some fruit at the grocery store. We
went down to the "Retreat" to get a devil, but they didn't have any ice-cream. Our hats that Dot Love ordered came
today. I like mine very much. Have been studying and writing theme since supper. Have decided I ought to be thinner
and must diet.

Not so cold, snowing
Wednesday, January 18
Betsey woke me up at six:thirty, so that I could finish my studying. Even then had to go to Math unprepared. Finished
my English theme in the second period. Found a letter from Daddy here and a fascinating one from a Japanese girl at the
Woman's College at Tokyo. Betsey and I cut French and I went to sleep. Had rhythmic exercises eighth hour. Came
home and put on my wine-colored crepe for dinner. We had an unusually good one. Wrote to Virginia [Wms] and a long
letter to Mamma. Haven't done much studying. Fuzzy's Yale Record came. She got a book, "Anchors Aweigh" from
Roger Nelson, U.S.N.A.

Cloudy: Warmer
Thursday, January 19
Just did get dressed in time for breakfast, but didn't have a first hour, so it didn't matter. Mamma sent me a paper telling
about the street-car men's strike at home. Also the picture section of Sunday's paper. Classes went fairly well today.
After gym, came home and read Bossier and the essay for the English exam. Fuzzy went over to the Browsing room
with Eleanor and they spent the afternoon reading. Fuzzy had Ellen Fay over to dinner. Tried to fix my hair like K does,
but didn't succeed very well. It looked nice, though. Eleanor, Jimmy and I had a three-handed game of Bridge, and then
Eleanor and I played some.

Cold and clear
Friday, January 20
On the morning mail, I got a lovely bureau scarf from Granny. Studied French history until the third period. After Latin,
I went down to the Flag to get some Kodak pictures, the ones that Pat took of us on the rail fence. Also I bought a hand-
hemstitched waist for $4 at Mrs. Lucas'. After classes were over, K and Eleanor and I walked downtown. I bought some
Indianhead to make Mamma a luncheon set. We came back on the street-car. After dinner (fish as usual). K and Fuzzy
and I reviewed Latin all the evening, then had some tea.
Dark Alley Fat Darkey
Banana Peel Virginia Reel

Sleet, cloudy
Saturday, January 21
K and I both got up for breakfast this morning. Jimmy got a letter from Roger Nelson with seven different shades of red
hair, and asked her to find out which Fuzzy liked best. So they have been making up stories about the different locks of
hair. I spent all the morning studying French. After lunch, I cut out the large doily of the set. About four, we all went
coasting and had a grand time.We went down Sunset hill and also used the road on the other side. Miss [Mayfield],
Mary Allen Edge, Lois Clark and I went to see "Daddy Long Legs" given by the Community Players. It was just as cute
as could be, even if they were amateurs.

Wonderful weather, clear and cold
Sunday, January 22
Jimmy woke me up this morning so I got up at a fairly reasonable hour--9 o'clock. Read a story in an old S.E.Post until
Chapel time. Our speaker today was not particularly interesting. We had delicious(?) prune ice-cream for desert
[dessert] today. After dinner, K and Fuzzy and I reviewed some more of Cicero until we were completely exhausted.
Then we had some tea and fruit-cake (Jimmy's). Then I wrote to Bessie and to Granny until supper time. Had a very
good supper as usual for Sunday nights, after which we went to dark Music. It has gotten very windy and cold. Have not
done tomorrow's lessons yet.

Very cold and bracing.
Monday, January 23
Woke up this morning feeling rotten with a cold coming on. Fuzzy and Eleanor and I went over to Miss Potts' room to
an English conference. Had to park on the stairs until nine. After she finished with me, I sat on the steps of Rocky
(inside) and did my Math until the bell rang. Cut chemistry quiz and went for a walk with Betsey. After lunch, I went
to bed and have stayed there the rest of the day. Slept about an hour this afternoon. Was not sorry to miss Hygiene and
French lectures. K brought me over a nice tray for supper. She and [Jimmy] walked to town this afternoon. Everybody
has been writing the mushiest love-letters to Roger Nelson so that Fuzzy can tease him in return. Eleanor's & [Jimmy's]
quite good.

14 Below zero this A.M.--Clear
Tuesday January 24
K brought my breakfast over to me, and Betsy & I had it together. Read some stories in S.E. Post and got up at five
minutes to eleven; had Latin at 11:30. After lunch, I wrote a long letter to Charlotte and one to Julia later in the
afternoon. Sent her some Misc'es and a Sampler. Got a delightful long letter from Granny, and one from Betty Becker.
Betsey is staying in bed this evening on account of a cold. Have felt rested on acc't of my sojourn there, but cold is not
better. K. Metcalf broke two front teeth yesterday and had to go to N.Y. to have them fixed. Wrote to Aunt F. tonight.

Bitterly cold--clear
Wednesday January 25
Betsey stayed in bed this morning too, and we had breakfast together. Cut my Math. At the beginning of third hour,
walked over with K and decided to stop by the doctor's office. Had to wait a solid hour, thereby missing Latin. She
gave me some pills & said to come back tomorrow. I did not miss chem. quiz, which would have been preferable to
Latin. After English, came home and Betsey and I went for a walk--to the Book Store, then to Strong, Davison and
Careys, so we didn't get much of a walk after all--mostly indoors. After supper, Jimmy insisted on putting Betsey,
Fuzzy and me to bed. Wrote home.

Clear and cold.
Thursday, January 26
Got up this morning soon after the rising bell rang. Went over to the doctor's office a little before nine, so was the first
one there. She gave me some more pills to take. Came home and studied Latin until lunch. Then Betsey and Eleanor
and I went for a walk. We went down to Arlington to the Drug Store, then back to Albert's where I got some wool
socks. We got an Eskimo sandwich at [Carey's], then went over to Main. Have been studying Newman's Essay all the
evening. K had Dorothy Anne over to dinner. After she had gone, Jimmy, K and I had a short game of bridge. A letter
from Mamma came today, but was quite short. Must study some Math tonight. Fuzzy & Betsey are going to West

Clear and cold
Friday January 27
This morning all of us got up to breakfast. We sat around the radiator studying Latin and trying to keep warm until ten
o'clock, when we went for a walk. My exam was in the music lecture room. The Latin was not so bad, there were two
sight translations and one other passage and several question. I found a letter from Aunt F across the street saying she
would be glad to have me next week. Studied Math all afternoon. Got a nice letter from Daddy and a package of
peanut brittle. After dinner (fish), Eleanor and Jimmy went to the concert. Betsey & Fuzzy went too and also went out
to dinner. Have been feeling quite tired this evening, so am going to bed early with a hot water bottle.

Cloudy-cold, snow & wind.
Saturday, January 28
This morning was much like yesterday, except for a much shorter walk before Math. The exam was quite long and I
didn't finish. Made a number of foolish mistakes. After lunch, Betsey and K and Eleanor and I played bridge while the
others went to see Peter Ibbetson at the movies. About 4, Eleanor & I went over to the Library. It was snowing quite
hard & very windy. I got some Exam papers for chem. The faculty operetta and plays (one act) were tonight and K and
I went. They were just as cute & amusing as possible. Profy made a splendid judge. Prof. Burgess Johnson was
terribly funny. Three of the faculty gave an exhibition of clogging. Fuzzy got a letter from P.M. in reply to the letters
we sent him.

Cold, clear part of time. Nice sunset.
Sunday, January 29
This has been a queer day, seems different from most Sundays. Eleanor and I went to Chapel this morning, but all the
others cut. Came back, finished my letter home by dinner time. Spent all the afternoon studying but did not accomplish
as much as I had hoped. We had tea at five, using some of the Orange Pekoe that Mr. C.R. gave me. The [Glaesars]
gave us some bread and jam to go with it. Jimmy & Kay told all of our fortunes in the tea-cups. See back of book for
mine. Did not go to dark music because Mr. Wells is going to sing and I didn't like him much this morning. We have
all been studying hard.

Clear, warmer.
Monday- January 30
Exams and more exams! Everyone got up at 7 this morning. After breakfast we read Newman's essay and discussed it.
Fuzzy, Eleanor & I had our English in Sanders lab. We had French in the afternoon. It was quite hard, but I knew
something about every question except the life of Voltaire. They are having Dark Music every afternoon this week and
we all went. It was lovely. I liked especially Dvorak's Largo from the New World Symphony. Mrs. [Lees] sang
accompanied by cello and organ. We walked home around the lake. I got letters from Bess and Mrs. Ruffin. Bessie is
leaving Thursday for upper Brandon to teach Mrs. Byrd's children. Studied much chemistry. Eleanor had hot

Tuesday, January 31
This morning got up to breakfast. Spent all the morning studying chemistry. Fuzzy got a letter from Roger & one from
[Studebaker]. Just before lunch I went for a walk with Eleanor. After lunch studied Hygiene. The exam was right hard,
learned all I knew of the last two questions from Jimmy on the way over. Did not go to Dark music. Found a letter
from home and also got letters from Julia & Virginia. [Norrma] and Julie Smithy came over and we had tea. Evelyn
Johnson had it with us. Have been studying Chem all evening. It is now eleven & must go to bed.

Beautiful day: not so cold
Wednesday February 1
Got up before the rising bell this morning and went over to breakfast at 7:30. At eight Ed & Madeleine F. and I started
over to Chemistry exam at 8:20. It was quite hard, but fortunately there was a choice of eight of 11 questions. Came
home, took a bath and was leisurely packing when the dinner bell rang. I decided to take the 2 o'clock express to N.Y.
Almost missed it. Sat with Willy [Keilly] on the way down. Came to the apartment on a 'bus. Unpacked, had tea with
Aunt F. then we went for a walk with Uncle Roger & Roddy. Clifford is sick in bed. Mrs. Williams is here too. Went
down to see Mrs. Crane. Went to bed early & read in bed.

Thursday February 2
Got up about 9:30 this morning. Weather cloudy & warm, but sun came out later. After breakfast, called up Mrs Van
Pelt to invite Margaret to go the theatre tomorrow. Also called up Fuzzy. After lunch, Aunt F and I went to the opera.
Jeritza (and ...) sang in the Cavalleria and Kingston & Litta Ruffo in Pagliacci. It was wonderful and we enjoyed it ever
so much. Jeritza is taking Farrar's place. We went to Huyler's afterward, then home, where Duggy was just getting
back from a party. Aunt F and I went down to speak to Margaret Lilly, Mr. Crane's niece, and her mother. Did not go
out this evening. Fixed watch strap & we almost caught a mouse in the trap.

Friday February 3
Got up about eight this morning. Phoned Fuzzy after breakfast. Wrote to Dixie Smith. Went by myself in the subway
to the 52nd St rink where I met Mrs. Furse & Fuzzy. had a nice time skating to music except for my ankle that would
turn. Aunt F. and I had lunch with Mrs. Crane, Mrs. Lily & Margaret & Mrs. Dewey. Afterward we went to see the
color organ at the Neighborhood Playhouse. It was fascinating--waves of color that blended together and formed
different shapes. Aunt F. has gone to Washington. I do not know why, Mrs. Williams and Clifford left for Ithaca.
Margaret Van Pelt and Philip Lewis came to dinner and we went to see "Bull-Dog Drummond", which is quite thrilling
and melodramatic. Phil is such a nice boy.

Fair, but windy.
Saturday February 4
Slept late this morning. Had breakfast with Uncle Roger. Wrote to Mr. Ruffin. About eleven I walked up Fifth Avenue
as far as 42nd Street, going into a bird and animal store where there were some [cunning] puppies, monkeys, etc. Went
inside the Library; went to the Art Gallery and looked at the Roosevelt exhibition. Met Fuzzy at Huylers; one o'clock.
Betsey and K came down for the day and we four had lunch together. Fuzzy and I went to see "The O'Brien Girl,"
which was almost as good as "Sally" and the others to see "Good Morning Deerie". We met at the Vanity Fair Tea
Room. Fuzzy had to hurry off and K and Betsey took the six o'clock train. Uncle Roger & I had dinner together. He is
such an interesting talker. Have been reading "White Shadows in the South Seas".

Cold, Misty.
Sunday February 5
Aunt Frances and Aunt Mildred came back from Washington last night, where Aunt F. went to the conference & heard
Balfour. Uncle R, Aunt F & I went to church. Dr. Fosdick was splendid--(Christianity is fellowship with Jesus &
learning how to live"). Then we walked around to St. George's Church. Had a delicious dinner. At 4:30 Aunt Mildred
& I went up as far as Roddy's school on Park Ave & 72nd St in a taxi & walked back, stopping in at St. Bartholomew's
church to see it, then coming to the Grand Central. Met Fuzzy & Ed on the train & we came up together. It was great to
see all the girls again. Got letters from Daddy, Mrs. Adams, Alice Scott, a newspaper, two bills & 2nd semester

Cloudy & warm
Monday February 6
Today is the first day of the new semester. Jimmy got us all up at seven, and we did our exercises. Had Math first hour
and Eng Speech second. Then I went to the Dean's office, but Miss McCaleb would not change my French. Betsey and
I are going to try to lose a few pounds. My Chem Lab has been changed to Mon & Thurs 5th & 6th hours and I have
Miss Landon instead of [Kelly]. Fuzzy has been fixing her memory book. She & Jimmy and I went for a walk before
dinner. Afterwards, we all went to hear the ... Trio, over at the Assembly Hall. They consisted of cellist, pianist &

Cloudy & warm.
Tuesday February 7
We had our exercises this A.M. Mrs. Glaeser came up and [raved] on, told us to go to the gym if we wanted to do any
exercises. After Math first hour, went down town to deposit my allowance; bought some ankle supports. Walked back;
took me forty minutes. Did not get any mail today except in the afternoon a package to all of us from R.E.N. Fuzzy's
was Boat Book, Eleanor's cigars, Jimmy cough drops, K, raisin, Betsey candle, mine chewing gum. After English I
went to the book store and spent $5.89. Then got my First Hall pictures. The others went skating but i have been
studying all evening. Betsey & I had a grapefruit.

Clear and cold
February 8 Wednesday
We had our usual exercises this morning. Studied French until third hour. My classes all went very well; recited the
Marseillaise in French. Had an interesting English class. Story of victory of Samothrace. I was a Civil War veteran
with a penchant for anecdotes. Got a check cashed & bought a grapefruit. Got letters from Granny and Charlotte. Had
rhythmic eighth hour. Found our marks had come. I got Chem. C, Engl B French B Latin C Math B Phys. training B.
Alice Williams had invited me over there for dinner. Was late of course. We went to Chapel afterwards. Have written
a long letter to Granny. It is getting late. 11:15

Clear part of day. Cold.
Thursday, February 9
Betsey has been changed to my Math class, but was late the first day. After Math, I went to the Library and did French
for tomorrow and Math for Monday. Went to chem 4th hour. No mail today. Walked with Jimmy over to Lab. Miss
[Landon] told me that I got B+ on my exam but only D- on the Lab work. Walked back with Betsy Coggehall, who
invited me to lunch tomorrow. Did not go to gym on account of having Lab. Fuzzy, Jimmy and I went skating eighth
hour on the nearest lake. Have been practicing going by myself. The ice was very good in places. Have been studying
here all evening but should have done Latin. Evelyn Johnson is sick so is Mary Steichen & Pat has been operated on for
apedicitis [appendicitis].

Not so cold: cloudy. [M. ]
Friday February 10
This morning I studied Latin until time to go the class. Evelyn got flu at the Yale prom & has gone to the infirmary.
Went to Betsey Coggeshall's for lunch, but she never did come so I got some stuff over in Main. Went to the gym to
change my schedule, but office is not open on Fridays. English was very interesting with a discussion of different forms
of criticism, (impressionistic). Read Shakespeare all the afternoon and had a bath before dinner. We went to hear
Rachmaninoff in Po'keepsie [Poughkeepsie] and he was perfectly heavenly. I was so glad to have the opportunity to
hear him. Mrs. Hawkins sent us all Valentine--boxes of cookies, almonds, raisin, dates, honey, etc. Betsey got some
more food.

Rainy and Warm
Saturday February 11
Fuzzy sent off a box to Roger this morning. Jimmy & ... sent Valentines. Betsey a sachet, Fuzzy a comb Eliz-dee -
hairpins, and I, a picture supposedly of myself. Went to several of the Vocational lectures--on Advertising, Interior
decorating, Social Service and Phys. Education. Mrs. Luther Gulick spoke on the last, and inspired us all to become
cam councillors [counselors]. I went to the Library and did my reading for English speech then came home and wrote to
Mrs Adams and Virginia Wms. Must have Molly Kimball over sometime. After dinner we all studied till nearly ten,
then we had tea and Betsy and I had our grapefruit. I sent off three Valentines. Jimmy got into one pajama leg

Cloud, cold - snow!
Sunday February 12!
No one was down to breakfast this morning besides me, but Betsey went later. I read Shakespeare for two hours until
time to go to Chapel. Bishop Brent was our speaker and a very good one. K and I enjoyed having the Episcopal
service. After dinner K and Betsey made their memory books and I helped and fooled around. May Lou came to see
Fuzzy, and Edith and Jean (Betsey's friends) came to tea and then we went skating about five o'clock. It was simply
great. We had a [bum] supper and then our own dark music. Dorothy Anne was over to supper. I wrote home & to

clear & cold: snow on ground.
Monday---February 13
Five of us from Whitlock's walked into Math class late this morning. K and I have been rejoicing over the fact that our
English Speech teacher has changed and we have a very nice one now. I finished Richard II this morning, over in
Sanders Lab. Met K after Chem and we came home together. Had our gym changed to 7th hour on Thurs. Had lab this
afternoon. I was going skating with K but it was too windy. We walked over to Carey's to see the exhibits of Bonwit
Teller's and [Hirsh] Bonwit had a great many lovely things, but rather expensive. After a bum dinner we came over and
studied the rest of the time. Miss Conrow sent Fuzzy some French records.

Tuesday-February 14
I feel as if I'm black and blue all over, but what does it matter? We've had a perfectly glorious time over at the ice-
carnival. Grand March, exhibition skating, Music, doughnuts, bonfires, full moon. This morning I was lat to Math as
usual. Spent the next two hours in the Library studying French. I found a book on Catullus for my French topic. I got
three Valentines and a letter from Daddy. Mamma had a bad cold. Fuzzy got an adorable corsage bouquet of violets
and double hyacinths from some one in Washington. She looked darling at the Carnival in her middy and pants & sailor
hat. Liz-dee took some time exposures of her and Jimmy.

Cloudy: Snowing hard all day.
Wednesday February 15
Of course we all slept late this morning after the ice-Carnival but I did get over to breakfast in time to bring some milk
and rolls to the others. Miss Landon is sick so we had Miss Lammert for quiz. Betsey Coggeshall strained her back in
apparatus and was in the infirm. last Friday. Betsey got another delicious box of candy today. Our English class was
very interesting today. We had a symposium and different ones had to get up before the class and be asked questions.
My subject was Shakespeare's Chronicle plays. Roger sent back Fuzzy's Comic Valentine. I had Molly Kimbale over
to dinner. She is awfully nice.

Clear, much colder.
Thursday, February 16
This morning I just did get over to Math on time, but had no time for breakfast. Spent the next two hours in the Library
writing my theme and reading Notre Dame de Paris. I found a letter from Mamma and one from Granny when I got
back after 4th hour. George has the flu and is in the Naval hospital. K and I walked over to Lab together and I met her
after it was over and we came home together. We studied for the rest of the afternoon. Tonight we went over to
Students to hear a light Opera, The Impressario, by Mozart. I liked it pretty well, but nothing extra. The uncle was the
only good actor in it.

Clear, but very, very cold.
Friday, February 17
This has been a wonderful day, but ever so cold. 14 [degrees] below, this morning. Eleanor and I cut Latin and went
for a lovely walk, then went to the Library and wrote our themes. Went to Betsey C's for lunch, in North. Her mother is
coming up from Washington today. Wish mine would! The freshmen played the Juniors in basketball and we beat
them--44 to 37! This is the 1st real game of the season. Freddy [Hatch] asked Margaret Kellogg & me over to meet
Henrik Terry at the informal tonight. It was loads of fun and he was awfully cute, though I didn't dance with him but
twice. We met Miss Maxfield's brother [Lettle], red hair & moustache, 25. Margaret wore Fuzzy's dress--blue velvet
with chiffon sleeves and I my henna.

A little warmer.--clear
Saturday February 18

Betsey got up a [at] 5:30 this morning and went to N.Y. to see the dentist. Went to lunch and to the opera with Mrs.
Furse and brought a cake to Fuzzy. I spent the morning studying French. K, [Tex] and I went over to see the skeleton
for English speech. After lunch, I worked on the centerpiece for Mamma. Fuzzy & Jimmy went to town, and got wool
for sweaters. Mine is going to be yellow, theirs grey. The others got all dressed up and went to the prom this afternoon.
K wore my dress. I had a bath which made me very late for dinner. K got a delicious angel-food. We had tea and cake
tonight after every body got back for the informal in the gym. I went to the Libe

Sunday. February 19
Eleanor, Esther and I got up at seven and went to the Chapel in Arlington for Communion. Caroline was going, too, but
did not wake up in time. We all went to chapel and heard and excellent sermon from Dr. McAfee. We did not go out
at all in the afternoon--knitted and wrote letters and studied. We had tea about five. After dinner we went to Dark
Music. Margaret came over and she Betsey Lizdee and I had a lovely discussion. See back for list of subjects. Lizdee
& I had a grand talk about Mr. Washington and camping in general. We didn't get to bed until after twelve.

Very warm--February thaw
Monday. February 20
We all got up at seven o'clock and did our exercises. Betsey and I were actually on time to Math. K and I like our new
Eng. Speech teacher, Mrs. Sebolt, very much indeed. i cashed a check and paid all my debts. "Pop" [Moulton] spent
part of the hour talking about dancing instead of Chem. Jimmy, K, and I walked over to Lab together. Ours was long,
so I walked home with Jimmy. Our sweaters are progressing finely. This evening Amy Lowell gave a lecture on Keats.
She spoiled it for me by reading it. I was sleepy, though. She is elderly and enormous. Reminds you somewhat of Dr
L. After supper we all knitted and talked French.

Much warmer, very damp.
Tuesday February 21
I was doing Math very diligently when I realized that it was 8:30, so I cut the class. Spent the rest of the morning until
4th hour in studying Latin and French, and then was called on for the very Latin poem that I hadn't done. In English we
discussed Amy Lowell's lecture. After English, I went to the Libe and did my Eng. for tomorrow. Miss Haight gave a
delightful illustrated lecture on Catallus 8th hour. I like her ever so much. Have knitted a few more rows on my
sweater, but have spent most of the evening studying.

Cooler, clear, but wet.
Wednesday February 22
Not having a first hour class today, I didn't get up until nearly eight. There was no mail, since this is Washington's
birthday. Will Neilly has bobbed her hair. Fuzzy and Betsey went down town & got waved and shampooed in
preparation for Saturday. Got thru all my lessons without difficulty, but didn't know any of them too well. Had
rhythmic the eighth hour. K did not go and Fuzzy was downtown. There was a lecture on Prehistoric Art, but I stayed
home & read Notre-Dame. Sallie Sanford was over to Dinner and we made our choice between Kismet and
Shakespeare for 3rd Hall. 30 to 4 in favor of Kismet.

Cloudy: clear-rain-stars!
Thursday February 23
This was a dull gray morning. Betsey and I were actually on time to Math class. The next 2 hours I spent in the
Library, doing Math and Notre-Dame. Then Chemistry lecture and lunch. Fuzzy & Kelsey had lunch with Edith and
Jean. Jimmy, K. Lizdee and I walked over to lab together. I didn't quite finish mine before time for gym, so brought my
book home. I am back in Miss Sprague's class. Came home and found a letter from Daddy--had a bath before Dinner.
Jimmy and I have formed a class for training Girl Scout leaders. Miss Katherine Dabney is the teacher and is very full
of life and interesting. Tonight we formed into patrols, made up a cheer, tied knots, etc.

Friday February 24
This has been a beautiful day--just wonderful out-of-doors. K and I both got up for breakfast, then I did the Fourth book
of Plato with Eleanor for two hours. At last we have gotten to Socrates' idea of justice! I actually knew my Latin today,
studied French in the 4th hour but did not finish the lesson; fortunately did not get called on. Had a letter from Mrs.
Ruffin. After English, Eleanor and I went for a lovely walk.--out Raymond Ave, turned to the left, climbed a hill, then
came down again, passed barking wolf-like Police dogs; met Carol Moore & Frances Vance, who gave us a piece of
orange, saw an adorable little river, then horses. Dorothy Anne is spending nights. Liz-dee has gone to see her mother.

clear and cold.
Saturday February 25
Another marvelous day. Eleanor and I got up at seven and the others soon afterwards. Betsey and Fuzzy went off about
twelve o'clock to West point. Jimmy played basketball. K went to town, while Eleanor and I studied at the Library. I
read Galsworthy's "Justice", then did my French topic, and part of the Latin. After lunch, we had a short game of bride;
Tex came over, then I knitted, read Notre-Dame and cut out the rest of the doilies for the luncheon set. K has not been
feeling good so we brought her dinner over. Liz-dee arrived about 8, with some delicious food. We had tea and sat up
till about one, talking, much to the [Glaeser] disgust.

cloudy--faily [fairly] cold.
Sunday February 26
Lizdee slept up in our room last night. We got up about nine and had breakfast in our rooms. [Lenny] and Caroline
came over. The electricity went out in the middle. Mr. Jonathan Day was our speaker-a "Kentucky Irishman" who told
us all about the mountaineers. This afternoon he showed us a movie about Berea college "Our Contemporary
Ancestors". Eleanor, Lizdee & I went for a walk after chapel. Lizdee & I have talking Mr. Washington & she invited
me to come up & visit her next summer. We had tea with Miss Maxfield. Went to dark music tonight. Wrote home to

Monday February 27
Had a test in Math this morning but it wasn't hard. Met K before Eng. Speech and she brought me two letters, from
Mamma with clippings & ones to her from George and Bessie. Collegiate beat St. Catherines. Bessie seems to like it at
Upper Brandon very much. I read Notre Dame at the Libe in Sanders before Chem. Had Lab in the afternoon, then an
Eng speech conference at 4:40. Waited for K until nearly five. Got a check cashed for $5.00. After dinner, I sat down
in Lizdee's room and we talked until nearly nine, so I didn't get any studying down. Went to be early as I had a

Clear, bright, cold.
Tuesday February 28
A lovely day. Although I had intended to cut math, I was feeling fine, so I got up. Was almost late on account of
darning my stockings. Spent the next 2 hours at the Library--studied Latin, revised my theme & read French. Came
home for lunch and found a nice letter from Granny with one to her from Bessie. Had French and English: the latter
was most interesting. Then Eleanor and I walked down to Peck-Brooks where I bought some silk stockings. Mlle
LeLavandier gave a French lecture on the 18th century at the 8th hour. Kand I had dinner with Molly Kimball and
Maude Sippey. [Danced] in J and went to chapel. Studied--Had tea.

Wednesday March 1st
K and I stayed in bed for a while, but got up in time for some breakfast. I studied my French,-started the resume before
3rd hour. Miss Saunders called on me twice in succession in Latin, and I didn't know the second one at all. I knew my
Chem (quiz) as well as could be expected. Walked home with K. We had a [French cut]. In English we went over the
proofs for Sub-sampler. Eleanor & I went to the Libe to study. I finished French and began Religeo Grammatica. Got
the scout equipment at the bookstore--came home with Betsey after she had a Latin conference. Lex, Janet, Willy,
Madeline, Eleanor and I went down to St. Pauls for the Ash-Wednesday service. Very nice--large congregation, good

Snowed: not very cold, cloudy.
Thursday March 2
This morning I got up before seven and was the first one down to breakfast. Went over to Main to sigh up for a guest
ticked for IInd Hall; the lists were put up at eight AM. There were a no. ahead of me, and K & I were 84 and 90 on the
list. I went to the Library after Math, and did four hours work in 2. Ruth Broughton has her head all bandaged. She
hurt her jaw in basket ball. K and I walked over to the lab together. I did not finish. Then we had gym which Miss
Sprague made quite strenuous. We came home. I knitted some, then drew the Flag for our class in Scouting which we
had this evening. Jimmy and I both like it very much indeed. Tonight we tied knots, played games, & drilled. Came
home & went bed. The college stable burned last night with sixteen horses!

Clear: not very cold.
Friday. March 3
Not having a first hour class. I didn't get up until nearly eight. Studied Horace diligently, sitting in my sunny window,
until third hour. Jimmy and I walked over together. Pat has come home. We saw her in front of Main and walked over
together at beginning of fourth hour. I learned my poem-Oceano Nox. English was terribly interesting. We discussed
pts of comparison in Spingarn's and Murray's critical theories, also connecting them up with passages from the Bible.
Miss Potts read us an article in New Republic by Clive Bell and its answer by Bernard Shaw. Then I went to town,
deposited my allowance; got a shampoo. After dinner, we went to an illustrated lecture on Alaska--came back knitted &
played bridge.

Cold-sleet-snow etc.
Saturday March 4
Didn't wake up until a quarter of eight. Pancakes for breakfast. Eleanor has stayed in bed all day to cure a cold. Spent
most of the morning trying to do Latin and knitting. After lunch, the others all went to the game--we beat Sophs. Put a
water wave in my hair, but not very successful. Margaret Kellogg came over & we studied & talked and she fixed my
hair. Fuzzy and Mary Steichen & Jimmy have all been very mysterious. We think Fuzzy has been initiated into the
Shifters. She got all dressed up and went over to J. tonight. Marian Wilkinson came over after dinner and stayed a long
time, & we had tea. So I didn't get much studying done. Did not go to Czecho-Slovakian concert. [M.] Van Pelt asked
me to supper tomorrow.

Clear - very slushy
Sunday March 5
After talking until midnight last night, we were very sleepy this A,M. and Jimmy was only one who got up to breakfast.
K went to Lodge with D-Anne. Eleanor stayed in bed. Esther and I met K and Dorothy Anne and we went to St. Paul's
together. We enjoyed the service very much indeed. After dinner I knitted some, then Margaret came over & we did
Math and she fixed my hair and Lizdee's. At six I went to the Sandwich shop. Mrs. Van Pelt and Margaret, three
others. Delicious food. Enjoyed it awfully. Two of the others were upper classmen. Katherine van [Brent]. Have
begun a letter to Julia Wickham. Must write others.

Lovely day, warmer.
Monday, March 6
Knew my Math this A.M. Cut English Speech because I hadn't done it. Went to the Library and read Pygmalion for
English. Then Chem lecture. Did not get any mail. Had lab in the afternoon. Came home & found suitcase with box
of candy and tea-cakes from home. K and I went to see the Franklin Simon exhibit at Carey's. They have lovely things.
After dinner there was an Amalgamation Meeting. We all took our knitting. I am almost to the neck. We decided to
have the $10 fee go chiefly to Athletic Association for one year. Wrote to Granny and finished the letter to Julia.

Tuesday March 7
Betsey, M. Kellogg and I made a great effort to get to Math on time, only to find that we had a cut. So i went to the
Library and read Caliban upon Setebos and wrote up some Math in those 3 periods. Then went to chem lecture. In the
afternoon went over to French and English. in the latter we discussed the last Sampler. There was a class meeting 8th
hour, but there wasn't a quorum, so we had song practice instead. I have gotten to the neck with my knitting. We had
fruit salad for dinner. We loafed around most of the evening, though I had loads to do. K and I did some Latin. She
and Betsey were demonstrating some exercises. Awful mix-up about room-mates for next year.

Clear, cold and windy
Wednesday March 8
Did not have a first hour today, but got up early to study. Jimmy, K and I were discussing room mates etc. the first
hour. Got a letter from Coley to say that Aunt F is coming--just a little fuller than yesterday's telegram. Got a letter
from Dad this P.M., enclosing clipping about the fire. Cut French in order to study it, then got dressed for gym before
English. During 7th hour, I went to Libe and did not do any work. Read Barrie and Kipling. Weighed 139-1/2. After
dinner, we went to the Harold Bauer concert at 8 P.M. it was perfectly splendid and we all enjoyed him. He was
clapped most enthusiastically. Took my knitting but only did one row. Studied math after I came home. We voted on a
college ring in the ... palace

Clear: cold.
Thursday March 9
Was on time to Math and knew my lesson. Went to the Library for 2nd and 3rd hours and wrote my composition--
"Thoughts of a Freshman on writing a theme". Then had chem lecture. Prof. Moulton was nice and let us out early,
though we were late staring. After lunch Fuzzy and I went down in the basement of Whitlocks's and Barbara helped us
get our bikes. Did not finish writing up lab notes. Met K at 3:25 and we went over to Gym together. They had
examinations and we were both near the front so were dismissed in about ten minutes. I got a receipt for the $50 I
deposited in the Am. Nat. Bank for my trip to the Blue Ridge Conference. Jimmy and I went to our Scout Class. Have
been discussing matter of room-mates. Think it will be Lizdee.

Cloudy and misty.
Friday, March 10
Got up to breakfast. Studied Latin and straightened room until 3rd hour. Got over to Assembly Hall in seven minutes.
Came home and read Eugenie Grandet but did not get to today's lesson. In Engl. Miss Potts read an Essay on "Paganism
& Mr. Lowes Dickinson" by G. K. Chesterton. There as a double header basketball game--22 and 2[3]; '25 vs '24. The
latter was very close, but we won. It was nearly six when we got home. Most of others went out for dinner. I went
over late and had a grapefruit and some crackers. At 7:30 there was a lecture by Mlle Clement, she is more interesting
than Mlle Le Lavandier. The others all went to dress rehearsal of 2nd hall. I had a bath and studied Latin.

Rain, sleet, snow--moon & stars.
Saturday, March 11
K and I had breakfast with Julia Smith a the Waffle-shop. [Spot] didn't come. Jimmy and I went down to meet Aunt
Frances at noon. It was raining so we took a taxi. She brought us a big basket of fruit. Too her to her room, 8 College-
view Avenue, then had lunch as Jimmy's guest. Walked around the campus, went inside the Libe & Taylor hall. At 2
there was a basketball game between Daffodils (23 & 24) & pansies (22 & 25). They won. Came over here and had tea;
we all knotted some. Aunt F. left at five. Jimmy, K, and Fuzzy had dinner with us at the Lodge which was very
crowded but food delicious. Then we went to "A Kiss for Cinderella". got five seats-9th row. The play was splendid.
I loved Eliz. Cone as the Policeman, and Danny was great, too. The acting was fine.

Beautiful sunny day.
Sunday March 12
About 9 o'clock I went over to the Lodge, met Aunt F. and we had breakfast. We walked around campus until chapel
time. Asked Tillie Peterson to lunch--couldn't come, had Margarets Farrand & Van Pelt to lunch at the Sandwich Shop.
Talked there until nearly three, then we got Aunt F's suitcase and came over to the house where we stayed until quarter
of 4. I went to the station with her. Came back on St. car with Alice Williams. Did not see [Va] this week-end. After
supper Eleanor & I went to dark music. There is a lovely moon and lots of stars. Have been studying Math all the
"Apathy mingled with contempt"

Monday March 13
We had a Math test this morning. Betsey and I were a little late to class. In English speech, I had to tell a humorous
story. The third hour I spent trying to correct & write up some chem notes. A Tragedy happened. I lost my fountain
pen on the way home from Chem lecture & have not been able to find it. Went over to Lab in the afternoon; and to the
class meeting seventh hour. Too my knitting. Keyes is track manager, Butterfield song leader & K Pelton assistant,
Pop Hill cheer leader. We have been enjoying the P & T. basket of fruit Aunt Frances brought. I got a fat letter from
Mamma this A.M. She seems to be quite busy these days. The others all went to a history lecture.

Cloudy, warmer.
Tuesday March 14
We got back our Math papers ths morning. I came home for 2nd and 3rd hours. Copied some chemistry notes and wrote
my composition, a report on IInd Hall play. Would have been late to Latin but for borrowing Ed's bicycle. We had an
unprepared lesson in French on account of Mlle Clement's lecture. Mlle Le Lavandier did not have hers today. In
English, Miss Potts read passages from Plato, giving his idea of the position of women. In the remaining time before
dinner, I wrote my theme on Browning for tomorrow. The Kreisler concert was this evening and we all went except
Fuzzy. We had seats up on the stage where we could get a good view of the audience. I like especially the Indian
lament, Lotus-Land (an encore) Melody and his own compositions, including Caprice Viennois

Cloudy- clear in afternoon.

Wednesday March 15
This morning I got a lovely box of Jonquils from Granny at paces. There were enough to fill four vases and really make
you think spring is here. I also got a letter from Cat who has been having sinus trouble. Did not finish my Latin, but
fortunately she did not call on me. Quiz was hard too. We to write. After lunch dressed for gym & went over to
French. After English had a conference with Mlle Le [Loupp];--read le Lac by Lamartine. Went over to Main; got my
Pullman reservations ($3.75) and Browning. We had examinations in Rhythmic today. had a good supper with choc.
ice-cream. Afterwards copied my theme and studied Math; had a bath. Miss Glaeser has put a notice asking us not to
run in the house!

Fair, windy and colder.
Thursday, March 16
After Math this morning Eleanor and I went for a nice long walk. We sat on a fence and listening to the birds sing. She
taught me the song Integer Vitae, which is part of our Latin for tomorrow. I studied at the Library until Chem lecture--
our last before vacation. In afternoon, we had our last lab--for 2-1/2 weeks--the gym. Miss Sprague as hard on us as
usual. Came home wrote theme for English. After dinner I read Scout handbook until time to go to the class. Jimmy
did ot go. We drilled, had games and exercises, and Miss Dabney talked about the organization. Jimmy and I are going
to learn the Semaphore Code for signalling [signaling]. Got a letter from Granny. She got Betty to send the flowers
from Riverside.

Cold but clear.
I studied as usual these first two periods before Latin and studied French 4th hour. My diary seems to contain nothing
else but study. In English Miss Potts read us some of Dante. After that there was a very exciting game between 24 and
25--to decide the banner. It was terribly close, but they finally won by 3 points. The cheering was splendid on both
sides. Then Eleanor, Tex Kitty and I went over to student's reception room to a little service conducted by Mr. Gardner
for the Episcopal girls. Came home and knitted until dinner and then afterwards for quite a while. I studied my Math
and then we had tea and crackers. Letters from Daddy & Aunt Frances.

Clear, cold & windy.
Saturday March 18
All of us got up for breakfast this morning except Eleanor. I haven't done a bit of studying all day, but have done quite a
lot of knitting and finished the V-neck. About nine thirty, Jimmy, K and I walked downtown where we met Lizdee. We
looked around at twee suits, but saw none as pretty as Betsey's or as reasonable. So Jimmy and I are going to get ours in
New York. After lunch we knitted for a while, then went for a walk--the same 4 of us with Eleanor. We went out on
the state road father than ever before and are nearly dead tonight but the air and walking was marvelous. Betsey &
Lenney tried to walk across the Hudson on the bridge, but were not allowed to. Fuzzy & Eleanor & I went to the debate
with Mt Holyoke on Philippine independence. We won, but they
had some excellent points.

Clear, cool.
Sunday March 19
Fuzzy, K, Lizdee and I had breakfast about ten this morning. Toast, marmalade, cocoa, fruit. Went to Chapel--our
speaker Mr. Lewis Reed very uninspiring. Came home and started a letter home. After dinner, K darned, Jimmy made
her gray skirt and I knitted while Lizdee and Eleanor read Back to Methuselah. About five, Lizdee & I went for a walk.
Betsey & Fuzzy went for a ride on their bicycles. Alice Williams came over to supper and we went to dark music, then
Lizdee treated Eleanor and me to ice-cream at the Retreat. Have been writing a volume to my family all evening.

Monday March 20
After Math, for which I was on time, I cashed a check $10 at the treasurer's--spent $5 at bookstore and paying for
Kreisler ticket. After Eng. Sp., studied chemistry until quiz; wrote for 10 minutes. We had a lab. cut, so I knitted for a
while then went over to "J" and bought my ticket home. Went to the Library and spent two hours looking up books.
Got out The Bent Twig (Canfield) and Heretics by Chesterton for over vacation. Came home and wasted the rest of the
afternoon. After dinner, Lizdee & I went down to the Columbus Institute to see Ruth Draper give her Impersonations. A
factory girl, the debutante, In an Art gallery and the 3 Breakfasts were especially good.

Tuesday March 21
I cut Math this morning and slept late; K brought over my breakfast. Since I had a Latin cut, I didn't go to asingle class
before lunch. Jimmy heard from her Mother that she could go to [Annap]. Much excitement. I read some of the Bent
Twig, then wrote my devoir on Romantisme. Read the poems in the Oxford book of Verse for English. Recited Le Lac
in French. Got out "Back to Methuselah" until after vacation. There was a lecture by Miss Haight on Horace to which
we all went. We had ice-cream for dinner. Betsey has started a green sweater--it ought to be becoming. I read sixty-
two pages of "Mon Frere Yves" and the K and I did Latin. Went to bed about 11.

Wednesday March 22
K and I both went to breakfast this morning. Did not get any mail. Washed stockings, started packing and studied
chem. Miss Saunders called on me to translate. Our English was lots of fun. Different girls gave scenes from
Antigone, Hamlet, Twelfth Night and two others. Eleanor was Polonius in Hamlet. Madeleine Loeb was splendid as
Antigone and Miss Emily Bedford and Polly Duggan were good as 2 little 18th century girls in "Secrets of the Heart".
Miss [P] read us a prize poem in the Nation and an amusing parody. Our gym class did not last long. Fuzzy had Ellen
Fay to dinner; after which I knitted, wrote to George & to Caterina, had a bath and studied some chemistry. We are all
thrilled about going home.

Thursday, March 23
This is the last day we will spend here until April 5th. Miss Smith gave us quite a lecture on curring this morning. I
studied chemistry hard for two periods. The test was difficult, but I am sure I got through all right. After lunch, I packed
the big suitcase and mailed it over in Mai. $1.00. Had a shampoo and wave down town then met Lizdee and Eleanor at
Luckey's. We walked home. Lizdee, K,e and I each had an eskimo pie. Our dinner was very good--ice-cream. I
knitted some; Fuzzy and I read each other's Latin and I did some packing. Have been sewing on hooks, up hems and
general repairs-- Everybody been packing. Jimmy got her yellow evening dress dyed flame color. She lent me a [frat]
pin. We had tea & bread & butter. [From M.]

Beautiful spring day.
Friday March 24
All of us got up early this morning. I had a time getting ... hot water, so Eleanor brought over my breakfast. Then I
packed up and Jimmy K & I walked over to 3rd hour class. Fuzzy, Jimmy Betsey & another girl & I got a taxi down to
train. Had a bite of lunch on train. Mrs. Furse met us 3 at Franklin Simon's and Jimmy bought finally a blue tweed suit
and I got a tan one. Both $29.50 and Jimmy got a hat and sport shoes. Then at 5:30 Jimmy & I went to to 31 W.12 &
saw Aunt Frances for a few minutes. As she was going to ... for dinner, we dropped her at the station & went by for Mrs.
Bitter & Marietta and had dinner at the Colony Club. Uncle Frank came & took me to the rain. Eliz [Hershey] is above

Spring! Very warm.
Saturday March 25
The porter woke me up at 6:30, and we got in to Richmond a little after 7. Daddy met me at the train. Came on out,
saw Mamma & Granny & Bob and unpacked before breakfast. About 10:30, Mamma & I took Daddy's glasses down to
his office, then met Cat at M & R. I got a hat at Hauffman's and so did Cat at .... Mine is blue straw and hers gray. I
saw Charlotte & Miss Lily at Miller & Rhoads. C. & Mrs. Picot had an auto accident & Mrs. P. is still in bed. Have
finished my sweater all except sleeves. Have been having such good food since I got home. This afternoon, Cat & I
went out in the yard & picked some violets & jonquils, roamed over the new house next door & talked our heads off.
Jimmy & Fuzzy are at Annapolis now.

Warm and Sunny.
Sunday March 26
Cat and I got up about eight and dressed for church before breakfast, so we had time to read before eleven. Annie made
the best muffins for breakfast and we had sausage too. Mr. [Pedrick] gave us a very good sermon on Faith. It was
lovely seeing all my friends again--Mrs. Ruffin, Schumacher, [Pedrick], Williams, Beverley, the Whites, Cooks Redds
and others. Charlotte has made a dress and cape to match. About 3:30, Cat and I went for a walk, came back & found
Aunt Evelyn out here. She stayed to supper and went to Church with us. I am going to make some things for her next
summer for the Endowment Fund. We talked about courses for next year. Margaret met us outside of church and we
walked and talked for quite a while. Granny has a cold.

Warm and clouds
Monday. March 27
Nothing in particular happened this morning. I worked a little on the luncheon set then we went out in the garden.
Picked violets & jonquils to send Mrs. Seller. Charlotte came over and stayed until noon. Cat and I walked home with
her. After lunch, Mamma helped me cut out my tweed sleeveless dress and I sewed it up. We went down to see Mrs.
Ryland who has been sick. She is the sweetest thing. Then Cat and I went to see cousin Lucy Johnson, who brought us
home. In the evening Mamma took us to the John Powell concert. Miss Reinhardt sang. They were both splendid and
the audience applauded vigorously. Powell played the Banjo- picker & Turkey in the Straw.

Tuesday March 28
We were wakened by the sounds of hammers from the house next door. About ten o'clock, Cat and I went downtown
and did a lot of shopping. She got a grey sweater and ratine for a skirt. I got purple braid and a white belt. a little
before one we went down to Aunt Es. office. We went to St. Paul's parish house. Then I got a centerpiece to embroider
for next summer and Cat & I went to see "Saturday Night", a Cecille de Mille [Cecil DeMille] picture--very thrilling...
Came home & found my suit had come Granny feeling better. After supper i read more of G. K. Chesterton and helped
Bob with his French. Daddy has fixed the lamps by my bed.

Beautiful, warm weather.
Wednesday March 29
Neither Catherine nor I woke up til after eight on account of going to bed late last night. I got a letter from Bessie on
the morning's mail. She is coming Friday. I helped Cat make her blue ratine skirt while she washed her hair and
Mamma sewed braid on my dress. Granny got up today. After lunch Cat went to Westhampton & I read some of the
Bent Twig. Uncle Nelson came out to see us. He is treating Bess Cat & me to lunch & movies for Saturday. Then Mrs.
Ruffin came about five and paid a nice long visit. I put on my white skirt & new hemstitched wait. Mamma Cat &
went to Church after supper. Mr. Burkhardt preached. We paid a visit to the McCarthy's.

Thursday March 30
Cat and I were late to breakfast as usual. We spent all the morning sewing. Planted peas. Granny basted the hem of my
suit and sewed up the hem of my tweed dress, which Mamma finished. I started one sleeve of my sweater, but had to
pull it out and start again. Mamma made some doughnuts, which Cat & I fried and ate many of. After lunch, Cat went
to town, I knitted some and helped Mamma make some cakes to sell at school. This was Annie-Cook's afternoon off so
I set the table & Mamma got supper. Then, while she iced the cakes I washed up & Cat wiped the dishes. I helped Nat
with Arithmetic and Bob with French until nearly eleven. We then came to bed and talked until one.

charlotte's birthday
Friday March 31 Cloudy
We had a late breakfast of pancakes. I knitted some and Cat asked Miss Susie to come up and help her trim her hat.
She had some blue velvet to do it with. Mamma finished the cakes--icing, I mean. After lunch, she made about 5 dozen
doughnuts for Miss Massey. The Alumnae of Westhampton College had Mrs. Kate Langley Bosher to speak on "Is
love-making a lost art?" Cat and I went with Mrs. Browder--met Miss Fraser who knows Aunt E, and Mrs. of S.
Carolina. Saw [Batts], Kitty ..., Mildred Bates, Miss Bradford. After the talk, different girls read love scenes from
periods of literature. Bessie (Elisabeth Boggs) came tonight & has been telling us all about [Brandon] etc.

Clear and sunny.
Saturday April 1

We were all very sleepy this morning but managed to get to breakfast by eight thirty. Then I dressed and went in town
with Bessie and we shopped practically all day. She got a number of things for the Byrds then looked at suits and shoes.
Finally she got a blue serge suit for $35 at Kaufman's--very pretty indeed. Some ten strap slippers at M & R, two
waists, pattern and material for two jumper dresses and many small things. We met Charlotte and Cat at one and had a
delicious lunch in M & R tea room. Strawberry short-cake for dessert. We got back about six, & went up to Church to
see that the communion things were ready. I have finished reading The Bent Twig.

Bright & sunny.
Sunday April 2
A lovely day. All three of us went to Sunday school-- Bessie & i in our new suits and Cat in her gray & blue crepe. We
were in Mrs. Ruffins's class. Saw everybody at Church. Bessie & I helped Charlotte fix the communion things. Came
home & changed. Annie had a delicious dinner with chocolate pie for dessert. Margaret came down after dinner &
stayed till Mrs. Ruffin came at quarter to four. Took us to St. Paul's to organ recital. Went for a long drive out by
Shield's lake and to Westhampton. Saw Mrs. Earl Miller's new house at Westmoreland Place. The four of us
(including Charlotte) had supper at the White's. Came to church with them. Read Kipling & Service with Mr. White.

Clear & sunny.
Monday. April 3
Cat went back to school this morning and Bess left on the 9 o'clock train to go back to Brandon. Was sorry to see them
go. I went in on the 10 o'clock Ashland to Collegiate. Saw Miss Welch, Mlle de Carron, Miss Hyde, Miss [Torkes],
Miss Bradford, Mary Reed and Peggy & lots of the other girls. Met Miss Webb, new gym teacher. Came out on car
with Mrs. Beverley-- Went by to see Mr. Picot who is still laid up from the accident; told Charlotte good-by. Packed up
while Mamma darned some stockings. She made some candy for me to take back. I leave on the eight fifteen sleeper
for New York. Got a card from Jimmy & Fuzzy & a letter from K.

Tuesday. April 4
Got in to New York at 6:45. I wrote a card to Mamma, then took a taxi to Aunt Frances'. Met Mrs. Shaler Wms. They
were all having breakfast. At 11:30 we took [G.P.] to the train, then Aunt F. took me shopping. Got a pretty scarf,
some stockings & Gloves and a corset at Bonwit Tellers. We went home to have lunch. I read some of Queen Victoria.
We went for walk to the furriers & auction house. Got back about five. I called up Fuzzy & talked to Betsey too.
Found they were coming on the 7:45 train. After dinner, Uncle Roger and [Coley] took me to the station; went up in a
bus. [Coley] met Fuzzy, Jimmy & Betsey & took our suitcases for us. We talked all the way up. Got in about 10.
Lizdee & Eleanor were here.

Bright and sunny
Wednesday April 5
Lizdee slept in here with me last night and about seven this morning we were waked up by K's arrival. She spent the
next half hour telling us everything. She got see [Buns] after all. Jimmy K and I walked over on campus for third hour
together. Had lunch in Josslyn with Alice Williams. In English Miss Potts gave us back 4 themes. Two of mine were
good and two poor. Then Jimmy, K, Eleanor, Fuzzy Tenney & went for a long walk, out on the same road that we went
for the sleigh ride. Knitted a little before supper. K has a body of candy & Fuzzy some choc. cake. Lizdee brought
back a number of records--[Pale Hands], I love you truly and some of Kreisler.

Beautiful & sunny.
Thursday April 6
Got up about quarter past seven, so was on time to Math. We are beginning spheres. Studied Chemistry at the Library
the 2nd and 3rd hours and went to [Quiz] 4th. We got back our test papers and I got B! The came over to lunch. No
mail. Went over to Lab - spent the whole time making my chart for identification of [ious]. Walked home with Esther;
K came in a few minutes. Then studied my Latin until supper. Fuzzy read some of it to me. Read Livre de Mon Ami
par Anatole France. We went to a concert by Thomas Wilfred, a lutist who sang his songs as well. They were all
delightful - some old Eng, French & Danish folk songs. Wrote to Mama. Fuzzy has a miniature. Lizdee wants
confederate stamp.

Friday April 7
Was very sleepy this morning, so got up late. Just did get over in time to get some breakfast. My suitcase came I
unpacked it instead of doing English. Had a written lesson on [constructions de] in Latin. Then Fuzzy & I walked (fast)
home and wrote our English themes. ... - the faults in our English & how to improve in these next 2 months. Our lesson
today was interesting; we discussed sin and virtue in different ages and read "The Last Leader" (Browning). Eleanor
and I studied "Saul" and Plato for 2 hours. I got a letter from Bessie & pictures of Blue Ridge. After dinner (we had
shad) we did nothing much. About ..., K Betsey Eleanor and I played a game of bridge. I discovered most of the words
of "Pale Hands I love"

Saturday April 8
After breakfast, Lizdee and I studied Latin my room while Jimmy and K walked down town. Then we heard a band
playing, so we took our books out to the top of the hill. Eleanor and Fuzzy went too. The band turned out to be a
soldiers funeral in the Arlington cemetery. We studied there until the lunch bell rang. Then I studied some more.
About three, Lizdee and I walked over to Main. We saw some furniture Ads which looked interesting. Got some
ice=cream at the Retreat & then went to the Library. I studied English speech. After supper we walked up to the hill to
see the sunset. Sang songs. Eleanor Lizdee & I went for a nice walk. Got some food. Fuzzy & I exchanged beds.

Cloudy in morning, then clear
*Sunday April 9 Palm Sunday.
Eleanor and I got up at half-past six and left the house a little before seven. We walked down to St Paul's where they
had the early communion service. Large congregation. We missed the car coming back, so were late to breakfast' Our
speaker was Mr. Charles Brown of Yale on the text - "Blessed are the "gentle" for they shall inherit the earth." After
dinner I took of my suit and wrote a letter to Daddy and one to George. About five:30, we all went for a walk - went
around the lake. After supper, Eleanor Lizdee and I went to Dark Music and then searched around in Main for furniture.
We each found a desk - Mine was $7.00. We look at floor-lamps, tables, bookcases, tea wagon, food chest, etc. Came
home & had a bath.

Monday - April 10
Got up early to study Math this morning. After Math, cashed a check for $5.00 on my way over to Eng Speech in which
we had a short written lesson. Spent the Five on 3 French books, Theocritus for Latin and [50] stamps. It has been a
lovely summer like day, with everybody blossoming out in light clothes. After lunch, went over to Lab and from there
to the Class Meeting in council room of Students. After the business was over (we chose larkspur for class flower) we
went out on the steps and Janet Graham explained about room drawing which will take place Sat the 22. There was a
trio concert tonight - Piano, violin and cello to which we all went.

Warm; cloudy
Tuesday April 11
Jimmy Eleanor & I went for a run. After Math, I came home to do my French. Found a letter from Mamma; also
package with gloves & scissors. Betsey got up early, but was feeling badly, so went back to bed. I nearly finished my
French before time to go to Lain. Walked home with Lizdee. After French and English I went to the Library and did
English for tomorrow - read some modern poetry. Eleanor and I went over to the French lecture eighth hour. Mlle Le
Lavandier talked on French revolution. There was a house meeting after supper. Fuzzy had Molly Grosvenor over. It
was very warm & we had a heavy thunderstorm. One terrible crash turned the lights out & struck the faculty house.

Cooler - cloudy.
Wednesday April 12 Dinner with Alice Wms.
I didn't wake up until the breakfast bell rang. Got over at 8:15. Got a card from Granny this morning, written on her
way to New York. Studied Latin until time to go to class; walked over with Jimmy & K. We had to write in Chem
quiz. After English I went over to the Library and wrote up my Math notes to take to Miss Smith. Met Jimmy & K and
went over to song practice on steps of students. K went over to Joss to dinner with Julia, so we walked over together.
Alice is going away tomorrow for Easter. K went to movies. We went to the Amalgamation meeting to reduce officers
of assocations to 2. There was not a quorum. Fuzzy left this afternoon with a doctors excuse. Betsey has gone to the

Warm and bright.
Thursday April 13
Although I intended to get up early to study Math, I didn't wake up till the breakfast bell rang. Miss Smith called on me
for the review. 2nd I went over to Sanders and studied my chart for chemistry the [then] went down by the lake and sat
on a bench. Read some of Mon frere Yves and wrote a note to Betsey. We did not have to take notes for lecture. In lab
we did unknowns. I did two & finally got them right. Cashed a check for $5 - then came home. Lizdee K & I walked
thru the new faculty house and then Lizdee & I went to the Lord & Taylor exhibit. I took my skirt & serge dress over to
Alberts to be altered & cleaned respectively. Did not go to Scouts - Jimmy not feeling well. Collected clothes for IIIrd

Cloudy Julia P Wickham ... 20 1922
Friday, April 14
This morning I got up at quarter of seven and met Margaret Kellogg outside. We ran to the corner and back (the farthest
one). Then I got dressed. Studied Latin until 3rd hour. Got a nice letter from Granny, in N.Y. Took the scarfs, feathers
etc over to Fran Taylor's room and was [consequently] late to Latin. Cut French and English. K and I went down after
lunch to St Pauls for a part of the 3 hour service. While down town, K and I bought some baskets, Easter eggs, etc - one
for every one. Lizdee got a box of food from home. Betsey wrote us all notes from the infirm. Lizdee & Eleanor went
to the lecture on the Passion Play; I played bridge with Jimmy & K and studied. We had tea and talked.

Cloudy and rainy.
Saturday April 15
This morning I got up just in time for breakfast. It was too rainy to go on a hike. Read "Mon Frere Yves" all the
morning. Got to page 132. Margaret called up to say be sure to come to lunch, so I did. We had a good one - studied
till two - went to movies and saw George Arliss in "The Ruling Passion". It was adapted from a story I once read in the
Saturday Evening Post. We studied until dinner time - then took a nice walk - came back and studied some more. I
wore my tweed suit over. She moved an extra cot in her room for me. At 9:30 Frances Vance, Dicky Richards and
Pauline [Stan] came in and we had some food - chicken sandwiches and ice-cream cones and cakes. Saw Margaret
[Farrand] & Miriam

Sunday -- April 16 Easter
This morning Margaret & I woke up bright and early about 7:30. Had my bath and got down to breakfast about nine.
We both wrote letters 'til time to go to Church. Went to the communion service at St. Paul's. In the afternoon back at
Glaeser's. We all had our pictures taken on the steps. Played scissor with Tex and all. Got some food at the grocery
store and we walked out towards the cider mill for supper. Nice playful cow chased us. Came back in time for Easter
music in chapel. Betsey has gotten back from the infirmary and Fuzzy came back from New York.

Monday April 17
I got up at 6:25 and wall dressed by seven. Studied Math until nearly time to go to class. Got a card from George
today, he is having 3 days holiday at home now. K had to read in Eng Speech class, but I didn't. Had a cut from chem,
so came home and studied Latin for tomorrow. In Lab I did not do but one unknown. Harriet ... poured some iodine
down her neck! had my Physical exam this morning. Am stronger in most respects, also weigh more. In the evening,
Lizdee and I went over to the lecture; met Jimmy in Strong. Dr Blunt lecture on Chemistry in the Household. Very
interesting. Came home and studied French. Everybody has boxes of candy and food.

Bright & sunny.
Tuesday April 18
This morning I got up again at 6:30 to study Math as we had a test. It was very easy, except for one original. I came
home and made the Tableau du [Roman] for French; the borrowed Betsey's ike & rode to the Library where I read
Pope's Messiah before going to Latin. Did not hear from home today. Walked over to French with K - then went up to
Main to get pictures of IInd hall. Studied Livre de Mon Ami 'til end of sixth -- We had an Eng cut, Met K and went to
the song Practice in "J". Learned Vassar in Beauty Dwelling. Miss Fiske gave a lecture 8th on the Romance of Words-
not terribly interesting. Then Fuz, Betsey, M. Kellogg and I walked until dinner ice-cream after which Lizdee & I
went to the bicycle shop. etc.

Cloudy & cool - sprinkling.
Wednesday April 19
This morning I got to breakfast and went over to Miss Pott's room to get a book she suggested for my research--
Marlowe by Josephine Preston Peabody. I read that for the next two hours until time for Latin. Fuzzy brough me over a
letter from Daddy. He enclosed ... Confed. stamps on envelopes for Lizdee. French was as dull as usual; English very
interesting. Met Betsey and we went to song practice - then we went over to the Athletic circle for track. Ran around
the circle twice and started a [no] of times - also practiced the basket-ball throw. Mrs. McGrath died last Sat. Jimmy
had Mary [Crutchfield] over to dinner. We went to Amalgamation meeting- voted on college rings etc.

Cloudy, windy & cold
Thursday. April 20
Went to Math, but told Miss Smith I was unprepared. Read Libre de Mon Ami in the Library for the next two hours-
-100 pages in 105 minutes. Then chemistry lecture. In lab we did silver lead & mercurous unknowns. K and I studied
in the Libe 7th hour. Then went to song practice. Vassar in Beauty dwelling our song, Hail to thee Alma Mater and
They call this singing. In the evening there was a concert by the Little Symphony. Mr. George Barrere was the leader
and also gave us several lovely selections on the flute. The whole thing was perfect, but I was horribly sleepy & went to
bed as soon as I got home.

Beautiful & clear.
Friday, April 21
Bets, Jim Eleanor & I ran around the lake. Got a nice letter from Mamma this morning. About nine, I went over to the
Library and spent the morning doing English, cutting Latin to do so. Read Drinkwater's Lincoln and a new play - Will
Shakespeare. For once, I had my French all done when I went to class. At end of 6th hour, I met Margaret K. at the
Joss courts and we had a lovely game of tennis, but of course Margaret beat me. Then we went to song practice. We
looked at rooms in North after dinner; then Eleanor & I went to the lecture - Miss Elizabeth Drew on The Reaction from
Tennyson. She was altogether delightful. Then drawing of numbers. Betsey got 4, I, 55; K got 79, M Kellogg 72,
others all higher. Are going to try for North.

Cool - clear
Saturday April 22 Room drawing
Two letters came for me today, from Emma Pettit and Mrs. [Ruffin]. After breakfast I sent home a special to find out
Daddy's plans for next week. Jimmy and K played a game of tennis. At 11, we went over to Assembly for room-
drawing. Betsey drew 203 North, but somebody else got 205 next to it. After lunch we went back again. I drew 116
and K 115 - half of the suites. M. Kellogg drew 202 but Eleanor had to go to Davison, as her number was 208. Lizdee
& I sighed up for a coach. We went off campus for dinner - to Waynes Inn, seven of us [insert] M Kellogg, Jim, Betsey,
Fuz, K, Liz, me. Had a grand one - steak, potatoes, pineapple salad, strawberry shortcake. We all dressed up. Came
home and played a game of Bridge. Jimmy & I won.

Cloudy & cool.
Sunday April 23
Everybody got up for breakfast this morning. We all wore our suits to chapel - K and Fuzzy their new ones. I spent
about 2 hours today doing my tableau of the drama for French. Our speaker was very interesting today. Nothing extra.
Studied in the afternoon. Did more French and Latin, and Math. We went to dark music after supper. At eight-thirty I
called up New York and spoke to Granny. May go down next week-end if Daddy is there. K and I studied Eng speech
in Library this afternoon. Fuzzy & Betsey are going to the Point Saturday. Are exhausted after room drawing.

Cool & Clear
Monday April 24
Got up about quarter after seven. Knew my Math fairly well. Went over to Eng. Sp. Studied Chem 3rd hour over in
Sanders as we had quiz 4th instead of lecture. Had 2 experiments for lab - Prep of NaHCO3 in which Harriet Dobson
& I worked together, and then to find % of silver in coin. Seventh & 8th hour I went over to Students & sewed for
costumes. Made anklets for the mob. It was lots of fun. Jimmy is our properties committee. Have not written my
theme as yet. It is a comparison of historical drama of Shakespeare & today. K & I are going to be in Romeo & Juliet
for English speech. Went over for rehearsal but they didn't need me.

Beautiful & clear
Tuesday, April 25
Got up before seven this morning and studied some before going to Math. Then for 2nd & 3rd went around to the West
wing of the Library and wrote my theme. Was late to Latin. Had a written lesson & sighttransl. Cut French to do my
English & then did not finish so copied it seventh hour. Got a card from Granny this morning and a letter from Daddy
this afternoon. He thinks he can come Saturday to see me. Got to song practice at the tail end. Then Betsey, Lizdee and
I went do to the Altman exhibit which was being packed. Had ice-cream for supper. Miss Whitlock is improving.
Lizdee & I went for a bike ride. We had a group meeting about quiet in Chapel.

Fair & warmer.
Wednesday April 26
Did not go on the bird walk as I had intended. After breakfast, studied Lavisse for an hour then my Latin. Was late to
class & Miss Saunders gave ma nice little lecture. Had lecture for chem instead of quiz. "Pop" showed us some
rainbow colors. Little Pussycat came into French class. English was as interesting as usual. Play tennis with Tenney.
She beat 2 love sets. Then we went down to Carey's & got some sodas. We went to song practice for a few minutes,
signed up. Then went to lecture on Birds. K had Irene over to supper. We went to chapel. The officers of Students etc
were announced in from of Students. Studied

Clear and cool.
Thursday April 27
this morning I got up at 6 when Jimmy and K went to play tennis and wrote a letter to Granny before first hour. Just a
note to tell her I am not going to N.Y. Did an original in Math. Eleanor & I had intended to play tennis but it was so
windy that we went for a walk instead - out by the cider mill. Chem lecture was very interesting - all about
Photography. After lunch, Fuzzy & I went for our shampoos & waves. Could not get sweaters (white) for the contest
tomorrow. There was a song practice 8th hour in front chapel and one at 7 by Students. We practiced Hail, our Alma
Mater, Hit the Pine for '25 and Vassar in Beauty dwelling. Went to Girl Scouts. Mrs Smith gave us a lecture on story-

Clear and a little warmer.
Friday April 28 Founders Day.
Betsey & Fuzzy got up early to play tennis - I got up at six and did some sewing. Jimmy & I finally got some white
sweaters. [Prexy] gave an address in front of his house at 9 - then we went over to Students for the song contest. The
Seniors won the song & the Juniors the singing. We trailed the latter to Strong & their tree - Louis Agassiz Fuertes*
gave an illustrated lecture on John Burroughs with birds & bird calls. Had a delicious dinner - steak! At 2:30 there was
a faculty-student baseball game. Students won. [Spiff] and Eleanor [Shuler] kept us laughing the whole time. There
was a "daisy chain" too. Studied some before supper. Got a telegram from Daddy. He & Granny will come. At 6:45
there was dancing behind the gym and then the entertainment which was awfully good. [Prexy] sang. Two dancing
girls from Holland.

*Louis Agassiz Fuertes (1874-1927) was an American ornithologist, illustrator and artist.

Beautiful weather
Saturday April 29
got up at quarter of seven to clean shoes & straighten room. After breakfast Lizdee & I went down town and di some
shopping. Then I went down to meet the 10:38. Granny and Daddy arrived, and wasn't I glad to see them? Came up to
[247] in a taxi; saw all the girls except Jimmy - the walked around the college until lunchtime. Went to the Lodge.
Granny came over here to rest, Daddy & i walked around to out-door-theatre - Observatory etc and talked. Came back
to the house. Hired an auto & went for a nice long ride before they had to take the train at 5:31. The campus looked
lovely. Vassar beat Brown in the debate. Did not go to see Ruth page tonight, studied & talked to Lizdee. Fuzzy &
Betsey are at West Point now.

Beautiful weather
Sunday April 30
Did not wake up till time to dress for Chapel. Eleanor brought us over some toast and milk. Wore my suit again. Our
preacher was from Yale - not especially interesting. Read Mon Frere Yves between chapel and dinner, and then on the
front steps in afternoon until nearly four. Then we changed in to old clothes & went for a long bicycle ride - Jimmy, K,
Lizdee and I. Went out Pleasant Valley road, but branched off - had supper by a little river near ruins of mill. The
riding was lovely. Got back about eight. Wrote to Bessie, Granny, George and to Mamma. Was late going to bed.
Fuzzy & Betsey arrived from West Point. Fuzzy got a [1921] Lucky Bag. They had a grand time at W.P.

Lovely & clear.
Monday May 1
Did not wake up till 7 on acct of daylight saving; so had to study for my Math test instead of going to breakfast. It was
not terribly hard. I had not done English speech, but got along all right. 3rd hour, went to Miss Kitchel to talk about
exemption from Soph. Lit. She advised me to take it or else Romance, as I had not read enough Chaucer, Spenser, etc.
Got a letter from Miss Sallie Deane & a booklet about Blue Ridge. In afternoon went to Lab. It was very easy & I got
through by 3 o'clock. Cut song practice, and spent the afternoon studying English at the Library. Miss Potts said she
liked my theme. After supper there was French lecture by Mlle le Lavandier on 19th century. Got home about 9 &
studied Math and Latin till nearly 11.

Beautiful weather.
Tuesday May 2
Neither K nor I wok up until nearly 9:30. I was a few minutes late to Math. Went to the board. Athe beginning of 2nd
hour, met Eliz. Horsely at the Joss. courts and we had good game of tennis. She beat. Perfect weather for it! i really
believe my game is improving. Studied latin 3rd hour. got called on in class, but knew it. My mail was 3 bills and a
summons to the Dean's office. Haven't gone yet. English was fun. "A trip to Heaven & Hell & to the first moving
picture". Eleanor has been sick. I got B+ on my theme, written last Tuesday. Spent 7th & 8th hour in the Libe reading
Pastoral poetry for Latin & Mon Frere Yves. We had ice-cream for supper. Lizdee & i went up on the hill & studied till
the sun went down; then came in & have been studying the rest of the evening.

Warm, rather sultry
Wednesday -- May 3
During first hour I studied chem for quiz. Got some bills in the mail. At 9:30 went over to the Dean's office. She gave
me a warning in Chemistry, so after quiz talked with Miss [Landon] who said that my lab is very poor and I must do
better in it. In Latin we discussed Lycidas and other English Pastorals. had a cut from French, so after getting dressed
in white, I went over the Library and studied a little English. In class, we had to write on Intensity. 7th hour, I began,
The Servant in the House. 8th Hour was the time for taking of 1925 class picture on the steps of Strong. Had a song
practice while waiting. Paid a no of bills and wrote home tonight. Have not written to Miss Sallie Deane.

Thursday May 4
This morning I woke up a 7, so got some Math done before first hour. Everybody is agitating the question of what to
take next year. In 2nd & 3rd hours, I finished "Mon Frere Yves", and "The Servant in the House" for English. In chem,
[Mios] McLeod talked about Organic chemistry. It was raining hard as I came home & has been doing so ever since.
Got a letter from Granny. Got through lab early; it was on sugars. Studied Latin until nearly supper - we have the first
Georgic. After supper, for which we had maple-walnut ice-cream, went over to work on costumes. Made a couple of
turbans. More fun. Several of us went up to act as partners for Seniors practicing their grand march. Came by Library
for Fuzzy.

Friday--- May 5
Was very sleepy this morning, but managed to get up in time for breakfast. Read Livre de Mon Ami until time for
Latin. Spent 4th hour reading English in the Library. French class was uninteresting. In English, Miss Potts read us 2
essays that she had put together from what her 2 sections had written on intensity. Then she talked about style; and read
us Barrie's speech on courage from the newspaper. Eleanor & I went on over to the French play [Gringoire]. The others
met us there. It was awfully well acted. Ev Johnson had the part of [Lagse]. After supper (fish as usual) we read Lucky
Bags. Found a picture of Peyton Harrison. Did French. Got a letter from Mamma & a gingham dress.

Not rain - cleared up later.
Saturday -- May 6
This morning, I got up as soon as I heard the breakfast bell - in fact all of us went over except Lizdee. Went to the
Library and spent the morning reading material for English. Went to 4'8 North to get guest tickets, but she was out.
paid 35-[cents] at gym for Miss Dabney's expenses. After lunch, we decided to go the Senior Prom & got dressed up - I
in my white georgette. Fuzzy came in with Mrs. Furse, Cristiana & her grandmother, Mrs. Thomson. We had tea for
them & Ellen Fay came over. Then went to look on at the Grand march - a lovely sight. Walked over to the open air
theatre. Had both salad & strawberries for supper. Fuzzy & Betsey went to the train with F's family. Lizdee went over
to the Prom again, then came home and talked until after eleven. Fuzzy looked adorable in her new jade-green dress.

"Rain before 7, clear before 11"
Sunday. May 7
Woke up to the sound of rain. Got up about nine - K, Fuzzy & I ate some toast etc that the others brought over. Wore
my suit. K, DottyAnne, & I went to St Pauls to Church, had communion service. Went to the Lodge for dinner. Had a
good one $2.00 & sat out on the porch, as it had cleared up. About 3, Jimmy, K, Fuzzy and Eleanor went off for a 6
mile walk to New Hackensack -- about four; I dressed and went down to see Miss Salmon about courses for next year.
Rode my bike: the weather was beautiful. Have decided on Eng. Romance, Eng Sp, Fr novel, Hist. Botany and
Economics. Must go to call on Miss Salmon oftener. Had a good supper (chicken salad). Lizdee & Betsey went for a
walk - got me some dogwood - I worked for 2-1/2 hours on my Eng. theme.

Beautiful! A little windy.
Monday May 8
This has been the loveliest May weather - yesterday & today. The trees are all in full leaf. Cut Eng Speech this
morning, so wrote my theme, which will still have to be revised & copied. Miss Landon lectured in chem today - on
Food. Got the nicest letter from Dad. He sent some pictures of George taken at home. After lunch went by North to
get guest tickets. Fuzzy & I are planning to entertain Coley and Dick. In lab we made soap. I went down to the lake
and rowed around until 4:30. Mrs. Wheeler acted a Greek play - Hippolytus. It was hard to hear in the outdoor theatre.
Tonight I wrote home, to Coley to tell him to be sure to come, & to Miss Sallie Deane. Sending registration fee for Blue

Clear & sunny.
Tuesday May 9
The seven o'clock whistles woke me, so I was dressed by 7:30, and had time to do my Math before class. As soon as it
was over, I rushed home on my bike to finish the English theme on Criticism & to copy it. Had not studied my Latin,
but she did not call on me. Mary Steichen has measles, so can't be in IIId Hall. Coley wrote that he can't come Friday
but can come Saturday, so I shall write him to do so. English was as fascinating as usual. Miss Potts read us an article
on "Goodby America! I am going home". Lizdee and I went down town on bicycles and I ordered a plant for [Mama].
After supper, Fuzzy, K. Davis, and I went over to Assembly to dress the cast. We did some Latin while there &
watched the rehearsal.

Clear & bright
Wednesday-- May 10
Got up to breakfast and studied English (Sampler), reviewed Latin and some chemistry before 3rd hour. Did not get
called on in Latin, but we had to write for half an hour in chem. Then came home & did a little more English. In
French, we began L'Aiglon. I hadn't read the 62 pages we were supposed to do for today. We discussed the Sampler in
Eng. Liked Entr'acte, but class did not like Mary Thayers poem. Went over to Student's and worked on costumes -
made children's caps. Voted for officers in class meeting, & delegates to Silver Bay. After supper all of us went down
on the lake & rowed around. Lizdee & i stayed out till after nine. A wonderful night. Full moon. K & Fuzzy went
with us to look on at rehearsal a few minutes.

Windy, but mostly clear.
Thursday May 11
Although Lizdee had borrowed my watch, I woke up at 6:30 and so did some Math. Miss Smith asked how many had
been up till after one last night & about half the class raised their hands. I then perched up in a tree to read French, but
did not accomplish much so went to the Library. Prof [Moulton] lectured on explosives. I lost my bike before lunch,
but found it again this afternoon beside Main. In chem we made soap. Lizdee & I walked home then went out on the
lake to study; she did all necessary rowing. We made up a poem for the invitation to our picnic. The Wests were out
there too. Went over to Assembly at 5:30, but was not needed for costumes so came home. Jimmy & Betsey have gone
over, but Fuzzy & did not do so. Studying.

Wonderful day (& night)
Friday May 12 Third Hall
Right after breakfast, I dashed over to Raymond to tell Eliz Horsley I wouldn't be able to play tennis 4th hour. then
came back and studied Latin. Got a nice letter from Daddy enclosing one from George. Was on time for Latin,
fortunately; as Miss Saunders closed out Molly Kimball & another girl. Studied Eng 4th hour. The class was terribly
interesting. Had a playlet - "I am King Alfred & this is my bride". Genevieve Wms was Alfed & [I] his bride. There
were several visitors. Then I went to the Libe & did Eng for Tuesday in Times Supplement. Came home & dressed.
Joan came at 5 and Dick at 6. Joan is an awfully cute kid of sixteen - bobbled hair. Full of fun. Dick seems awfully
nice. he & Fuzzy went to Wagner Inn. Went with Lizdee & Eleanor to Kismet; K taking care of Joan. It was a
beautiful sight & we all enjoyed it a lot.

Fair and warmer
Saturday. May 13 Field Day.
We all got up to breakfast except Lizdee; did not get any mail. At nine thirty, Dick came for Fuzzy and we all went
over to the track meet. Jimmy was in 3 events - basket ball throw, running & standing broad jumps. In the last, she
came out second, Teeta Garrison having 1st place. Five records were broken today! We all got horribly sunburned
especially Betsey. We were all rowing on the lake when Coley arrived about four. He came into my boat. Dick, Fuzzy,
Coley & I, Betsey & Joan rode out to the Cider Mill on bikes for supper, but could only get lemonade & cookies. Came
home, dressed, & went over to the informal - Jimmy, K and Joan. Had an awfully good time & met a number of cute
men - including Carol Moore's brother. Vassarion out.

Sunday May 14 (Mother's Day)
Fuzzy & I got dressed & the body came for us about nine & we went to the waffle shop for breakfast. Then walked to
the open air theatre and Shakespeare gardens before chapel which was uninteresting. We went to Miss [Anns] for lunch
& so did the rest of the bunch. While they saw Joan off, Coley & Dick hired a Studebaker and we had the grandest
drive. Way out beyond Millbrook, about 19 miles out of Po'keepsie [Poughkeepsie]. Came back and walked over to the
Libe - then went to the Lodge were we got a fine supper. They had to leave a 7:54 so we said good by. Called up from
the station to say it again. Wrote home.

Bright & clear
Monday, May 15
We were both sleepy this morning, as it was cloudy at first. I studied for my Math test between 8 & 8:20. It was not
hard. Then English speech. 3rd hour went to Libe and read the last act of Back to Methuselah. In chem, Prof Moulton
lectured on water analysis. After lunch I went to lab for the last time. All we did was to wash out our beakers and
things & check up. Then went down to the ... to leave a roll of films and got the pictures of Founder's day. Also paid
my bill at Alberts. Knitted a little and studied Math till supper, after which, K Davis, K and I went over to the open-air
theatre for rehearsal of Romeo and Juliet. I am a citizen and K a maiden. She went to the movie Julius Caesar, while I
came home & studied. Mamma sent [gingham] dress to me.

Sunny and bright.
Tuesday May 16
had time to finish Math before going to class - we had numerical problems. Came home and studied Latin; Esther,
Betsey & I practiced the scene we had to learn for French from L'Aiglon. Got to Latin & found I had done the wrong
lesson, but we had sight in class, so no matter. English class was most interesting. We discussed principles of criticism
as shown in the book reviews in Lon. Times Lit. Supplement. Spent seventh & 8th hour in the Library Reading Ch V in
Lawes: Conventions [Convention] & Revolt in Poetry. Got a letter from Charlotte this afternoon. Pat came over to
supper to sell some pretty beads for the Endowment Fund. I wore my new green gingham. Lizdee & I went rowing.
Have not accomplished much studying tonight.

Windy - Partly clear, partly cloudy.
Wednesday May 17
Actually got up at seven, & was on time to breakfast - first one there. Studied Latin first hour and Chemistry second.
Did not get any mail. Miss Saunder's called on me in Lat. Sent a card to Coley to tell him I had paid his room board.
In French, Esther Betsey and I recited our scene from L'Aiglon. We knew it pretty well. English was very interesting.
Our theme on poetry is not due for two weeks from today. 7th & 8th hours there was a rehearsal of Romeo & Juliet in
outdoor stage. It dragged horribly and they only finished one scene in that time. The Soph Joke Book came out tonight
& '24 took off the Freshmen. Eleanor [Beuss] was Fuzzy's double in pink suit etc. We went to chapel & lecture on
Musical Crystals and then Lizdee & I did Latin.

Cloudy - rain
Thursday May 18
Was very sleepy this morning, but got up in time to do some Math before breakfast. We had a review of spheres. In the
2nd and third hours, I went to the Library - read some of the introduction of back to Methuselah and Sir Arthur Quiller-
Couch's "On the Art of Reading". Apollo lectured to us in chem, on the Periodic System. As we are thru [through] with
lab I had a free afternoon. Rode with Fuzzy over to Mrs Alberg's, then came back and spent the afternoon pasting my
Kodak pictures in the album. I got those we took last Sat. from the [play]. We had ice-cream for dinner. Afterward, I
read Fuzzy's Latin to her and read some modern poetry from a book of K's. Did not go to Girl Scouts as it was pouring
& Jimmy had to study for a test.

Rain in morning
Friday May 19
K and I planned to play tennis this morning but it was too rainy. Read L'Aiglou 1st 2nd and 4th hours. I knew my
Latin, but did not get called on. After English class, I came home & got ready to go down town on my bike for
shampoo. Got a note from Mamma. She is going to Blue Ridge too. Enclosed a letter from Bessie. Got my hair
washed and a round curl put in. Made a few purchases. It was raining when I was ready to come home, so left my bike
at [Lindele's] & rode on the car. Was late to supper. Fuzzy & D.A. MacGrath took Miss [Conrow] out to dinner.
[Spot] was up for the weekend & K went with her and Julie to Pleasant Valley for supper. Have been studying (some)
Wrote home.

May 20
This morning I got a nice letter from Granny who is now at Paceo, but returns to [R'd] Monday. K and I went over to
rehearsal of Romeo and Juliet at Nine and had to stay there until nearly twelve. I got some 30 pages of L'Aiglon read. I
come in Act I, ScI and Act III, Sc I. After lunch, Fuzzy, Jimmy & I went down to the lake and sat in a boat to study.
Did not accomplish a great deal. Jimmy dropped her knitting-needle overboard & I went fishing for it. Fuzzy Betsey &
I fixed our memory books after supper. I have pasted in as far as Thanksgiving. At 9, there were Soph. Tree
ceremonies. We sat in front of the gym - had college singing first. There costumes, especially, were lovely.

Warm and cloudy.
Sunday May 21
K and I were both very sleepy when Jimmy woke us up at 8 this morning. We took our Chapel cuts this morning and
Jimmy, K, Fuzzy and I went for long walk. We got food at the little store, crossed the ferry to Highlands and took the
road to Albany. We went about 5 miles till we came in sight of the Hudson, then ate lunch on the hillside. Stopped at a
farmhouse to get water, coming back. Laughed at man who dropped his straw hat in the road. We got back at half past
five, and Jimmy was the only one to dress. Since supper we have all been studying hard except for intermissions for
baths. Have not done near all my work for tomorrow. K & D have been doing Eng Sp. K dropped the wastebasket out
of the window in chasing a bat--

Warm and clear.
Monday May 22
I was dressed and had made my bed when the breakfast bell rang, so I accomplished some studying before 8:20. In
English Sp. we had oral exams and I read de la Mare's Listeners. I got D+ on it, according to Genevieve Wms who was
sitting next to Mrs. Leybolt. Studied hard the next hour for chem quiz. After lunch, Fuzzy and I went to the Library
and studied English until 4; then went by Carey's to see Lord and Taylor's exhibit. Studied Latin until supper time.
After supper, went rowing with Betsey and Margaret K. for a few minutes. There was a dress rehearsal of Romeo &
Juliet. I wore my green sweater with K's knickers & Fuzzy's bathing suit. The play looks marvelous from a distance.
We were eaten by mosquitoes. Granny sent me a gingham dress this morning.

Beautiful weather.
Tuesday May 23
Jimmy and K got up at six to play tennis, so, I got up at half past and studied math. We have begun reviewing. I came
home 2nd hour and cleaned up my room and finished the Latin lesson. In French, Miss [Conrow] took the part of the
Duc in Act I [ScXII] of L'Aiglon & recited it. English was most interesting. We (Pauline Miller & I) acted out a sonnet
of Austin Dobson's. I studied Eng. at the Libe until 5:30 - read Aristotle's Poetics and more of Lowes. We had ice-
cream. Fuzzy was away for 2 meals today. I got a litter from Daddy. After supper Jimmy, K, Eleanor & I and later
Lizdee went rowing on the lake. I took my knitting along. Have been studying for Chemistry quiz

Wednesday May 24
Eleanor and I got up at 6 to play tennis and she beat me! I must play oftener to get in practice. Studied very hard until
time for Latin. On my way over, stopped by Main to send $7 for desk, and so was late & Miss Saunders wouldn't let me
come in. Went down to the lake and rowed with Lizdee.
*(None of us had to go to Lab this afternoon so we had quite a knitting party. Jim has started a gray blue & orange one
awfully pretty. Lizdee is doing a blue with silver designs for her Little sister.) K and I went over to rehearsal but
weren't needed so came back. Stayed on the lake a few minutes. It is lovely there in the evenings. *This was Thursday
not Wednesday. We had Eng and French as usual.

Cloudy & Rain
Thursday May 25
Eleanor and I played tennis before breakfast again. This time I won. In Math I made a terrible fizzle of a theorem at the
board. Read a chapter on Virgil at the Library then studied for chem. After lunch we knitted for a while and studied. K
and I went over to rehearsal. It was raining, so we had it in Assembly Hall. Miss Cochran interrupted us every few
minutes to tell us our diction was poor. We decided to give it tomorrow night in the open air theatre unless it is actually
raining. I got back about eleven and gave the Glaesers quite a scare as they didn't know I was out & K. had to let me in.

Fine weather
Friday May 26
We all rejoiced at the beautiful weather this morning, since we knew that the play could be given. I spent the three
hours in the morning reading poems for English and finishing L'Aiglon. Miss Potts read us a play of her own, about a
Punch and Judy show. K and I got dressed for the play and went over about half past four. We had pictures taken at
five and I got some snaps of the principals. There was a cast supper on the top of the hill, and then we got made up.
The play began as soon as it was dark enough, at nine. Every one said the Romeo & Juliet was lovely, well staged &
acted etc. We had lots of fun doing it. I watched after the third act.

Cloudy early, clear in evening.
Saturday May 27
Nearly everybody has been spending the day studying since exams are so near. After much effort, I got my theme
written. The subject; the Fairy poems of Walter de la Mare. Mary lent me a lovely book of them - "Dow-adown Derry".
Beside that, I didn't get much done except for reviewing Catullus with K and Lizdee tonight. Mamma sent me a T-D
with accounts of the Historical pageant in it. Eleanor went out to Alcestis at the Bennett school, but the rest of us went
on the picnic for all of Whitlock's. We had it up on Sunset - lots of fun - cooked weinies & bacon over a fire, had good
food and played London Bridge, Going to Jerusalem & other such games.

Sunday May 28
We were all smart this morning and got up for breakfast. I copied my theme before Chapel. This the last Sun. chapel
we have to go to this year, but it was not particularly inspiring. Jimmy spent most of the day naming the girls in the
class picture. After dinner Margaret came over & we knitted and played Vic till 3 when we settle down. I wrote to
Charlotte. Marion Wilkinson asked me to go on a picnic supper out to the golf club. The others were Laura-lee Skinner
& Mary Althea S., Betty Skeele, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wilkinson & two very nice ladies. M. Althea drove us out in a
Nash which she has the use of. We had a delicious supper, fine view, lovely drive out & back. Mr. & Mrs. W. are both
very nice.

Another perfect day
Monday May 29
I got through Math beautifully without reciting after getting up at six to study. We had English Speech exams today -
oral this morning and written in the afternoon at 4:30. All of us went over each others notes, beforehand, so I expect we
all came out all right. I got the Romeo & Juliet snapshots from the Flag and most of them are very good. I paid my bill
there and got Pullman reservations today. Will send home for money to come home. Have only one more lesson in
chem and Math. Wrote home & finished the letter to Charlotte. Jimmy is quite excited about going - she will visit k
and go by Anny Arbor. We had strawberry shortcake tonight.

Tuesday May 30 Memorial Day
Had our last Math class today. We have been reviewing in all subjects so consequently have not done any studying
except for Math chem and a little Latin. Handed in my English theme. Miss Potts finished reading us her play - 2nd
part is about Columbine, Harlequin etc. We did not have to write anything - quite a surprise. K, Fuzzy, Betsey,
Dorothy Anne, Margaret, Caroline and I and 2 other girls hired a car and went over to Millbrook to see Alcestis. It was
simply wonderful, especially the choruses. Mr and Mrs. Charles Rann Kennedy acted in it. It was given in the new
Greek theatre. We all got supper at the Waffle Shop and had some ice cream later in the evening.

Lovely day.
Wednesday May 31
We had our last classes for the year this morning - and last one ever in Latin. I got three letters this morning one from
Mamma, from Granny and from Bessie. Mamma enclosed letters from [Bess] & George. We had to write in chem
again, but it wasn't hard. Miss Potts read us poem of her own in English class. K's friend Elizabeth Adams came by for
a few minutes on her way to Dubuque, having just graduated. Lizdee and I spent the whole afternoon and evening
fixing our memory books and I also pasted some pictures in my album. I am glad to have finished at last. We walked
down by the [flag] to get some more glue & went by Peck Brooks & Alberts.

Thursday June 1
I got up at 6:30 and played tennis with Eleanor. I beat her, tho' we played chiefly for the practise. fuzzy and Tenney
played too. K and I reviewed some Latin together all the morning and a little French in the afternoon - knitted and
studied until time for the class meeting eighth hour to discuss plans for Soph party. Lizdee and I came back by way of
North to call on the girls in 116, but lost courage as they had company. Went down by peck-Brooks and Alberts as she
wanted to look at skirts. I at last know who the other Eliz Hawkins looks like. She has an adorable pup. Reviewed
more Latin, but was very sleepy to went to bed early. Got a letter from George.

Friday June 2
K and I had a date to play tennis but it rained in the night, so it was too wet to play. After breakfast I went over to
Rocky and copied some old Math exam papers, then studied Math until lunch. K and Jimmy went to Pokeepsie
[Poughkeepsie] after lunch and K brought me some pins to send Mary Page. This is the day that Roger graduates and
George become a second class man. We knitted some this afternoon, but spent most of the time reviewing Latin, as
well as in the evening. Our supper was more so than usual. (Fish & cucumbers). Tomorrow the ordeal begins, so must
go to bed now.
Nice box of candy today. I am sitting on the floor in Fuzzy's room.

Saturday, June 3
This was the day of our first exam and now that it is over we are all much relieved. The first one is always the worst of
the lot. None of us seem to be worrying about them the way we did ... years The sight translation in Latin was rather
hard but the other passage was one which K and i did yesterday. After lunch, everyone went downtown except K and
me. We got undressed, since it has been hot and sultry, and spent the rest of the day packing our trunks. i got the
bottom of mine packed and tonight Lizdee and I packed away some blankets, pictures and books in our boxes. I wrote
home while the others played bridge. Betsey got a

Clear and lovely -
Sunday. June 4
Eleanor and I walked down to St Paul's to early service this morning. It is so lovely outdoors early. Mr. Smithers did
not preach, but the other one did. Roger came about twelve, and Betsey and I had to entertain him, while Fuzzy got
dressed. He's quite young (19) but terribly nice. He seemed rather embarrassed but no wonder after the dumb things we
sent him & he us. Jimmy took them to tea in the P.M. Betsey had a hairdressing party this afternoon - fixed Lizdee's
Eleanors and mine. We didn't do much studying. All of us went to the last "dark music" of the year by way of the lake.
Came back by Joss & ran in to see Alice. Jimmy took some pictures of us.

Clear in morning; later, rain
Monday June 5
This morning we all read over our English notes in the two hours before breakfast & time to go to M.L.R. The English
exam consisted of one question - to review the latest sampler which was given out with the papers. It took over an hour
to do the reading alone, but otherwise was not bad. Went to lunch in Joss with Alice, she certainly has been lovely to
me. Then I spent the next hour getting my ticket and baggage check. Daddy sent me a short note this morning
enclosing a check. I went by Polly Curtiss' room in North [309] to see if she would like some pictures of "Romeo &
Juliet". Then I took the films to the Flag. Polly lives in England, and her sister will be '26. Packed my box this
afternoon and studied Geometry tonight.

Hot and sultry; thunder storm.
Tuesday June 6
Everyone was busily studying about dihedrals and spherical triangles until about ten, when Betsey and I walked over to
campus by way of the lake. The math exam, which was held in 35 Rocky, was not a bit hard. I got a telegram from
Aunt F. asking me to stop by Saugatuck on the way home; I don't think I shall, though. Uncle Roger sent me a
registered letter with the $5.50 that Coley borrowed. It certainly was welcome. I have spent most of the afternoon and
evening rushing over to campus, and in packing up. I have nailed up my box, and locked my trunk & wrapped up a hat
box and started packing a suitcase. Everybody has been studying French except me.

Wednesday - June 7
French exam was at 8:20 so we had little time to study before hand. It was not a bit bad, and I was glad I hadn't studied
for it. Lizdee and I went by 116 North to measure the windows - they are 79 in x 40 in for each window. I studied
some chem before lunch; then got the R & J pictures from the Flag and spent most of the afternoon delivering them.
Took my hat box over to the Janitor's office to be crated. Have put my army blanket in Fuzzy's box and nailed it up.
Sent a special to Aunt F to say I can not come. Betsey treated us all to ice-cream tonight as it is awfully hot. Fuzzy left
today. Have packed up both suitcases & my trunk has gone.

Hot and clear.
Thursday June 8
My chemistry exam - the last! - came this morning. We all studied until nearly 10:30. The exam was pretty hard I
thought, but hope to come through all right. Expressed the suitcase collect and mailed my hat-box. After lunch, I
packed up and dressed, said goodby to Jimmy & Betsey and caught the 3 o'clock. Hope French showed me how to get
to 117th St. A deaf & dumb boy sat by me on the train. Had a grand supper at the Furse's. They are all so lovely.
Roger was there, & I like him just [loads]. He and Fuzzy left for Mich. at 8, while Mr. Furse came to the Penna. Station
with me.

Cloudy & hot.
Friday. June 9
Arrived in Richmond at 7:10 and found Daddy and Bob (in long trousers) to meet me. Edith Boggs is staying here for
Bessie's graduation. Bessie came after supper tonight. It is so lovely to be home again and see all the family. Mamma
has a maid now Sally. My trunk came & I have been unpacking it. This afternoon, Mamma Edith and I went out to the
commencement at St. Christopher's. We sat by Cousin Helen Boswell. Certainly did enjoy it - I never saw so many
prizes and honors in my life. Bob came out later, and came home with us.

Clear and hot
Saturday, June 10
Back home again and I almost feel as if I had never been away. But not quite - for I shall never be able to lose the
memory of this wonderful year. Daddy went to Salem this morning - He is to give an address at Roanoke college
tomorrow evening. Bessie and Edith went to town this morning and I wrote to George and to Kay. I nearly finished my
sweater. Bessie got the material for her organdy dress. Charlotte came over this afternoon and we had a nice time
talking. Had a glimpse of Miss Susie and met Mrs Rowland who lives next door.

Clear and hot.
Sunday. June 11
Neither Bessie nor I went to Sunday-school this morning, but we went up to church early and saw the Ryland Whites
and Shoemakers. Virginia was there - she has been home since Wednesday. It was very hot in Church. Mamma and
Granny went to All Saints' where Nat sings in the choir. This afternoon we went up to the United Offering Service for
all the Juniors. Mr Montague preached. Then Elis and I went by to see Margaret and Marion. Peg looked quite pretty
and has not bobbed her hair. Bess and I got supper. We sat out on the porch till 10:30.

Not so hot -- clear
Monday, June 12
This morning I made an early start and went to town to take Bessie's hemstitching and to see Dr. Lewis. Charlotte &
Edith B, went with me, and we by the First National to deposit the [$50] for United Offering. Went by Daddy's office
and found he was back. We went to the movies and saw Dorothy Dalton in "The Woman who walked alone". Got two
tennis balls at Howell's and this afternoon Bob Antrim, Bessie and I played out in the street, with [out a] net. I finished
a flower on Aunt Evelyn's centerpiece. Bessie has been very busy sewing on her commencement dress and lavender
[voile]. We four played five hundred tonight.

Tuesday. -- June 13
Bob and I had a fine game of tennis from seven to 8:45, after I had gotten him up with difficulty. He beat the set 6-3
and I beat 2 games more. Burwell came down and beat us both in turn. When we got back we found Mary Channing
here, and all day, we have been listening to her telling in a most delightful way, of her trip abroad. She left for So
Boston about three. Helped Bessie finish her lavender voile - she wore it to class night exercises at 6 o'clock & Lila
took her in. Granny, Ma, Dad and I played - 500 --

Cool and damp
Wednesday, June 14
Since it was a camp cold morning, Bob and I did not play tennis again but I slept until about nine o'clock. We spent the
morning in Mamma's room sewing on Bessie's organdie, and I on the centerpiece. Nat had to take 2 exams today - got
90 on grammar. Bob has the Vic out in the tent and plays it all the time. Bessie went to town with Edith this afternoon
while we sewed. Charlotte gave her a pretty fan. She is going to Jamestown tomorrow, but I decided not to. Tonight
the four ... had a game of 500 - Bess and Granny won.

Thursday, June 15
Of course Bessie's graduation is the big event of the day and she has been busy with her dress, and so have Mama &
Granny. Uncle Nelson came out today to see us. He has just returned from N.Y. and Washington. About five Bess & I
both dressed. Mrs. Ruffin gave her a $5 gold piece. Mama, Granny, Edith, Nat and I went to the City auditorium - we
were a bit late, so missed the song. The 286 graduates were all applauded as they got their diplomas. Mr. Harwood
delivered the address. Bessie got a scholarship to Lynchburg College.

Lovely! Clear.
Friday June 16 Buckroe Beach
The alarm woke me at 6 so I was ready & ma had my lunch fixed by seven. Edith & Bob went too. I saw Marion &
Margaret on the car and Va Williams on the train. We stayed with the Williams as they had gotten a room at the hotel,
and we shared their lunch. Edith and I went in swimming twice; but the waves were high in the afternoon. I saw Sue
Hart & Edith Robertson and loads of people I knew. The train was 3 quarter of an hour late in leaving Buckroe Beach.
We all certainly had a good time. The water made me think of Sebago Lake & Compo Beach both. Letter from Kay
and cards from Fuz & ....

Saturday June 17
Edith and I have been recuperating from our strenuous day yesterday. We are both sunburned and stiff. Bessie has
gotten a pretty white hat and a trunk. Charlotte came by for us in her Lizzie and we went up to the Church to change the
hangings. Then we went around to Mrs. Fords on Mosside to get some flowers for the Chancel. She has beautiful
snapdragons and sweetpeas. Charlotte came by the house and we had some lemonade. Sally has gone home so Bess
and I washed the dishes. I read Daddy's book, Historic Houses in Va.

Sunday June 18
Sally was not here so Bessie and I had to help with the cooking and washing up. I went to S.S. but they did not have
any lessons as it is the last time till fall. Margaret and I walked until Church time. Daddy went to St Thomas'. About
four-thirty Bessie and I went out to Brook Hill to call - saw Miss Annie and Miss Norma. They are both so lovely. I
met Ann Anderson, who won so many honors at High School. We went by the Picots for a few minutes and to the
McCarthy's as Mamma & Granny were late from All Saints. We went to St T's again tonight to a special music service.

Fair and hot.
Monday June 19
Sally did not turn up until this afternoon so we all had to turn to and clean up. I went to Dr Lewis to make an
appointment. Made a few necessary purchases at [Childrey's] and got a new fountain pen point. I received another card
from Jimmy this morning, sent from [near] Albuquerque. Bessie went to lunch at M & R with a Blue Ridge friend of
hers. I read most of the afternoon in the S.E. Post and Outline of History. Bessie Edith and I went to the store. Tonight
Daddy and I beat Granny and Bessie at 500. Bessie leaves tomorrow. We have not heard from George since he left for
[Colon]. This is the first day of the Confederate Reunion.

Cloudy and cooler.
Tuesday June 20
Bessie and Edith with their 2 suitcases and 2 trunks left this morning; so we can think of something else beside Bessie's
clothes. Mamma and I went to town and spent 5 hours in purchasing a pair of shoes for her, white slippers & stockings
for me and a hat and material for a dress for me. We got back at five, and rested before dressing for supper. Daddy got
our tickets and Pullman to Black Mtn. Mr Turner came in for breakfast and will be here during the Reunion. Our other
veteran, Mr Mountcastle came last night. Mary C. drove up in Henry with Mr Howlett and his father who went on the
Ashland. Bob and she go to Gloucester tomorrow.

Warm - showers
June 21
After breakfast, Mr Mountcastle left with Daddy and Mr. Turner soon after. When the Howlett's arrived with Mary's
Ford, I dressed and went in town with Mary C. Bought ruffling for my [tissue] gingham and had my hair shampooed.
Granny went to the memorial service at the Auditorium and met several old Veterans who had known Papa. While
Mamma sewed on my dress, I washed and darned stockings. A letter from Aunt Fan to Granny says she is counting on
me and Fuzzy in September. Dr. Woodward came out to supper tonight. We are all very busy on acc't of Reunion and
departure for Blue Ridge tomorrow.

Thursday, June 22
A beautiful day for the Parade - just like some of the days at camp.
Granny and Nat started out early; Mamma and i went about 10:30. Walked from 1st street up to the Stephen
Beveridge's. The parade was lovely and very moving to see so many of the old veterans for whom this is about the last
reunion. A few of them marched but most rode in autos. There also the R'd Blues, Grays & howitzers, Marines,
Governor & staff Shriners etc, veterans of Spanish and World War. My report card came this morning. got an A on
Math. Note of thanks from Mary Page. Mamma & I are now (11 P.M.) on sleeper on way to Blue Ridge. Charlotte
brought us down.

Friday. June 23 Blue Ridge

Mamma and I slept fairly well in our lower berth. We were an hour late leaving [R'd] and did not get to Black Mtn till 4
P.M. Helen Ruffin and Kerah Cole got on the wrong train but their car was switched on ours at Salisbury. They,
Charlotte and I had a game of Bridge at which Helen and I won. The mountains were lovely coming up, but are more
lovely here at R.E. Lee Hall. There was a diner, so we did not have to get off at Salisbury for breakfast. Ate our own
lunch with Charlotte on the train. When we got here, registered, had supper at six, a meeting of the Episcopalians at
6:45 led by [Bp] Bratton and a general meeting in the auditorium to learn about the classes.

Saturday. June 24
We went to the morning watch at 7 and had breakfast at 7:30. The routine is exactly the same time as at college. Ma
and I sit at table 3 with Mrs. Palmer & others. We are in Mr Wiles' Bible Class and i am in Miss Lindlays Mission
normal class. Am one of the 17 who are practiced upon. I went with the others to Browns Pasture; a steep climb but
you get the most wonderful view from the top. Had an awfully nice time and got acquainted with everybody. We have
supper at 6 so I hardly had time for my bath before it. Miss Daisy Davies has a class for representatives of young
Peoples Societies.

Sunday, June 25
Mamma went to early communion at 7 this morning and I was ready by quarter past, but I met Charlotte coming back.
She was feeling sick, so I took her to her room. She feels better tonight. We had bible class as usual then a
demonstration ... and church at 11:30. Mr. Brown spoke; a long winded Methodist. Mamma & I went up on the hill to
study our lessons for tomorrow. She took the journey to Mexico, China, japan etc. at 4 while I went to sleep instead of
writing as I had intended. I met Evie Jenning tonight and am crazy about her. Brother Mark has created quite a
sensation. He spoke at the Epis. meeting as well as a no of the girls and boys. Two of the [Taliaberro] girls.

Monday June 26
This is the most wonderful place and it certainly inspires you to lead a better life. Miss Sallie's morning watch is held
down by the Spring, and that is the most beautiful service of the day - except perhaps Vespers. This morning I got a
letter from Cat. After lunch I went with Daddy page and about 30 others on the hike to High Top. It is a pretty steep
climb, and almost worse coming down, but the view at the top is worth it. I took some pictures. Mary Gregory went &
Mr Lesourd & lots of other nice people. Mr [Derthick] spoke on the mountain people at Vespers.

G.M Brydon
M. N. Page
M H Furse
June 27
I did not get down to Miss Sallie's prayer circle at the spring on acc't of a dip in the pool. Dr Wiles get more interesting
each time. He spoke on the Bible at the platform meeting. After lunch Mamma, Charlotte, Miss Cox and I with 2
others went to Asheville, Grove Park Inn, Biltmore & Sunset Mt. From the top of Sunset you can get the most
wonderful view of miles around. We couldn't go close up to Biltmore, but did go through the dairy. Grove Park Inn
looked just as I remembered. The drive was lovely, & we all enjoyed it thoroughly. Mr Bowie arrived this afternoon
and he spoke on service at Vespers.

Wednesday, June 28
I had a dip in the pool and got dressed in time for part of Miss Sallie's prayer circle. Charlotte & her 3 roommates
taught the class on the Missionary this morning. Well done. Dr Bowie gave us another splendid talk this morning - and
at the Vesper service Bishop Roots spoke about China. Mamma went for a walk this afternoon with some other ladies; I
wrote to Bessie, Cat and Daddy and sent cards to Mrs. Ruffin and Kay. I went to swimming. There were only 2 other
girls in the pool. It rained a little this afternoon. At 9 I got undressed & sat in Charlotte's room till Helen & Kerah came
from their meeting.

Thursday June 29
Bishop Bratton spoke at Miss Sallie's prayer circle. Of my 3 classes, I get the most out of Dr Wile's Bible class. Miss
Davies is a very energetic type of person, awfully nice; - something like Aunt Evelyn. Miss Lindleys Normal class is
helpful too. We heard from Daddy Bob & Granny who enclosed a letter of George's. Mary Gregory and I played tennis
& she beat. A man played with us - don't know his name. We went in for a swim & so missed the get-acquainted party
down by the spring. Our Vesper service consisted in talks by four of the student Volunteers which were splendid and
also by Miss Sallie & Mr [Hounshell]. Helen Ruffin & Kerah Cole are going to teach in the mountains next year.

Friday June 30
We have gotten to St Luke in our Bible Class. I did not go either for a dip or to morning watch. Bishop Roots spoke at
the platform meeting on "Decision in regard to a Life Work" - a very fine address. Daddy Page took us on another
beautiful hike - this time to Catawba falls. We went 6 miles in the Red bus and walked five. Twenty-two went. I got
better acquainted with Mary Jordon who lives on West Ave; and Katherine Phillips who wants copies of my pictures.
The falls were perfectly lovely & we climbed up them barefooted. Had supper and got back about 7:30. Am going to
sleep with Mary Jordon.

Saturday July 1
Last night Mary J. and I went up to High Top and spent the night. Got there about 12 Were awfully tired but had a
good time. 22 went. Got up at 5 to see the run-rise, which was beautiful. Of course every one was sleepy in their
classes. Charlotte went to Mr Mitchell this afternoon; while I read for a few minutes and then took a nap. Went in for a
swim. We did not have evening classes or Vespers but Dr Williams showed some slides of the Missionary field. I sent
out some post-cards. We leave Monday. This conference has more to me than I can express, but I hope never to lose it
wonderful inspiration.

Sunday July 2
This has been the last day of this wonderful conference which closed tonight. Bp Bratton & Mr Gould had Holy
Communion this morning. Dr. Wiles lectured on St. John in his Bible class. There was S. school with more
demonstrations and then the morning service at which Bishop Bratton spoke. After lunch charlotte, Helen, Mary,
Kerah, Va Vedder, the Taliaferio's and others walked up to Ernest Seton Thompson's log cabin near here and some of us
went paddling. We took some pictures too. I spent the afternoon reading. At 7 we had a denominational meeting with
different talks & then the closing meeting. Mr [Yonan], an Armenian, spoke & also Dr. Weatherford & Mrs. Bickett, all
splendid addresses.

Monday July 3 Rainy & warm
All day there has been the confusion & bustle of people leaving beginning with Mt Mitchell hikers at 3A.M. I went for
my last plunge in the pool - it was great. A no of people left at 6:00 and many more in the course of the morning. Took
some pictures & told the Gregorys good-by. Mr Bland Roberts talked to me a long while on the porch this morning
about the possibilities of missionary work. He is a volunteer to China but will be studying in Aberdeen, Scotland next
winter. Many of the Richmond people left on the 3:15 train. We saw Miss Helen Baker at Black Mountain! Such a
shock. There is an observation car on this train. Mamma & I are in car 16 and the others in [X-4].

Rain & cooler July 4 Tuesday
Mamma and I had practically the whole coach to ourselves this morning, after a good night's sleep. We were an hour
late getting to Richmond & came out on the street-car as Charlotte took Helen & Kerah home. We were both glad to get
home. Sandy has been sheared. I found a card from Fuzzy. Our trunk came & we unpacked it. I read a little in the
new S.E.P. but shall not make a practice of it as I don't consider it good literature especially. I had a nice visit with the
McCarthy's and Miss Susie & I exchanged accounts of experiences at Blue Ridge. Dr Woodward & Mr Burkhardt came
out to supper & we talked in the parlor afterwards.

Wednesday. July 5 DENTIST!
It was pouring again this morning so Granny had to telegraph Mary that she will come Friday to the "Brier Patch". I had
a nine o'clock appointment with Dr Lewis so went on the car with Daddy who told me about some things he did while in
college. After I finished at the dentist's, went to M. & R. and spent about two hours browsing around in the basement.
After lunch I brought about six books upstairs and amused myself with a McClure's for 1904! Did not do a bit of
sewing. Mamma made a cake. After supper, Daddy and beat Granny and Mamma at five hundred. The weather has
cleared up and there is a beautiful moon. Wonder where George is.

Thursday. July 6 Beautiful weather
The weather has been perfectly lovely today - just like spring. Mamma and I walked around outdoors and I gathered
some flowers to put in the house. I wrote to George and sent 36 cents to Bobby Kunhardt for the picture of Kismet.
Miss Susie came up for a short visit & to borrow my new dress to try on and I showed her my Kodak pictures. I began
reading "A Man in Gray" by Thomas Dixon, author of "A Birth of a Nation", which promises to be both interesting and
fair & accurate. We had peach ice cream & cake for desert for supper. I worked some more on the centerpiece, and
Daddy & I beat again at Five Hundred.

Friday. July 7
Granny left for Gloucester this morning so we had an early breakfast & Daddy took her to the train. Mamma called up
Aunt E, but she is out of town. I wrote to Fuzzy today. Mamma got letters from [Paimps], George & Bessie, who is in
Canada now. Geo. says he hasn't gotten a single letter from home since he left Annapolis. This afternoon I was out in
the field with Mamma picking blackberries for a dumpling for supper when Bob arrived home from Gloucester. After
supper Mamma and I walked around to see the Picots. They were out driving but soon came in. Judith & her aunt were
with them. Mrs. Picot brought me some ice-cream. Mamma has been making plum jelly.

Saturday, July 8 Warm & clear
I have spent a large part of the day reading A Man in Gray until I finished it. It holds your interest and taught me a
number of facts I didn't know before about the War Bet. the States. After breakfast I gathered the flowers and helped
Mamma string snaps on the back porch, where a delightful breeze was blowing. We had a shower in the afternoon. Mrs
Picot & family took me along for a drive this evening. The sunset was beautiful. We drove out beyond Brook Hill.
Coming back we stopped at the dance pavilion at the end of Chamberlayne to look on. A tough-looking crowd.

E.L. Hawkins
Sunday -- July 9
Daddy preached at St Thomas this morning. The congregation was fairly good. Did not see Va. Saw Mrs. Ruffin,
Helen, Whites, Picots and others. At one, Daddy had to leave for Goochland [GH] for a funeral, so Mamma and i went
with him. The drive was lovely. While waiting we went by Miss Kate Millers. During the service, Mamma & I went
through the Court House yard - (a typical one with chickens & a confed monument and stone jail) and down the road to
a creek where we went paddling. Coming back we stopped by the Wickham's place "Woodside". Valerie [de]
Wickham was visiting there. Julia is going to stay a few days with us at Westover. Tonight Daddy has been looking
over the accts of [Nathan Ragsdale Esq.]

Hot & sultry.
Monday. July 10
I had a date with Bob to play tennis this morning, but it was so hot that we didn't feel like walking to the court. So I
practiced by the side of the house. Had a nice letter from Betsey this morning. Mamma had to go to town to get some
things for Mary C. so I went with her. I saw two stamped tea-towels in the Art dep't of M. & R. so got them for Betsey
and Fuzzy for their birthdays, although both are past. Came home and have spent all the afternoon and evening sewing
on them. Have practically finished one. After supper - Mamma, Bob & I walked over to the store and stopped by to see
the Fords coming back. We took them some plums but they had plenty.

Tuesday July 11
Had a nice letter from Mary Gregory this morning, and must answer it soon. There are about ten letters I ought to write.
We finally found the Westover films for Mary. Mamma had a letter from Granny. Spent a long time today finishing up
the two tea-towels and they are at last done. Slept for two and a half hours this P.M. Bob went out to Shield's Lake for
a swim. Started Walpole's The Green Mirror and find it very interesting. I like his style very much. The Evanses came
out to get some plums and spent the evening. Helen Ruffin called up to ask if I would go on a picnic tomorrow & I

Very hot!
Wednesday July 12
This morning I wrapped up the two little packages for Betsey and Fuzzy and got Uncle Nelson to mail them when came
out to see us. The Round Robin came and Mamma read it to Nat and me sitting in the yard under the catalpa tree. I ran
over to see Charlotte for a few minutes after lunch. Granny returned from Gloucester about 3:30 and we were glad to
see her. Mary's place must be very attractive. I met Char. & Judith and we went out to the Hermitage Club on the 5:30
Ashland. It is lovely out there & much cooler. Helen & Kerah, Lorraine and Henrietta Ruffin and Martha Fitzgerald
came out in their car. We had a picnic by the creek where Lorraine & Martha went paddling--then played bridge.

Hot & sunny --Bad storm.
Thursday. July 13
I had finished straightening the room and was darning stockings when Mrs Cox came out and Bob and I had to go out
and pick plums. Then Charlotte and Judith came over and we looked at each others Blue Ridge pictures and she read
Bessie's letter from Canada. Daddy got a letter from George. After lunch I made mayonnaise. Mrs Rose and Turner
arrived about half past three. Uncle Nelson came out to supper and he wants to take me to the movies tomorrow. After
supper wen went in the parlor to sit. Daddy & Uncle N & Granny exchanged anecdotes while [Rainys] talked to
Mamma. It has rained terribly hard all the evening and the water is in the cellar.

Friday July 14 Cool & rainy
After breakfast, Mrs Rose and Turner went to town (Turner to the dentist) and Mamma met them later and went to see
"School Days". I went down about 11, and got Granny's ticket to Saugatuck. Met Uncle Nelson at one at the Rose
bowl, where we had a delicious lunch. Then we went to see "Fair Lady" at the Colonial.- A story of a Sicilian countess
and of Cardi's band. A number of movie stars were there in person - one of them Mae Marsh. Uncle N. lost the
package to Betsey that I got him to mail. The storm here seems to have done quite a lot of damage. Nat & I walked
over to the Picots to buy some peaches -- the lawn party having been postponed. Dad & I beat at 500.

Saturday July 15 Cooler.
Granny left for Saugatuck this morning - very gay in her purple suit & scarf. Daddy went with her to the station. I read
Life, etc, until about half-past eleven, when I went over to call on Charlotte & Judith. Granny sent Mrs. P. [$1.00] to
help with the lawn party. Judith played all her latest records for me. We tried to get in the Britton's new house, but
couldn't. I had a nice long letter from Lizdee this afternoon & from Cat this A.M. Answered Mary Gregory's letter.
Played tennis with Judith & Charlotte down on the Seminary courts. I was beaten by them & Judith by Charlotte & me.
It is lovely out tonight & seems to be clear. Mrs Rose is spending the night at Cousin Lucy Johnson's.

Sunday. July 16 Clear & hot
It seemed to be cooler today so I wore my blue sweater to church. Daddy preached a very good sermon, better than Mr
P.'s, I think. It was hot in church. Mrs Rose went to St Pauls but came here for dinner. I wrote to Cat. Daddy left for
Ashland on the 3:30 today to see Dr. E.L. Goodwin. Pretty soon the Howletts came by. I went with them to Ashland to
leave Aunt E. and Mr H. at the Woodfin's. Grandpa Howlett even kissed me! Coming back, Jack stopped by Dr
Goodwins, but Daddy wasn't there. About 9:30, he telephoned from the station to say there was a collision between 2
cars, but he wasn't hurt, I am so thankful to say. He got to Ashland at 7 and came back on the train. E.B. spent the

Monday, July 17 Hot
Mrs Rose and Turner said good-by and left right after breakfast - Mr & Mrs Johnson taking them & Daddy into town.
Jack & Aunt E. came by for E Byrd about 10:30 in the Franklin. They did some shopping and stopped by for Jack's
raincoat about 3. I slept from 11 to lunch time. It has been awfully hot today. After lunch, I laid in the hammock and
read "The Hound of the Baskervilles" - a Sherlock Holmes story. It is very thrilling to say the least. After supper
Mamma and I took some marigolds to the McCarthys. We listened to the Captain tell some of war experiences for an
hour and half. He entered at 13-1/2 years.

Tuesday, July 18 Clear & hot. Rain in P.M.
This morning's mail brought a letter from Mary [Chan]. And one from George, written from St Thomas in the Virgin
Islands. He says he and "Dey" ate 18 bananas & a coconut for supper. I went out and helped Nat cut the grass in the
front yard while Mamma called on Mrs. (Dr.) Baker. Aunt Evelyn phoned out last night & talked with Dad about buying
a car. We had another rain this afternoon - not much thunder. Have been reading "From a College Window" (Benson)
& started Hugo's "Ruy Blas" and Marshall's Hist of Va. Ma went to see Mrs Rowland tonight and I dug weeds out the
walk. Then worked some on a bureau scarf - Slept 2 hrs this P.M. "Green Mirrors" not progressing much.

Wednesday July 19 Rain.
It has done nothing here all day but rain and rain. Its so lonesome here, I'll be glad when we go to Westover. Took the
Lucky Bag to the Cap'n today - he said he would like to read it. Went to Mrs Picots to borrow a pattern to make my
green linen by. Charlotte not at home. [Little] Evelyn Coleman is staying there. She is a very pretty child. I wrote to
Lizdee and K and Eleanor today. Have been very backward lately with my correspondence. Reread "Daddy-Long-
Legs" and find it as interesting as ever. Hope it won't rain tomorrow on acc't of the lawn party. Letter from Granny.

Thursday July 20 Rain.
It has rained again today, so the lawn party had to be put off altogether. Charlotte came by for me in her sedan. We
went by Mrs Ford's and then to the store. I paid a visit to her and brought home some peaches and two books to read.
We played some of Judith's records. I have red most all day - finished Mirabels Island, read "Slippy McGee", two
stories in the Saturday E. Post and several chapters in The Green Mirror, one of them aloud to Mamma. Walpole is the
only one of them whose characters are real, the others are too perfect for the most part, his are human. Daddy went to
Petersburg and didn't get back till late. Had a darling letter from Fuzzy.

Friday. July 21 Warm and clear
This has been a lovely day after so much rain. Pity the lawn party couldn't have been held today. I wrote to Betsey this
morning and to George in the P.M. We had a letter from Bess who seems to be quite in society at Murray bay; and a
lovely long one from George, written at Trinidad, before our last one. He has at last heard from home. I made some
tea-cakes this A.M. with Mamma's help. We made peach ice-cream for supper. Evelyn was to have come out, but
wasn't able to. Charlotte and I were invited to Mrs Beverley's to supper. Mr Beverley is so funny & they are both
awfully nice. Carter & Wm are in Essex!

Saturday. July 22
Another lovely day. Have been reading T Tembaron by Frances Hodgson Burnett most of the day. Aunt Evelyn sent
Bob a French letter and asked him to translate so I helped him some. Charlotte asked if I would like to drive out to
Newton's Mill, 3 miles beyond Ashland, so I did & Bob went too. Harrison & little Evelyn were the others. Harrison
and Bob went swimming in the mill pond and Evelyn went paddling. The drive was lovely.

Sunday July 23
It was very hot in Church and here in the afternoon but delightful in the evening, when we all sat out on the porch. Dr
Woodward preached as Daddy had to go up to Montpelier in Hanover Co. Evelyn (Harrison) Coleman was sitting on
the porch when we got back, and paid a little visit. She came to take the children home to Newport News. I finished
reading T. Tembaron today. It is most interesting and reminds you a little of Little Lord Fauntleroy. Mrs Rowland
brought the baby over to see us. There is a girl of about [17] staying there - Nannie Reed of Norfolk. I met her but
didn't see what she was like.

Monday July 24 Very hot
This morning I read one of Granny's book, "Evelyn Byrd" by George Cary Ecclestone a story of Civil War days with the
scene laid at Weyanoke. In the afternoon mail I had such a nice letter from Granny. She seems to be enjoying herself
and made me wish to be there too. Mamma & Bob have been cleaning out the china press in the entry. We ate lunch
out under the catalpa tree. At 5, the Stewarts sent for me to come out to Brook Hill to tea in honor of Nell Wise in their
car. Misses Norma, Hope and Annie are all such interesting talkers and good hostesses. Va Osgood, Florrie & Emmy
Thomassan, Mrs (Priscilla Shepherd) Davis, Douglas [Chelf], Betsy Binford of Atlanta, and 3 other girls were there. We
had refreshments in the lovely garden. Miss Annie showed us the cross that belonged to Mary Q. of Scots.

Tuesday July 25
Mamma and I paid a short visit to the McCarthys this morning. About twelve I went to town, bought a girdle, ecru lace
for Aunt E's centerpiece, 3-1/2 yds dotted voile for a dress, white wool for a sweater, but didn't find anything for K's
birthday. Went into a fascinating little oriental shop between 2nd & 1st on Grace. Mamma and I each had a litter from
George, from Culebra Is, near Porto Rica [Puerto Rico]. He seems rather blue. Charlotte & I went (in her sedan) to see
Helen & Kerah but they were both out so we paid a long visit to Mrs Ruffin instead. She is the sweetest thing. After
supper I wrote to Jimmy, Kay & to Peggy Musser.

Wednesday. July 26
I went to town with Daddy and we both got a ride in. Went by Galeski's to get Mamma glasses which weren't fixed yet,
and by the office to speak to Miss Thornton and Mrs. Seller. Went all over town trying to find a birthday present for K,
and finally got a cunning green checked gingham handkerchief by the Woman's Exchange. After lunch, Mamma cut out
and made most of my dotted voile dress and I started my new white sweater. I started The Young Enchanted & like it a
lot. Nothing else has happened. We had corn out of the garden for supper. Knitted for practice in dropping stitches on
some of the yellow wool.

Thursday July 27 Fine!
Soon after breakfast Charlotte phone me to know if I would go round to the church with her to take some dishes. She
came for me in the car. Then went by her house. Harrison drove us in town to get Miss Lucy Lily Temple, who
sprained her foot coming down stairs. Char. lent me The House of Happiness, by Kate [L. Boober]. She showed me
how to do the holes in my sweater, so I got right much done. I had a card from Sue Hurt and a letter from Eleanor with
a handkerchief for my birthday. Mamma and i took turns reading The Young Enchanted aloud. It is much nicer than
The Green Mirror. Dr Woodward came out and we had a real good supper for him.

K's birthday.
Friday. July 28 Rain.
This is the last day I'll ever be 17 years old-- Had a birthday card from Betsey and a nice long letter from Bessie. She is
having a gay time in Canada, and some young Englishman is "giving her a rush." About half past twelve we had quite a
storm with thunder & lightning. It grew so dark we had to turn on the lights. Then it rained again this afternoon while
Mamma was downtown and just after I had washed my hair. This afternoon and tonight Mamma read The young
Enchanted aloud while I knitted. Mr Keeley (Curle's Neck) was in Dads office today, & said he could fix the water at
Westover so we'll be able to go. Hurray!

18 years old today
Saturday July 29 Beautiful!
This has been a very happy birthday. Mamma and Daddy gave me a lovely little lamp to put beside my bed. On the
mail there came two packages, from Granny a princess slip and $3.00 and from Aunt Mildred a beautiful green silk
petticoat. I will enjoy wearing both of them. Mamma made me two 2-layer cakes with walnuts in them and peach ice-
cream. I asked Charlotte and Miss Susie to come over and we had a very pleasant afternoon. Helen R and Kerah
couldn't come. Daddy has gone to Charlottesville. Mamma read to me while I knitted. I wonder what we'll all be doing
in another 18 years? Letter from Granny & card from Lizdee.

Sunday-- July 30 Clear
Nat lost his shoes, and though we hunted high and low they were not to be found. So we all went to St. Thomas' where
Mr Pedrick preached. After dinner, I started The Crisis (Churchill); then wrote to George and began a letter to Bessie.
Charlotte and I went out in her sedan to call on Virginia. Took Cap'n Archer home. Dr Williams took us out in his
garden and gave us dome grapes. Ours are nearly ripe. Virginia has just gotten back from Brunswick where she stayed
with Margaret Lassiter. I paid a short visit to the Picots on my way home; went to McCarthys to take some tomatoes.
Daddy got home from Charlottesville about nine.

Monday July 31 Clear
Uncle Nelson came out for a visit right after breakfast. He will be in Charlottesville all week. On the mail I got a letter
from him with a birthday check - also a letter from Granny. 3 packages came for me, from Aunt Frances. A lovely
white crepe skirt, pleaded, and white sweater, and a box of delicious chocolates. Mamma finished The Young
Enchanted to me and I have begun The Head of the House of Coombe which Mrs Hoben returned. Jimmy sent me an
adorable pair of silver cuff-pins. Mamma made some grape jelly from our grapes. Mr. Keeley is going to lend us his
truck to take our things to Westover.

Tuesday August 1 Clear.
Slept very late - until nearly nine & had breakfast by myself. Charlotte called up. She has heard from Emma and is
going to "Roseland" next Monday so she will come to Westover the following Monday. Kay sent me two adorable little
pins. A letter from Aunt Frances says that Coley is going to get up dance for Fuzzy and me, which will be lovely.
Mamma and I went to town to order supplies for Westover. I bought two frames, for camp picture and of Kay. Bought
some much-needed writing paper. We went out to Rosewood Ave near Byrd Park to see the exhibit of "Better Homes -
Electrical". Darling little house. Have finished "Head of the House of Coombe".

Wednesday August 2
Sent off a letter to Jimmy and wrote to Aunt Mildred, Fuzzy and Julia W. tonight. Charlotte, Virginia and I went to
Forest Hill to see Sue Hurt this morning - left at 10:30. Wore my new dotted voile. Sue had gone to town - we went to
Ediths, but she is at the Beach so came back & talked to Algie and Miss Plummer till half past twelve. Mamma and I
have been reading "Robin". The Captain lent me several books, one of them, "Nancy Starr". Fuzzy sent me a darling
little cake or candy box. Sallie had to leave this afternoon because her mother is sick, but we can manage for 2 days.
Had card from Cat.

Elizabeth Boggs
Thursday, August 3
This morning had a nice letter from K. Mary Gregory called up, she is at Mrs Palmers for a few more days. Mamma
made some tea cakes for us to take to Westover with us. We read some of "Robin" out loud and I began "Nancy Starr".
Charlotte came over to see me this afternoon and we sat on the porch and knitted and talked. Then we went over to see
Sue Cook for a little while. Aunt Evelyn is in town and will go to Westover with us tomorrow. Beat Bob a game of
chess tonight. Wrote to Aunt Frances and to Granny.

Friday, August 4 Clear and cool
We were all up by half past six this morning in order to get packed up. The truck came at 9 instead of 11:30 as he told
Daddy he would, so of course we were in a great rush & left loads of things, including the graphophone. Daddy got a 7
passenger to take us and Sandy and Aunt Evelyn and lots of luggage. We had a nice drive down and got to Westover
about 1:30. Had lunch right away & spent the afternoon cleaning up. Nat came on the truck (Mr Keeley's) which
arrived about 5. We all went in for a swim, even Mamma and Daddy. The tide was low but the water felt fine. The
moon is nearly full. Heard from Lizdee.

Saturday, August 5
We all waked up early to a beautiful day. After breakfast gotten by Aunt Evelyn, we cleaned and straightened up and
then went for a walk in the garden. It is so pretty there, and we cut a large bunch of roses. About 11, Aunt E, the boys
and I went swimming while Mama peeled apples on the bank. We bought 2 dog perch from a fisherman, just off our
pier. Then had a time cleaning them, but they were worth the trouble. After lunch I wrote to Cat. Daddy and Bob fixed
up the tennis court and we had some good games. Even Mamma and Nat were learning. Supper on the grass, then a
couple of games of 500. After a bad storm, went out to bank and listened to some singing on a launch anchored in the
river. Evelyn & I in our nighties.

Full moon
Sunday. August 6
A perfect day, after last night's storm. Mr Crick couldn't take but two to church, he said, so we all stayed and had a
service of our own down in the hall. Mamma got dinner, while the rest of us went for a lovely swim. The tide was high
at 12. After dinner was over and the dishes washed, I read Robin for a little while, then went out under the Yew tree
and wrote letters. One to Mr C.R. to thank him for the candy, and one to Kay. Played one game of tennis with Bob.
Fixed supper & Bob helped me and Daddy helped wash up. Then we all sat out on the river bank on blankets for about
two hours and sang hymns. The moon was perfectly beautiful.

Monday August 7 Cool and clear
Aunt Evelyn went to R'd on the bus to meet Aunt Nellie, and Dad and Nat walked to the Wade with her. After we
finished the work Mamma read Henry ... to Bob, while I wrote to Eleanor and to Lizdee. Sewed a little, then we got on
our bathing suits and played tennis till the tide was high. Had a grand swim and a late lunch. Started Galsworthy's The
Patricians. Daddy and I played tennis against Bob and Nat and won 2 sets. Daddy has been teaching me some of the
strokes. Evelyn, Nellie and the 2 children got here about 3:30. The baby is awfully cunning. Julia wrote to say that she
can't come till after the 20th. Read some more of Fortitude. We played 500

Tuesday, August 8
Wrote Julia to come when she can, & sent a letter to George. Tonight I got one from him written on the way to Halifax
and from Daddy page the pictures taken on the hikes at Blue Ridge. It has been cloudy & rainy all day. Bob, Nat,
Mamma & Dad went fishing off the pier and caught eleven. Swimming was a progressive affair and we went in at all
hours, Bob and I at 3 o'clock. When I had dressed I made mayonnaise and fixed supper with Bob's assistance. There
was another storm. After supper we played 500 and ate the last cantaloupe. Finished reading Robin and read several
chaps of Fortitude. Nellie handed around some candy.

Wednesday, August 9
A cold, cloudy day. After breakfast I read some, then practiced tennis strokes in the library; while Nat & Bob practiced
in the entrance to the ball-room. Beat Bob a game of chess. We went exploring in the cellar with candles to find the
hidden room, but didn't unearth anything. Hilda, the baby, is called either Sukey, Prunella or She is cunning; says "I
not" in the cutest way when she doesn't want to do any thing. She has the loveliest head of curls. We went swimming
about three, but the tide was going out. Mamma helped me after supper to wash up, contrary to our agreement. We had
some games of cards.

Thursday August 10
The weather is lovely today. Mr Crickenberger brought me a letter from Cat, who is coming Saturday. The morning
went as usual, with work and play, reading & sewing. Soon after lunch, Dorothea Harrison and Jean Eldrige, a girl
about 15, & her two brothers John and Wallace, 17 & 12, appeared, and spent the afternoon. Bob disappeared
immediately. We went down the old Indian well, and in the garden, and Nat, Watsie & Aunt E went swimming. The
tide was high & I certainly did want to go. Jean is going to Vassar. Constance Jamieson came over too. As they were
leaving, the McCarthy's came in. Cap'n and Mrs and Susie and Mr Eddie, and Miss Ethel Carlton. They didn't stay long,
but we certainly did enjoy their visit.

Friday August 11
After breakfast this morning we were peeling apples and sitting on the front steps when the Jamiesons came over from
Berkeley for a short visit. I read a little of Fortitude; it was too damp to play tennis, so practiced in the house, and
sewed some on the centerpiece and did a lot on it in the afternoon. We went in swimming and the tide was higher than it
has been this summer. Sukey nearly gave [Minerva] nervous prostration trying to keep her from falling off the pier. We
played a set of tennis, and then I got supper, with cheese souffle as the piece de resistance. Mamma read a story from
the S.E.P. aloud to the rest of us as we sewed & knitted, and then we played 500. Had a letter from Bessie with pictures.

Saturday, August 12
Another cool, rainy day! I believe St. Swithin was right for once. Daddy went up to Richmond on the bus at 7:15. I
spent most of the morning peeling apples for apple sauce which we had for lunch & supper. I got lunch. Aunt Evelyn
packed up some wood & chips and we had a lovely fire tonight. Mr Crick brought Daddy and Cat in his car so we didn't
have to use the wagon. When Cat arrived at 5:30, Evelyn and I were just going up the front stairs in our bathing suits
after swimming. Cat has just finished at the summer school in Charlottesville, and I was very glad to see her. Mamma
had such a nice letter from George written on his birthday, and one from Granny.

Sunday, August 13
Rain poured down all the morning and part of the afternoon, so Daddy did not preach at Westover Church, and St
Thomas people did not come for the open-air service. We had a little service of our own sitting in the dining-room
before the fire. About three it stopped raining and went in swimming. The water was very cold. Just as we finished
dressing, two cars drove up with Dr Williams and his whole family and Dr & Mrs Draper & Warren, a little boy about
10. I certainly was glad to see Virginia again. When they left, Cat and I got supper, ending with a watermelon. Did not
get my letters written as intended.

Monday. August 14
We were delighted to see the sun this morning, but it has been sultry and warm all day, and we almost had a storm in the
P.M. At 11:30 Bob drove Nat, Catherine and me to the Wade in the Wagon. There was no mail of interest. When we
got back, we ate a couple of watermelons on the stone steps and had a late dinner. Dorothea H. came by to invite us to
the picnic tomorrow. We went swimming about 5, the waves were big. We had toast, buttered, and fried salmon for
supper, then I made some fudge while the others playing five hundred. Little Hilda gets more cunning every day.

Tuesday August 15
The day of the picnic! It arrived about twelve o'clock with Dorothea and her brother, Mrs Etheridge & 4 children, Mrs
Moseley of Rd and Ned & Bobby. We had a fine lunch, played games, took pictures and went in swimming about
three. Just as we were going in, the Picots arrived with Charlotte. They sat on the bank till we came out. They had been
by the Gunns and brought me a package with a lovely silver jewel-box from Lizdee. The picnic left in two wagons.
Charlotte, Cat and I got supper; had ham and hot rolls. Read while the others played five hundred.

Wednesday, August 16
A lovely day, but very warm. We all sat out on the steps facing the river and sewed while Daddy made dice and
parchesi men for the boys. I am making Aunt Nellie's camisole. Charlotte, Nat & I had a game of croquet; then I
played tennis with Dad, Bob, and Cat, who is learning. We ate watermelon before lunch. After, we cracked walnuts
and made some divinity fudge. The Shacklette's paid us a visit. Although we had a fine swim before breakfast, we went
in again at five. A rain came up, but that did not hinder us. Had a letter from Fuzzy, cards from Betsey and Mary
Gregory and Mamma had letters from Bessie, Granny and George.

Thursday, August 17 Perfect day!
After breakfast, I went out in the front yard to write some letters but Bob tormented me in every way he could. So I
only wrote to George and a "thank-you" note to Lizdee. It was a beautiful morning with a fresh breeze blowing from
the river. Mr Crickenberger had the wagon ready for us at 3 and Cat, Nat, Charlotte, Ellen and I went to call on the
Harrisons. Sandy rode. We had a lovely visit, though the children Dorothea & jean E didn't come out of the creek
water till we were nearly leaving. They cut a huge watermelon. We had a time bringing [meals] home. Letters from
Julia & Virginia.

Friday August 18 Beautiful
We all went in swimming (except Evelyn) soon after breakfast and had fine game of tag and ball, then dried our hair
sitting on the wharf. Then cut up pears for salad tonight. Mr John Ruffin, his sister Mrs Jones, Miss Sue Jones, Mrs
Ruffin & Jane Ruffin came to see us this afternoon. Mamma was in the river when they came. Mr Ruffin & Mrs Jones
of course have many old associations with Westover-house-parties, weddings, etc. Charlotte made a cheese omelette for
supper. When we were washing up we played ghost on the bank, then craving more excitement tried to get a thrill over
3 fishermen coming in a motor launch to ask for water. Daddy went to Richmond today. Charlotte and I were beaten at
500 by Mamma & Evelyn.

Saturday August 19 Fair & warm
Sandy woke me at 6:30, so I dressed and sat on the terrace till brakfast. Charlotte, Catherine and I have had many
battles against Bob; --first with powder & shoe polish; then in the water, when we washed his face. We spilled pine
cones down his back; made a pie-bed which he discovered and sewed up his pajama legs. This was the culmination; he
had to sleep in his B.V.D.'s, but overturned our cots first. We played chess, parchesi and crokinole this P.M. We made
innumerable sandwiches for a beach supper, but had it on the terrace on account of threats of rain. Mr Hunter [Sledd],
his mother & fiancee(?) were here this afaternoon.

Sunday August 20 Lovely.
Charlotte wasn't feeling well this morning, so stayed in bed for breakfast and dinner. I hated to see her go home this
afternoon - we have had such fun. Evelyn, Bob, Nat & I went swimming & came out about noon. Cat & I had a grand
hunt for the lost lemon pie. We found that Evelyn had hidden it. The St Thomas congregation arrived from 4:15 till
5:30. We had service. After most of them had looked around. ... didn't come, or Ruffins. Rylands, Millers, Picots,
Whites ... & a no of others. Took Mrs P... to the graveyard. I ate supper with the Picots. Carrie Thornton was down
with her sisters, & Mr Wilson & Miss Pattie Saunders sat in the [fatal] window seat together.

Monday August 21 Lovely!
Evelyn, Nellie, and the two children left this morning and we certainly do miss them. Mr Crick too them to the bus
while Daddy & Nat took the wagon with Cat, Bob and me sitting on the trunk. We got back about eight, Cat & I driving
home. We went swimming, fixed lunch and went to eat in the woods. We found a lovely spot on the edge of herring
Creek, across from Westover Church. Evelyn sent some magazines, books & cake on the bus this p.m. When we got
back from the long walk, nearly all took a good nap. Cat & I got supper with french toast, cheese & biscuits, cod fish
cakes & cake. Granny sent a couple of Lifes. Bed at 11.

Tuesday August 22 Fine!
Julia arrived today, and I certainly was glad to see her. We have been on lots of exploring expeditions already. Cat and
I got up late, washed dishes, read & cleaned up, & went in swimming about 12. Came out, played tennis, ate
watermelon and lunch. Where do the days go to? Had a darling letter from Jimmy. She has been having a wonderful
month with Ollie. Nat drove us in the wagon to the Wade to meet Julia & Daddy, who spent the day in town. Waited
for the bus at the Blue Teapot with Mrs Etheridge. We had fish for supper caught by the family. Read the Sept Atlantic
Monthly. Julia brought us some candy.

Wednesday August 23 Weather perfect
Catherine, Julia and I have been having one grand and glorious time today; though I did not swim and play tennis with
them. They were two Indian maids, in bloomers, middy, & pig-tails. Mrs, Misses Ellen Ball & Cary called this
morning. We ate watermelon, lunch, read & hunted for Bobs candy. I have finished Fortitude & read some of the Sept
Atlantic Monthly. Cut my thumb when fixing lunch. We had a delightful beach supper, with hot dogs, marshmallows,
etc. Lovely fire. After eating we sang all the songs we knew and made up some. We three & Bob have been trying
some Mesmerism.

Catherine T Rose
Thursday August 24
Went to bed so late last night that we didn't get up till very late. After breakfast, we took some pictures, went to the
graveyard for J's benefit and walked to Berkeley. Saw Mrs Jamieson & Constance. The talk of getting up a picnic. We
walked back by the wharf, and found a rowboat and some oars which we will use. Didn't finish lunch till three. Bob
and I beat Julia and Nat two sets of tennis. Lots of fun. Then while the others swam, I curled up on my bed and read a
story in "Open Sesame!" - very thrilling. Had a letter from Granny. Coley's dance is going to be on the 8th of Sept.
Julia & I beat Bob & Cat at Parchesi [Parcheesi]

Friday, August 25 Breezy & warm
We had a lovely picnic on the other side of the river, and lots of fun exploring the shore line. Capt. Bailey took us
across in the mail-boat "Rosalie" to may Cock's. Mr Marable took us up to his house and cut a couple of watermelons.
We found that the light we see every night is to direct boats. About 12, we spread the blanket under a tree on the beach
and had lunch. Got back about 2:30. We 3 girls played parchesi [Parcheesi] and tennis; I read "Open Sesame" while
they swam. Daddy & Bob brought Wallaces boat down from the big wharf. Evelyn didn't come, but the bread did, so
we had toast & applesauce for supper. Read some of the Patrician.
Played Three on a Housetop on the bank after supper.

Satuday August 26 Hot & sultry.
I answered Granny's letter early, so that it would go today, & started one to Fuzzy. At 10:30 Daddy, Cat, Julia, Nat and
I went exploring up Herring Creek in our rowboat. The tide was low, and we had a fine time, though it was hot. Daddy
& I rowed a lot, and the others some. i rested & read "Open "Sesame", thrilling war stories, and The Patrician all
afternoon. Ethel and Bob Williams arrived, and Evelyn and Miss Henderson came on the bus. We had loads of fun
after supper playing charades--Moses & Pharoahs Daughter, Lady Macbeth, Queen Elizabeth, Lady Catastrophe. Loads
of fun. Miss Henderson is awfully nice & clever.

Sunday August 27 Rainy!
Mrs Jamieson was to have come for four of us but didn't, so Bob Wms took Julia, Florine Henderson & me to church
getting there in the midst of Daddy's sermon. Cat was laid up with a sore toe. Ethel and Bob left about 3. It rained all
afternoon. I read & finished Fuzzy's letter. Julia & Evelyn went swimming. After supper, Julia beat me at chess & the
four us played .... Eveyln told fortunes which was lots of fun. She said that my head & heart lines are undeveloped. I
am not strong-minded but will be a leader not bothering with details. My hand is exactly like hers. Julia has a fine
hand. She showed me some limbering up exercises.

Monday. August 28 Fair ...
Julia Catherine and I went to the Wade in the wagon with Evelyn and Florine Henderson who went on the bus. At
10:30 the car came from Shirley to take us there for a visit. We got there in time to walk around the garden before
lunch. Mrs Bransford or "Cousin Alice" is perfectly darling. We had delicious eats. In the afternoon we took loads of
pictures and read some books on colonial homes & house boating on a colonial waterway. After supper we danced to
Cecile, Miss Sunshine, Tipperary, etc and played other pieces on the sweet-tone victrola. We signed our names in the
book with Pres Wilson, The Roosevelts and many others. We slept in the 4-poster bed but Aunt Pratts ghost did not
rock. There is a cute dog named [Pat].

Tuesday August 29 Lovely--
We got up at 6 and after an early breakfast we left Shirley and came home on the mailboat which was lots of fun. Capt
Bailey put us off at Westover Wharf; we saw the little rowboat coming & waited for it. We 3 squawks changed, & i
wrote to Jimmy, Kay and Bess. We had a picnic lunch down the river on a beach at the mouth of Herring Creek. Came
back and played tennis. The [Hugh] Millers, Rylands, Pedricks, & Mr Schumacher came down to go in swimming &
had a surprise picnic. Had a perfectly grand swim. Mr & Mrs Arthur stayed for the picnic. Mrs R. had the best
chocolate cake. We played parchesi [parcheesi] & went to bed about 11.
[Loti Ficken! Popenheimer.]

Wednesday August 30
Julia, Cat and I woke at 5:15 and went for a fine buy chilly morning swine. We escorted Julie and Daddy to the Wade
in Mr Cricks car, and walked part way back. Cat & I had a long talk, then played tennis with the boys. After lunch we
gathered apples in the orchard, and searched for a box hidden in the register by Bob. The Marables came over in 2
rowboats, and Mrs Leigh drove down from R'd. We all went in swimming about 5:30, and just as we came out the
wagon arrived with Granny and Daddy. Had a letter from Eleanor and a tiny box of maple sugar fudge from Lizdee.
Mary Chan and Elizabeth Hughes (Vassar '13) drove down for a little visit, but did not stay long.

[drawing] CTR.'s toe [drawings]
Thursday, August 31
We feel lonesome without Julia to play with. The tide was high soon after breakfast so we all went swimming; and just
as we came out, Mr John Ruffin, Sue Jones & some of her nephews & nieces drove up. I bet Cat 3 games of tennis and
Nat bet me a set, much to my chagrin. After lunch I came up to rest & read, but slept for two hours. Cat and I dressed
to look like respectable humans. We sat on the bench in the yard for a long time this evening. I finally wrote to
Virginia. It is nice having Granny home. Cat & I talked late and put waves in our hair.

Friday, September 1
A nice lazy, misty September day to start the month with. We had a fine long swim this morning, coming out just in
time for lunch. After washing up, Cat and I came upstairs and read, rested and talked till five when we dressed and
came down for a set of tennis before supper. She beat me 3-2, so now I have been beaten by everybody. The pictures
came from Galeski's, and those of Shirley are splendid. We played some five hundred then Catherine and I got
undressed and had the nicest moonlight swim. The tide was very high. Mamma & Dad went down to the pier with us.
Letter from George.

J.K. Rolls
Saturday, September 2 Cloudy.
This morning we had the usual long swim at high tide, with loads of fun. Cat, Bob, and Nat went rowing. As we were
getting dressed, Mrs Harrison, Dorothea, Mr and Jean Etheridge and the little boys, came over for a visit, and brought
some tomatoes. I played tennis with Dad, and again this p.m. with Cat. Had letters from Fuzzy, Julia and Lizdee about
curtains etc. Cat and I, Bob & Nat drove in the wagon (in rocking chairs) to the Wade for provisions. George did not
come on the bus. We played 500 this evening except when Daddy was polishing his brass "samovar" he found.

Sunday September 3 Lovely
Daddy preached again at Westover, so Cat Granny and I decided to go with him. Much to our surprise, Helen Craige,
Randolph & John Ruffin came for us in 2 cars. Cat and I were slow dressing and went with Craige, Ran, Joe and
Edward. Helen & Kerah leave tomorrow for [Simmons] Gap. The service was nice and we saw lots of friends. Mr
Keeley brought us all back. Nobody at all came to see us this afternoon and no signs of George. About five we went
swimming & I swam twice the length of the Westover yard & then some. The moon was beautiful on the water tonight.
Cat & I sat on the pier and sang.

Monday September 4 Warm
Oh how we hated to leave our beautiful Westover! Bob and Nat drove Catherine and me over to the Wade to take the
bus - the others came in a hired car except for Nat and Sandy on the truck. Cat lost her pocketbook and I had to lend her
my birthday $5.00. Nancy Byrd is in town & will be out tomorrow. No news of George. I got here by 10, opened up
the house dusted & gathered flowers before they came. Spent the rest of the day getting straight, but played cards
tonight. The moon is perfectly lovely and full. Wish the night of the dance (Friday) would be like this.

Tuesday September 5 Beautiful day.
Spent most of the morning phoning to various people. Wrote to Fuzzy and a bread-and-butter letter to Mrs Bransford.
A letter from George says he wont get his Sept leave. We are all terribly disappointed of course. Got a note from Peg
[Musser], and Sept allowance which I will use for traveling and expenses. Charlotte came over while I was washing the
lunch dishes. We talked, and rode around in her Ford and I went over to her house for a few minutes. [Paimps] Rose is
in town looking for a boarding place for Turner. She & "Cous. Lucy" Johnson came to see us tonight.

Wednesday September 6
Went to town with Daddy, had a shampoo and water wave (which was out by night) and spent the rest of the morning
buying underwear, shoes, etc. Met Mrs Ruffin and Sue Cook and went to see "The Bat" at the Academy. It certainly is
a thrilling mystery story and keeps you guessing. Went to Charlotte's for supper. We went for a long auto drive after
supper, out in the ... road. Char gave me a cute printed tin box of candy. A letter from George says he may be home
next week. I sew. Mrs Rose is here to spend the night. Have [been busy] getting ready.

Thursday September 7 Hot!
[Paimps] and I were waked up early by Mr Roseland's hammering. Spent the day mending, washing, leaving shoes etc
and packing, with Mammas and Granny's assistance. Went up and told the McCarthy's goodby. Got Mrs Picot's girl to
wash my clothes. Mrs Ruffin came round to see me, & I called up Virginia and Mrs Ryland to say good-by. Got 2
telegrams, one inviting me to take breakfast with Mr C.R. tomorrow, and the other from George "requesting permission
to eat supper at home". He arrived about 4:30, looking fine. I certainly do hate to leave while he's at home. Charlotte
and Harrison drove me to the station, with Mama & George.

Friday September 8
Got in to New York about 7 (8 D.S. time) and went right up to the apartment where I had breakfast with Mr Crane and
Capt Brodie. Mr Crane invited Fuzzy and me (and Prof Harper) to lunch at the Gotham, but gave us the use of the car
all the morning. Went by the station and got Fuzzy and drove to Chinatown, Wall St, Greenwich Village and other
places of interest. After lunch we went back to Mr C's apartment, and came out to Saugatuck on the 4:25. We just had
time to unpack and dress before dinner. The dance was held at Aunt Mildred's with a 5 piece orchestra, chairs on the
terrace, good "eats" and lanterns to the boathouse. We all had a lovely time. There were about 20 couples.

Saturday. September 9
Fuzzy and I didn't even wake up until half-past eleven, so had breakfast and lunch together. We went for a swim just
before lunch then took Coley and Phil to the Westport Country Club for golf, and watched them drive off. Aunt F.
drove us around in her quest for lobsters; when we returned with Mrs Child, we had tea on the veranda. Coley Fuzzy
and I had dinner at the Hinkle's at Southport, a lovely house on the Sound. Mr Sheridan Logan, a senior at Harvard was
there. I like him a lot. We went to the club and danced till twelve. Coley got Phil and Mr Harper. Had a beautiful

Sunday. September 10 Hot & cloudy
We were down by then this morning, which was doing quite well for us. Prof. Harper (he is very un-professor-like and
jolly) took us canoeing as far as [compo]. The [Pattens] came over for a swim, which we had just before dinner. In the
afternoon we read the paper, Uncle Roger read us a sea-tale; then Fuzzy & I sat in the hammock with Gentle Julia and
Mother. We had a game of croquet with G.P. and Roddy. There is a new record here, Mr Gallaher & Mr Shean, from
the Follies. We had evening service and supper in the boathouse, then we listened in on G.P.'s radio.

Monday September 11
Roddy waked us, so F. and I did better this morning. We watched Uncle R. Mr Harper & Mr Catlin start off on a sailing
trip to Oyster Bay, then we 3 went canoeing up the river, beyond Westport. Coley and Phil left on the early train, Coley
to take some exams. Fuzzy and I both got sunburned in the canoe. We had a nice swim, and I dove twice. After lunch
we read and then Aunts M. & F. and we two girls drove over to Southport to tea at the Country Club. Had a lovely
drive by the Sound most of the way. This evening Aunt F drove us & the mail to So Norwalk to mail a sp. del. letter in
the Ford. We sang Vassar songs all the way. We read till 11.

Tuesday September 12
A cool, rainy day. Fuzzy & I got down to a late breakfast, about eleven we put on rain coats and rubbers, piled our
pockets bull of apples and arms full of books and went to the boat house for 2 hours of reading curled up on cushions.
She had Rabin and I Edith Wharton's Glimpses of the Moon. After lunch we read, swam and played around the boat
house until most suppertime. Mr Crane came up to see Auntie Page and was taken with a chill, so Aunt F is spending
the night up there. Mrs. Child, [Macdiver] and Barbara came over, and we "kids" played games. To bed early.

Wednesday September 13
After the usual late breakfast, Fuzzy and I both wrote letters out on the porch then walked over to mail them. Uncle R.
phoned to Daddy long distance about Mr Crane's coming to Westover, so I had word with him, too. Mr C.R. is O.K.
and went back to N.Y. today. G.P., Fuzzy, and I went for a lovely paddle as far as Mrs Childs and back. She is going to
bring Barbara up to visit the college. It has been a perfectly wonderful day and Uncle Roger took us all out sailing. We
had a glorious sail out on the Sound till the wind died down at sunset and we had to anchor at the Lewises and walk

Thursday September 14
Gordon waked us up about nine this morning, so we were the last to eat as usual. Went over to Westport in the Ford
with Aunt F. to do some marketing. Then all the family put on bathing suits and went to Compo Beach for a fine swim.
Mr Harper left this PM. and Aunt F & Uncle Roger went to N.Y. on the same train, which was an hour late. At four we
went swimming again, with Auntie Page. She read Fuzzy and me the beginning of Oscar Wilde's play A Woman of No
Importance, and after supper we went to see it in the movies. Fairly good. Got letters from Daddy and Julia.

[J.N.] Coleman
Friday September 15 Lovely.
We were down comparatively early. Auntie Page took us 2 and Duggie over to Westport and Norwalk in the Dodge. I
wrote a long letter to Lizdee on the subject of curtains and other furnishings for the room. Auntie Page will help me
look around in N.Y. Coley blew in about lunchtime, but went to Bridgeport in the Ford to the dentist. He did not take
the exams. Fuzzy and I spent the afternoon playing prachesi [Parcheesi] and reading [The Man in this case - nothing
particular.] All except Fuzzy went swimming about six and Uncle R & Aunt Frances got here in time to join us. Coley
Fuzzy and I visited Aunt Mildred tonight. [Fifi] and [Take] had a grand fight.

Saturday September f16 cool & clear.
Fuzzy went off on the 8:10 to New York, and how I miss her! I spent most of the morning pasting pictures in my
Kodak album, but drove to Westport with the two Aunts and Duggy & Roddy. Had a card from Jimmy, Kay. Auntie
Page & I beat Rod & Aunt F. at croquet. She is much interested in my room at college and will help me buy the
furnishings for it. I read some stories in [Scribners]. Went with the others in the Dodge to Mr Allen the lobster man,
and Auntie Page & I walked back. had an invigorating swim just before dinner time. Have begun Oscar Wilde's play,
The Woman of No Importance. It is better than the movie.

Sunday September 17 Cool.
The weather really has a touch of fall in it. Roddy, G.P. and I went in for a swim before breakfast. The water was much
warmer than the air. Walked with Auntie Page over to the Sation for papers, then played croquet with Gordon. (I don't
think I can room with Lizdee) Wore my new white skirt and sweater & blue hat for lunch. Gillie Peterson and a very
pretty nice girl who is going to Bryn Mawr - Jane Abbott, came to lunch, but had to leave early. Gillie doesn't want to
go back. I am thinking of taking Music and Math instead of Ec. Must go to see Miss Salmon. I wrote to Mamma &
Julia & Charlotte. We had evening service, supper and music in the boathouse. The Hinckles called.

Monday September 18 Cool
There has been a decided touch of autumn in the air, and sweaters and fires feel good. I have acquired a wretched cold
somewhere, which is uncomfortable. The Williams family left in the Motor for Groton early - very much bundled up
and cosy [cozy]. Had my hair shampoo'd and went with Auntie Page on several errands. We took Jock the Airedale for
a long walk this afternoon. I moved up and am in the pink guest room. Had a card from Fuzzy, letter from Kay and card
from Alice Wms today, all of which I answered sitting before the fire tonight. Alice is going to Radcliffe for a year.

Tuesday, September 19 Cool & clear
Felt better, and as it is not so windy today, Auntie Page and I spent a lot of time outdoors, picking up wood for the fire,
and walking over to the post-office. Had a letter from Lizdee and a note from Julia inclosing [enclosing] a letter from
Mrs. Bransford. Had a talk with Aunt Mildred on the rooming question. Mrs Child invited us to go to Fairfield for tea,
so she and Barbara came for us in the Motor about 3. We had tea in the Old Academy Tea Room. delicious and a
lovely drive back through beautiful country. Barbara is going to Vassar in about six years. We got back and Mrs. Bitter
arrived soon after. She is a most charming talker and we enjoyed so much hearing of her European trip.

Wednesday September 20
Had a fine sleep last night. Mrs Bitter had to leave about 10, so Aunt M took her to S. Norwalk - then came back to
Westport for Douggy and me, and drove to Westport. After lunch she had to go to a Ladies Aid meeting to talk about
her Mountain Missions. I packed my trunk, got a (sp. del) letter from Bessie saying that she came by Po-k'ep
[Poughkeepsie]Sat. the 30th for the week-end. The Williams returned from Groton in time for tea, but Coley left for
Ithaca soon afterwards. Will be a freshman at Cornell. Uncle R. walked over with me to get my ticket. Wrote home &
have made out a list for shopping in N.Y. tomorrow. Hate to leave here.

Thursday. September 21
Had two lovely long letters from home today; one from Geo this morning, and found one from Mother in the apartment.
Aunt F had to go to Bridgeport to take Uncle R, and so came in to N.Y. late, but Aunt Mildred and I left on the 8:10.
We shopped all day, finally found some lovely curtain materials, rug & lamp, then hat & blouse, both lovely, and some
underclothes. Lunched with Fuzzy at Mary Elizabeths (36th); we had a grand time & told each other all our troubles!
The 2 aunts & I had tea with Mrs Bitter at the Colony Club. There was a wedding reception going on. After dinner
with Mr Crane at the apartment we 4 went to see "Fools Errant". Greta & Eric very good.

Friday September 22
Aunt Frances, Auntie Page, Uncle Roger & i had breakfast downstairs with Mr Crane. I finally found a door-knocker
for Jimmie's birthday at Wannamaker's. Aunt F left for ... at 11 and Fuzzy, Mrs Furse, & I at 11:10 - getting to college
about one. Jimmy & Kay were here and we greeted joyously, then had lunch together at the Lodge. It seems so strange
to be coming back a Soph, and to have a class of 26. None of my furnishings nor my trunk have come. Got my mail-
box, but haven't been to treasurers. We went over to [Glaesers]. Have met 4 freshmen - Eleanor Goldmark & Mary
Chapman, & 2 Whitlocks. There was quite a gathering of old friends in Jimmy's room.

saturday, September 23 Clear & cool
Already we have gotten accustomed to college life again. Mrs Furse & margare, Jimmy, Dorothy Anne, Kay & I had
breakfast at the Waffle shop. I spent the morning unpacking my box & cleaning up. Sent a telegram for my tuition.
Went downtown when Mrs Furse left; got Miss Salw... approval for my changed plans, bought a soap dish etc, & a
record for Lizdee. We had song practice., then serenaded the freshmen tonight. My lamp shade came, & trunk & tennis
raquet [racquet], but nothing else. Went to the deans office but it was closed. Had a nice walk after dinner. Have
finished unpacking.

Sunday September 24 Cool & clear
I was almost dressed at 8;30 when I discovered that it was really 7:30 and I had forgotten to turn back my watch. Wore
my new white sweater & skirt. I have written to Mamma, Cat, Margaret M., Virginia Wms today. Called on Miss
Banfield for a talk today, but it is still uncertain whether I can change. There was a tea to meet her this afternoon. Went
to chapel this morning though it was not required, and to dark music tonight. Have had delicious meals all day. We all
called on the girls at Glaesers who have our rooms. Mary Louise Ficklin is here. Eliz Wadleigh awfully cute.

Classes begin
Monday September 25 Cool & clear
The Academic Convocation in the chapel at 9 was most impressive. Miss Haight and (Acting) President Nettleton
spoke. We went to Rocky for our schedules and then had twenty-minute periods until lunch. I took my lamp to the
electrician to be fitted with a plug. And went by Raymond to get the 2nd semester French books of Alice's. Registered
for Piano lessons in Music Hall. Went to Miss McCaleb to apply for permission to change from Ec to Math. Had our
first meeting of the Botony class. Played 2 sets of tennis with Betsey [Coggeshall] who beat me. Jimmy & Betsey have
bad colds. After step-singing & chapel went to the Libe.

Tuesday, September 26
had a letter from Mary Gregory and a hurried one from Bessie who wasn't sure if I had rec'd her other one. Miss Wells
has my math class which I went to for the first time. Miss Brown is just darling in History & I know I'm going to like
her. The plug has been put on my bridge lamp so now we can light it. Played tennis with M-Kellogg 6th hour and part
of seventh. Took my dress to Mrs Deyo to be altered, and laundry to Mrs. Alberg. Mrs D. will make our curtains too.
The weather is cold, but perfectly marvelous for tennis. Marry [Louis] Ficklin came over to supper. Have been
studying [crouzet] all the evening.

Wednesday September 27
A long letter from Granny was most welcome. My towels & middies came from home and the ... from Wanamaker's.
Classes all went pretty well. Went to Music Hall at 10 and Miss Chittendon told me to play for her! Which I could not
do. Miss Sullivan is to give me two lessons a week. I wrote home on some gray paper I got at the bookstore together
with a lot of other supplies. Had my first Music lesson 6th hour, then walked to bicycle shop with Fuzzy. Unpacked
our blue rug which has just come. Class meeting - study until 10.

Thursday September 28
A letter from Daddy came this morning. My hat and a few other things came from home, including a seed necklace Geo
brought from Panama. The rest of the curtain material finally came, so Lizdee & I took it to Mrs Deyo's to be made.
My morning was very full with practicing. We had song practice at one and step-singing tonight (supposedly) but we
had to serenade '23 as they didn't come to Rocky. We had a 3-hour field trip in Botany after lunch. Went to
Shakespeare and Vegetable gardens, the glen, Sunset Pine walk and flower circle. We got our seats in chapel. Studied
History at the Libe.

Friday September 29 Clear
We had our first Botony lab, which is lots of fun, !st and 2nd hours. We had to name the parts of a flower and dissect a
geranaium & petunia. Spent the rest of the morning at the Library reading Yeats' Deirdre & Synge's Deirdre of the
Sorrow. Studied some history (Munro) this afternoon and evening. No mail, but a telegram from Bessie. She arrives at
3:58 tomorrow. Jimmy, Kay, Fuzzy, Betsey, Carol Rulofson, M Kellog, Willy, Dr Bingham and I walked out to the
cidermill where we had hot dogs & doughnuts and cider. It is a lovely walk but dusty.

Saturday. September 30 Lovely!
I went over right after breakfast to practice my music lesson. Had a nice long letter from Mamma, describing the
Gloucester place Granny has bought. Geo & Mamma went to K. Geo for a visit at Canning. Studied Math; then went to
the library & read Deirdre & Cuchulain & other Irish mythical stories. They are as fascinating as the fairy stories I used
to read. Lizdee & I went downtown & bought a cot & mattress & white curtains (for my bedroom) & I had my
Madonna framed. Met Bess on the 3:58. We went to the freshman reception. The sophomore stunts were cute. Roger
came and we all went to the informal in Students to rush him & to Careys for ice-cream.

Sunday, October 1 Warm & clear
This has not seemed much like Sunday and I am starting the month off badly by not going to church. Fuzzy and Roger,
Betsey, Willy, Kellogg, Lizdee, Bessie and I went to the Waffle Shop for breakfast at 8:30. Then Lizdee & I showed
Bess the campus. I think she really has made a big hit and the girls all like her because she is lively & good fun, and she
thinks they are just darling. We had lunch and supper here & went to dark music afterwards. Willy & Fuzzy served tea
to Roger & Wilbur with Dr. Bingham as chaperone. Have enjoyed this day a lot. Fuzzy so darling.

Monday October 2
Bessie left at eight after telling all the girls goodby. In second hour I couldn't get the books for French reading, so a
letter home instead. Miss Peebles makes a very interesting English teacher. I got a short note from Dad and an
unstamped from Miss Sullivan about music lessons, one of which I had this afternoon. Miss Roberts' Bot lectures are so
systematic & orderly in arrangement that they are a pleasure after ... Moulton's. Our curtains are all up and the couch-
cover made. 8th hour I played tennis with [Monnie] Kellogg. Eliz Horseley came over to dinner. We had step singing.

Tuesday-- October 3
Dotty Annes alarm clock woke me up at six o'clock so I studied Math diligently for an hour. In Eng Speech Miss
Heineman(?) made me stand on the platform for half an hour and talk to the class. It was an ordeal. English was about
more of the Irish folklore - I read History 4th hour in the libe. Did nothing afternoon after 6th hour but walk for mail in
vain, come back to 116, read the Sun paper which has just arrived & sew on my bedroom curtains. Read Tristan & I
sent for French. Cot Victrola table etc have come.

Wednesday October 4
My morning classes went very well, especially as I only had Bot. lecture & French. I don't think I've made a single
remark in French yet. Spent 2nd & 3rd hours studying French & Hist in the Library. I rec'd a nice long letter from
Granny and a short one from Margaret Musser. Lizdee had Betty Curry a Freshman who is in my Hist over to lunch. I
finally got my serge dress from Mrs Dayo, and it looks very nice. She put little rosettes to cover the acid holes. The 2
K's, 3 Margarets, Betsey, Uppie Turney, Lizdee, D. Anne, Eleanor & myself had supper on top of Sunset, hot dogs 'n
everything. We had a group meeting in [K Austin's room].

Thursday- October 5 Warm
My morning was very full, including a music lesson. My allowance came a note from Eliz. Horsely. In Romance we
had to write, comparing the old and new versions of Deirdre. At one, Betsey & I searched for our bicycles at the
Exchange, but had no luck. We had an hour's lecture in botany, then went for a field trip, around Vassar lake - the
subject being coloration of plants. Kay & I were in Miss Shaw's I bought an account book in the store today, and am
going to try to keep it faithfully. Have done almost no studying - read some more of "Col Wm Byrd". Meeting at 9:30
to discuss [Stunt] party for the freshmen.

Friday October 6
Fuzzy and Betsey have gone to N.Y. for the week-end. They are going on the [Maryland] for tea tomorrow. In Botany
we had to test the coloration of plants. I didn't finish my experiment. Read History in the Libe 3rd & 4th - Also after
chapel, read about the early church and Yeats On Baile's Strand until 9:30. After practicing 6th hour, I bought some
fruit & came home. Read some Tristan et Iseult, played the Vic and sewed on my bedroom curtains. I forgot to go to
supper with Eleanor. The Wests were over here with Jimmy. She went to Lincoln center this P.M. Jimmy, Kay, M.
Kellogg & I played Bridge a while.

Saturday, October 7 Rainy & cool
Today has been an improvement over my Saturdays of the last year, because I spent most of the day studying my
lessons for next week. Was not able to find much material for the topic on Position of Women in Ancient Ireland. Read
a lot of French. Having to practice at 8:30 gets me up at a reasonable hour. After lunch I hemmed my curtains & began
sewing on the ric-rac braid. Lizdee and I had supper with Eleanor in Davison. I paid Carol Moore $5.00 for the
Endowment Fund. I stayed up till nearly twelve doing [Analyt] for Monday. Will try to reform. No mail-

Sunday, October 8 Cloudy-
I just did get dressed in time for breakfast. Wrote to Mary Gregory, & Mrs Ruffin, and tonight after dark music, to
Granny and Aunt Mildred. We had a a good clear speaker in chapel, but did not care especially for his subject, which
was more History than anything else. After dinner we had coffee in the parlor. Jimmy, Kay, Lizdee, M Kellogg & I
went for a long walk - three hours in all - out by the covered bridge & through the country to the red mill & back the
state road. Got caught in a shower. We explored an old house that no lives in. It was all lovely.

Monday. October 9
After Math was over, I went to Main & found a letter from Mamma, one from Charlotte & an unstamped from E.
Horseley to say she couldn't have me over to supper. The other lessons went about as usual. I find all of them very
interesting this year. Had a music lesson 7th hour, and did very badly. Am just beginning to play chords. 8th hour
there was a class meeting to discuss Faculty Member, Asst song leader, Sophomore party & other matters of
importance. There was step singling. Studied English in the Libe and then sat up very late doing my topic.

Tuesday October 10 Rainy-
This morning I got a nice letter from George, whom I haven't written to for an age, and one from Cat. this P.M. There
was a letter which Granny wrote Bessie about 2 weeks ago. Miss Heineman did not make me stand on the platform in
English sp. for which I was thankful. 4th hour I read Wells Outline - the chapter on Christianity. He looks at it from an
impersonal pt of view. We discussed it in Hist class. After 6th hour, Kay, Betsey Coggeshall, & I went after specimens
of flowers for Botony, finding most of them in the flower [index.] Studied more Hist tonight in the Libe.

Wednesday October 11 Cloudy.
The day has been cloudy but cleared up in the afternoon. Had second & third hour free, during which time I finished the
chap in Wells and wrote a letter home. After sixth hour I went down town, bought a tie, belt and other necessities & left
the picture of the naval Academy Geo gave me to be framed. The Madonna finally came. I had a shampoo & treatment
which me late to supper. After supper, studied at the Library till nine; all about the Irish Dramaatic Society. Brought
back the poem of A.E. The debate with Oxford has been cancelled much to our regret. Practicing for stunt party going

Thursday October 12 Cool & clear
A glorious day, but we did nothing more interesting than taking a good walk - Betsey, Jimmy, Kay and I. My sole piece
of mail all day was a most welcome letter from Granny this morning. I cut French since I was unprepared, and di my
lesson that hour. We are planning to go to Mohonk Saturday. In Bot we learned how to use a microscope, and had a
little field trip for identifying trees. Tonight I haven't been doing any studying; knitted, and discussed plans for a
Hallowe'en party with Lizdee. My Madonna & Annap. picture are both framed.

Friday October 13
Another wonderful day, and decidedly colder. The fires in all the buildings were started and it really feels wintry.
Botany was most interesting; we had to examine algae and mosses under the microscope. Then for two hours in the
Libe I read the lives of St Columba & St Boniface, whom we discussed in History. I practiced for two hours to make up
for being away tomorrow. Read Petit de Juleville at the Libe. Went up to see Fuzzy & Betsey before dinner. Lizdee
had NancyLee Booker over. The New York trio gave a lovely concert with a piece from Tchaikowski [Tchaikovsky].
We gave our Stunt Party to the Freshmen.

Saturday October 14
A perfectly wonderful day at Mohonk. Fuzzy, Betsey, Willy, Jimmy, Kay and I left early took the 8 o'clock ferry, rode
up from New Paltz to the hotel. The weather was cold but gloriously clear until after lunch when it clouded up. We
climbed thru the crevice up to Sky Top even up in the tower. At 1:45 we ate a huge & very delicious lunch. About 3:45
all except Fuzzy & Willy walked down in time for the 6 P.M. trolley to Highland. We went to Careys for cinnamon
toast & cocoa. Roger surprised Fuzzy very much by appearing tonight. The Log arrived & I also got a letter from
Daddy. Granny has bought the Gloucester place.

Sunday October 15
I got up at seven this a.m. and Lizdee and I had a game of tennis before chapel time. I beat. I wore my lengthened &
altered serge & my fur. It is not as cold as was yesterday. Roger & Fuzzy ate dinner with us. Mary & Jarvis gave us
some music in the parlor while we were having coffee. I wrote to Julia and to George, and read some of the Aran
Islands. We had an awfully good salad & supper. After dark music Lizdee & I went to hear Dr Ida Scudder talk on
womens colleges in the Orient. She is a wonderful woman.

Monday, October 16
My little alarm woke me up at five to study Math and French, so consequently I have been yawning all day. My mail
consisted of the T.D, the Log, a dear letter from "Cousin Alice" Bransford, and one from Bessie who is now at Brandon.
I pledged $8.00 for the drive for Christians. Goal is $8,000. Miss Sullivan gave me a short lesson and I finished up the
hour with practice. Our Bot class was our of doors. After step-singing (we have a new song to Mrs Gallaher) and
chapel I went to the Library and reads Symon's play - Tristan and Iseult. Could not get any other books I wanted. To
bed early.

Tuesday. October 17
Last night we had a fire-drill about eleven. I cut Math this morning - thereby missing a no of important explanations. I
spent fourth hour at the Libe. Did not get any mail. In History we discussed the Origin of Laws. After practice I met
Kay and Lizdee & we went for a walk to get Botany specimens of leaves. Went around pine walk. 8th hour I went to
the first of the discussion groups on Internationalism led by Miss Ellery and the Scotch girl. Margaret Van Pelt came
over to dinner. Have been studying in my room.

Wednesday October 18 Cool & windy.
Wonderfully invigorating weather. Lizdee & I got up at 6 and played tennis, and almost froze. After Botany, I went to
the Library and studied French and History for an hour each. Recited in neither class, though. Signed up to go to
Lincoln Center on Tuesday afternoons. Had a letter from Mother. At song-practice we were taught some Basketball &
hockey songs. I practiced for two solid hours, after which I went to the Library and waited for a French book which I
cut chapel to read. Floire and Blancheflor. I still have loads of math to do, but am going to bed early. Very cold out

Thursday, October 19
Another grand day, but cold. I got up at 6 to study Math but even then did not finish the lesson. My music lesson went
very poorly. Should think Miss Sullivan would be dis gusted with me. In Eng class, Miss Beckwith lectured to us on
Folk-lore and read us some tales from Jamaica. In our Botany class we went up the vegetable gardens to examine corn
celery etc. Got out an hour early and i spent all the rest of the afternoon practicing. K had Uppie & Jenney over to
supper. I studied about Mohammed at the Libe. Fuzzy had a fudge party in her room.

Friday. October 20 Cold-clear.
A glorious day for sports of all kinds. Fuzzy and I had a fine game of tennis 3rd hour. She beat me two sets. Then this
afternoon there were two hockey games, the first of the season. 23 beat 24 and 25 and 26 tied after a hard fight, and a
very close one. We just did make a goal before the whistle. We had the usual song practice at one. A no of us here in
North were asked to usher for the Lincoln Center play given by the Bennett School. The Servant in the House. Charles
Rann Kennedy & Edithe Winn [Edith Wynne] Mathison played the leading roles. It is wonderful; it gets hold of you
and keeps your attention the whole time.

Saturday October 21 Clear & cool.
Spent the morning working - practiced a couple of hours and read French at the Libe the rest of the time. After lunch,
Fuzzy went down town to meet Roger, she wore an awfully cute blouse with her suit. After a pretense of study, Lizdee
& I went to the hockey game: We tied the Seniors with a score of 3-3. Then we went rowing on the lake for 3/4 of an
hour & she read History while I rowed. Marg Kellogg Betsey & I went to the informal (a real orchestra) to dance with
Roger. Met a Mr Blake Princeton & Mrs. Penfield. Lizdee & I had tea in her new tea-set. Jimmy & Kay stayed in our
room & we talked till 12.

Sunday October 22 Clear
I very sleepily got up for breakfast, after which we washed the tea things and read the paper till Chapel time. Dr Charles
Brown Dean of the Divinity College at Yale gave us an excellent sermon on service. I wrote home before lunch. While
coffee was being served in the parlor Mid played for us, beautifully. Kay Lizdee & Margaret went for walk, but I had to
collect properties as I promised Jimmy. Met Aimee Mott, she is awfully nice. Carol [Rulofoon] came over looking for
Betsey, so we two went for a bicycle ride together, coming back by the covered bridge. It was lovely. Lizdee & I sat up
till about eleven talking.

Monday. October 23
Studied Math before breakfast only to discover later that I had done too much. "Thats a tragedy!" No mail today except
the paper. V.M.I. defeated W. Va. 14-0. [Saw] of a reception at Westover. After Botany I went over and practiced for
an hour before my music lesson. Carol came over, and Lizdee & I went over to Main to supper with her. She had some
good candy. Then I went alone to the recital by Miss Louise Stallings, soprano. She was very fine and everybody
enjoyed the concert immensely. It was raining hard so we had no chapel tonight. Everybody is working for Soph party.

Tuesday October 24 Clear & cold
No mail today except the Log and my winter coat sent from home. It has been ages since I have heard from them.
English Speech was as boring as usual. I had cuts in History and English to attend lecture. Miss Salmon talked and
showed slides to all Miss Brown's classes about sources for Charlemagne. Studied French 4th hour - Rabelais. Fifth
hour I read History & after practicing for an hour, I borrowed Anne Horneys bike & Betsey Coggeshall and I went for
ride out on the State road, getting back in time for Miss Keys lecture on the English language. Hope French came over
to supper. Studied about Charlemagne at the Libe. I am proctor.

Wednesday October 25 Clear & warmer
Another letter from Bess this AM. makes me very ashamed for not having yet written. Spent 2nd & 3rd hours studying
French and Math respectively in my room. After 6th hour I went down town, had a hair treatment, where I saw Mrs
Smithers; bought Captains Courageous for Bob, left my skirt at the cleaner, ordered nametapes, bought materials for
dolls clothes and other necessities; also stain for my chair. Was late to supper, so Molly Kimball whom I had asked
over had gone back again. After chapel went to the Second Lecture on the Eng Language by Miss Keys. Read about
Marguerite of Navarre at the Libe, then had a proctor meeting.

Thursday. October 26 Clear & cold.
Got up at six o'clock to study Math, which I finished, but not my French. Had four straight classes, all of which went
well except Music. In Romance we have to write a story on Tristan et Iseult for next Thurs. Miss Smith of Physiology
Dep't talked to us in Bot for 1 hour, and we had a cut the next two. I couldn't get a room to practice so made doll clothes
instead. Seventh hour helped Jimmy with properties; had to get 8 yellow teacups & 8 black suitcases. Then K and I
went for short walk before supper. Studied at the Libe tonight. Mamma sent me a letter & a copy of The Pine Needle.

Friday October 27 Cloudy & cool.
Botany Lab was very interesting; we had more microscopic work with leaves & cells. There was no mail for me all day.
Studied Taylor's The Medieval Mind for History 2nd and 4th hours. After 5th hour class I practiced for two hours, came
back thro Main where I met Betsey and bought some cookies, studied at the Libe until it closed. Kay is having Spot up
for the week-end. After chapel we went to the dress rehearsal of Soph party. It is terribly cute. Jimmy, Betsey, Kay
and [D.A] are all in it, and loads of other friends. Pop Hill & Keyes make the cutest men. Kay had a tea party in her
room after 10.

Sat. October 28
Got up for breakfast and practiced an hour and a half over in Music Hall then went to the Library and did some work on
English. Wrote a rough draft of a one-act play giving the last part of Tristan story. Granny sent me a letter from
Mamma & one of Georges. She is now at Paces. I missed lunch; did not leave the Libe till 4. The Freshmen beat 23 at
hockey; we tied 24. Went over to Students about 7:15 to usher in the faculty & guests of 25 in the balcony. The play
went beautifully and the freshmen had on some very cute costumes. Dressed as ads

Sunday. October 29
Did not even wake up till nine o'clock this morning. Betsey, Jimmy Monnie and I took a walk around the lake before
chapel. I went to the Lodge to dinner with Mr Van Pelt and Margaret. He is awfully nice, with a lovely sense of humor.
Spent absolutely the whole afternoon reading "Captains Courageous". Went up to Fuzzy's room for tea about five thirty
she had a tea for a few of the faculty. Went to dark music. Dot Cunningham came in & spent the evening. Lizdee
made some fudge. Wrote home.

Monday. October 30
Got up at six to study Math and also work up Jimmy per request. Sent off Bob's book. Had most of my Math wrong
after all that studying. 2nd hour read the Life of Leonardo da Vinci for French. My practicing today went a little better,
but the lesson was about as usual. My only mail was the paper and the Log which I have not had time to read. Walked
over to the McCreery's Exhibit with Jim K & Lizdee. After chapel went to the lIbrary & read Adams, also studied Eng
Speech & read Matt Arnold's Tristam and Iseult. Lizdee made some cocoa & Jimmy & Kay came in.

Tuesday October 31
Was unprepared in Math this morning, but Miss Wells said I could hand the work in Thursday. Got a short letter from
Dad. After English, I went to the Libe to do History. After 5th hour, I went down to Lincoln Center, my first afternoon
there. Molly Kimball & Maude [Lippey] were there. I had a table with about six little girls & we made little Hallowe'en
baskets and pumpkin heads, & I talked to them. Miss Tabor & Miss French are both lovely women. There is a party
down there tonight. Jimmy & Fuzzy went down. After studying sleepily at the Libe, came back & undressed. D.A. had
a party in her room.

Wed November 1 $2.00 to Blue Ridge
This whole day has been taken up with hard, hard work. Spent my two free hours in the Library studying for a French
test. It was pretty bad, but might have been worse. After history, practiced and then went out walking to hunt for
leaves. Supposed to have spent 4 hours on it. Cut chapel to study. Did all my tomorrows Math & a little of the French.
Also wasted a lot of time. In a group meeting in Betsey Coggeshill's room we discussed affiliation with the YWCA and
the question of smoking. Got the White-Headed Boy out of the Libe.

Thurs November 2
Got up at six o'clock to finish copying my English. Wasn't I glad to hand it in, 3rd hour? Miss Sullivan was really
quite encouraging in Music Lesson; said I'd be playing a no of little pieces from memory by Xmas. My allowance came
today, so I paid the bill at Raymonds and ordered some stationery with the address on it. We went for a 2 hour field trip
in Bot. - the relation of light to plants. A lovely walk. Practiced an hour & a half. It was raining when I came out.
After dinner we all collected for a while in Monnie's room. She is in bed. Betsey had a party with some home food.

Friday November 3 Clear.
In Bot Lab we studied the cross-section of an ivy leaf under the microscope. My mail was only one bill. I studied Hist
and looked at the model of a medieval Manor made by Peggy Van Pelt. After practicing 6th hour, Lizdee & I went
down town to get food. We had tea, nut-bread & cream cheese, and lettuce sandwiches, little cakes, olives and salted
nuts. Our party was a great success. Jimmy & Fuzzy were so cute. Dr Bingham dropped in later for a few minutes.
We had Kay & Jimmy, D.A., Dot, Willy, Monnie, & Fuzzy, Eleanor & Carol R. Dorothy Anne & Kay are going to
New York tomorrow to meet Spot & go to the Follies. Read T. N. Page's Old Gentleman of the black stock.* He died

*The Old Gentleman of the Black Stock by Thomas Nelson Page

Saturday November 4 Cloudy
Got up to breakfast and went over and practiced over an hour. Got no mail whatsoever. Studied French for an hour in
the Libe and spent the rest of the morning reading The Rough Road by William J. Locke. It certainly is one of the most
interesting war stories I've read. I couldn't get it out so have only read about half. Our team was beaten by the Sophs.
Roger & another Ensign (Forsythe) are here this weekend and also Willy's man. I went over to Senior parlor opening
with Dorothy [Fax]. It was lovely & they had good food & music. She has a cunning cat in her room. Lizdee & talked
till quarter past one.

Sunday November 5 Cloudy
I had intended to get up but didn't, so Jimmy brought us some milk. We made cocoa & had sandwiches of bread left
from our party. I went over for Eleanor and we went down to the service for Epis. girls in the Arlington Chapel, held by
Mr Gardner. He gave an awfully good talk about "imperatives". After coffee in the parlor,(Jarvis [Kerr] sang) I spent
most all the afternoon writing home & to Bessie; to M. Musser and Cat tonight. Lizdee & I went for a walk before
supper, & to dark music. Carol has been over a lot lately. Lizdee has asked her for Thanksgiving.

Monday November 6
Did not get up early, but consequently only had half my math done. Got a letter from Dad & one from Mamma, the
Log, an unstamped from Carol asked me to dinner Fri night, and in P.M. a notice that I'm on Props com. for 1st Hall.
[Elineda Ancell] is chairman. Got through French and English without mishap. After Botany practiced an hour and
then had my music lesson. Made elections at Gym - Folk dancing and recreational work. Read until supper - Jimmy's
Goblins, then studied Hist and Eng speech at Libe. Bed about 11:30.

Tuesday November 7
Had the Math test this morning - it really wasn't so bad. The English Speech and English - about as usual. Studied
History & read the paper till lunch time. After History I went down to Lincoln Center in the afternoon. Had my same
table of little girls. They had a good time sewing cards and modelling [sic] with clay. There is one cunning little mite.
Miss French is so nice with them. Got Lizdees glasses mended. Studied French after chapel. Read more of Certain
People and studied Botany. Treated Liz to a devil in the Retreat. Bed late

Wednesday November 8
a funny day. sunny, rainy, cold & mild by turns. An oral quiz in Botany was not bad. Came back to 116 and did
[crouget] for an hour or so; also read some more of Certain People of Importance. Had a letter from Mrs Ruffin. Jimmy
was thrilled over an invitation to the Harvard Yale game. Much to our joy we had a cut in History so I read the
Princesse de Cleves until time to practice, then read the books for French tomorrow. Had an amalgamation meeting;
voted not to affiliate with Y.W. and various other matters. [Burge] Johnson spoke & we discussed smoking a little.
Studied Eng - read the themes on Tristam et Iseult.

Thursday November 9 Clear
Got up at six this morning to do my math but could not get one example. My mail was a letter from Uncle R with a
receipt to be signed and my lamp & a letter from Mary Gregory came this afternoon. In English class E. Wing,
Richards, Austin, Clark, Pisek were chosen to read their Tristam stories and poems. All very good indeed. Had the
Botany written; it was pretty bad but then I hadn't studied it. Practiced all of sixth & most of seventh hours then went
walking with Kay, Jimmy, D.A. Did not go to the concert, but stayed at house, and read, studied a little Hist. Had tea in
Kays room. Fuzzy went to N.Y. today - Prom leave. Betsey going tomorrow.

Friday November 10 Clear.
We began work on a Botany topic in lab. We are to spend all of next week on it. Spent the rest of the morning studying
History. Had a letter from Alice Williams who is at Radcliffe and specializing in science. Dixie Smith sent me a box of
food, biscuits, bacon, jelly and cake. It was awfully nice of her. Carol had her Freshman-Sophomore party at the [Inu] -
14 guests in all. A very grand affair & we had a good time. Then Lizdee, Ray, Da.A. and I went over to dress rehearsal
of Junior Party. It has not much plot but has originality. Scenery wonderful.

Armistice Day
Saturday November 11 Clear.
Painted my wicker chair instead of practicing at the usual time, but did that later. This occupied all my morning. After
lunch I went to the Hockey game; we beat the Seniors, 1 to 0 I studied Math and some French. Had a [bum] lunch &
supper. Jimmy asked us in to a party at nine but the excitement of having a fire in North tower broke that up. It was in
Eunice Harrimans room on the 9th floor. All the Poughkeepsie fire apparatus came out but too late as it was put out by
college employees. I was in the libe when the whistles began to blow. Saw the end of Junior Party.

Monday November 13
Departed from my usual custom and did not get up early to study math. Spent second hour doing two hours work in
English in one. No mail came except the Log. Miss Peebles is going to make us write tomorrow. French about as
usual. Did an hours work in Botany lab, then practiced for an hour and had my music lesson. Went to class meeting
Miss Potts & Prof Fite the two nominees for Sponsor. Hope French left a note on my door asking me over to Lathrop
for dinner, so I went. We serenaded the odd teams who were in the gym. Studied English & Eng Speech at Libe.

Tuesday November 14
I actually had my math done this morning, due to sitting up till twelve last night. Got very sleepy in English speech
class. Was overjoyed at not having to write in English, but discussed Arnold instead. Then came back to North and
studied History In Kay's room. After the class, in which we tried to connect up our English and History, I went down to
Lincoln Center as usual. Today the girls wove bags of raffia, but did not finish them. Spent all the evening studying
French; had tea in the room & asked Jimmy & Kay. Liz & I sat up late talking. Letters from [Guenny] & Catherine.

Wednesday, November 15 Rainy.
Did not go to Botany because we are doing a topic for it this week, so I spent three hours studying French and History.
Found a Book on careers for women in the New B'k room which I should like to read. French class was just on the
subject of what we had read; sat beside Dorothy who was writing a letter to Margaret. No mail except for the Miscelany
[Miscellany]. After practice, I came home & did math for a while then answered Granny's letter. Studied Matthew
Arnolds essay on Sweetness and Light. Went up to Fuzzy's room for a talk before bedtime. She is a sweet girl. Got out
The Admirable Chrighton [Crichton]*.

*The Admirable Crichton is a comic stage play written in 1902 by J. M. Barrie.

Thursday November 16 Cool & clear.
Miss Wells made us all go to the board separately; - fortunately I got an example I could do. No mail whatsoever. Got
on pretty well with my music lesson: Miss Sullivan is very nice and human. English was fairly interesting, but French
less so than usual. Spent two hours in the Botany lab without accomplishing much. Practiced an hour then came home
and slept on Jimmy's bed till nearly dinner time. Betsey Kay and I went down ... Poughkeepsie to hear Josef Hoffmann,
whom we enjoyed very much, though as Betsey said, it was a very soothing concert. I wore Jimmy's coat for lack of my

Friday - November 17 Clear
Another day with no mail. Think I'd better begin writing some letters if I want to get any. We did more work on the
topic in lab today. It is next to impossible to cut those tiny cross sections. Studied History until lunch time. Miss
Brown is going to give us a written the day before the Thanksgiving holiday begins. I practiced so long that I missed
the game our Varsity played with the Philadelphia team - the Esmeraldas. They won. 4 of our class are on the Varsity.
Went to dinner with Kitty England, then met Eleanor & we went to Mr Cohoes talk. He is very good. Elinor Lizdee &
I dressed dolls. Jimmy had tea for us all -.

Saturday. November 18 Clear.
Got up when the rising bell rang, and straightened up some before going over to music hall to practice. Read French for
a couple of hours. Aunt Frances writes that she is going up to Groton again, so I will either stay here Thanksgiving or
accept Lizdee's invitation. After lunch Kay Elinor Goldmark Lizdee & i spent hours dressing our dolls. Mine were
twins in checked gingham. Fuzzys mother and aunt, Mrs Crockett of Glascow are here for the day. Fuzzy had tea in
her room. Roger is up too, for the week-end. After dinner, I went to the Libe to do English but couldn't find the right
books. Finished The Rough Road, talked till pretty late.

Sunday, November 19 Warm & sunny
A warm day, almost like spring. Did not even need a coat with my velvet dress. Got up late, after dressing went in and
studied Botany with Betsey. My first fall from grace. After chapel - speaker Mr Merrill - I started a letter home, and
later wrote a long one to Cat. Marge Graham and K. Lytle came by for me & we called on Miss Wells, who is awfully
sweet and Mlle [Tastevin] who was out. Nancy Cole and Dot Tardy came in to call. They had [Polixeni] to dinner.
Washed my hair & finished The Admirable Crighton.

Monday November 20 Warm
Got up at six o'clock to study. There was a thunder-storm going on when I woke up - such a peculiar time. No mail
except the Log. Cut English & spent 2nd and third hours doing my Botany, also lunch time. Got it all done except the
conclusion. Got 60 on the test we had in it recently. Practiced 6th hour. My little piece that Mozart wrote at 5 - have a
waltz of Schummann for next time. Had my lesson at 8 PM. Prof Conklin of Princeton spoke on Evolution, but I had to
leave in the middle. At Amalgamation meeting they voted to keep the smoking rule. I studied Eng and history; had
Kay, in to tea about ten thirty. To Bed late.

Tuesday November 21 Cool -
Got up at 6:30 to do Math, but did not finish. We are going to have a written Thurs. Got a letter from Peg Musser and
one from Charlotte this afternoon, also the paper. Am getting worried about the family; sent Mamma a special,- short &
to the point. Studied History all fourth hour. Practiced a while 6th hour before going to Lincoln C. The girls worked
again on their little bags. Met Mr. Smithers in front of the Nelson House, and he drove me out in the car. Dorothy Fax
came over to dinner & it was very nice having her. Went to see Stuart Walker's The Book of Job - spectacular but long
drawn out.

Wednesday, November 22 Cold.
After Botany lecture first hour, I read La Princesse de Cleves frantically for fourth hour, only read to p 60. This is
Vassar Day, in town, and the Po keepsie [Poughkeepsie] store are giving us part profits for Endowment Fund. A lot of
girls are acting as clerks. After 6th hour I read Morris Hopes & Fears for Art. Got a letter from Mamma, who had not
received my last. Has been very busy with plastering, etc. After chapel went to Library and spent nearly 2 hours
reading Corneille's Polyeucte. Some quick work! Fuzzy has gone to N.Y. for a dance on the Maryland.

Thursday November 23 Cold
The Math test was not at all hard, for which I was thankful as I had not studied it. I had done a good two hours work in
French and English and recited in both classes. In Botany we had to cut up and make diagrams of ...-berries, apples,
bananas and other fruits. - Made us hungry - Practiced 7th hour, then went to a telephone service demonstration.
Fascinating to know the inside workings of the system. They also gave a Harold Lloyd comedy and another movie. Got
letters from Granny and Mamma, who say that I am to stay here Thanksgiving. Studied History at the Libe. Collected
properties. Lizdee is going to the Army-Navy game! I'm perfectly green!

Friday November 24 Warmer & clear
We had more work on fruits in the Lab this morning I did a grape cherry and pumpkin. Got a card from Mrs Bitter
asking me to tea next Saturday, so have decided to go down Friday afternoon to New York. Have asked Fuzzy and
Jimmy to have lunch with me Sat. Lizdee & Jimmy much excited about their games. Betsey left this afternoon. After
practicing I came home and slept about an hour and a half. Went to Lathrop to dinner with Molly Kimball. She are
[and] Frenchie are so nice. After chapel came home, got undressed and studied in bed.

Saturday November 25 Clear but windy.
Lizdee left at 5:30 this morning for Philadelphia, while I did not get out of bed til nearly nine, & Kay brought me my
breakfast. Helped take the dolls over to Main - practiced and studied French till lunch. Carol came over for that. After
lunch did Math and crouzet till about four, when we dressed and went to the doll exhibit then to the Flag to get the
returns Harvard 10-Yale 3 Army 17-Navy 14. Missed out on dinner because my watch was slow. Kay Fuzzy, D.A.
Monnie and I went to the movied, saw Rudolph Valentino in Blood and Sand. Lizdee got back about ten.

Sunday November 26 Cold & clear
Got up too late to get any breakfast, but D.A. brought us some rolls and milk. Our speaker at chapel was Mr Boyd
Edwards, head of Hill School of Pottstown Pa. He mentioned Mr Russell Bowie in his sermon. After lunch, Helen
Wakelin played for us, beautifully. I wrote home notes to Aunt Frances and Mrs Bitter and letters to Charlotte and Alice
Williams. About four, Kay Da.A. Fuzzy Monnie and I went for a walk. It is very cold, so I didn't go to dark music.
Jimmy, Betsey and Willy arrived here nearly dead, about eleven.

Tuesday, November 28
Woke up to a lovely white world, it looks so Christmassy. In English speech I had to go up to the platform and speak,
or rather read. Four girls were absent from English class. Studied History fourth hour in Kay's room, as we had a
written fifth. It was very general as I thought Miss Brown's would be. Went down to Lincoln center where they cut out
turkeys & made [pens]. Left my dress at the cleaners. After supper went to the Libe to do 13th century. Had letters fro
Va Wms and from Cat.

Wednesday November 29 Clear.
Got up at 7:15, so only had a short time to read my Walsh - 13th century before *:30. Spent 2nd and 3rd hrs reading
French for today. We had an assignment in five different books. I got about half of it done and was called on twice.
Every body is much waved and dressed up. Most went on the specials at 3:50 and 4 for Boston and N.Y. Kay is going
to Spots, Betsey to Monnies. Had my hair waved. [Wag] Laura H. Anne Horney & Bee [Cosmery] are staying. Called
on Miss Potts & went to a party in Margaret Smith's room in Davison.

Thursday November 30 Clear.
Did not get up till nearly eight & had breakfast with Wag, Bea, and Miss Potts. Loafed most of the morning, but
washed some stockings. At twelve we went to a very short Thanksgiving service at the chapel. Then at one there was a
wonderful dinner in Main with all the frills, after which Pres. Nettleton made "a few light and entertaining remarks."
Then Eleanor, Bea, Margaret Smith and I went for a long walk getting back a little before six. Had supper over here,
then had some more food in Bea's room. Went up to Laura's room for a while, then wrote home.

Friday December 1 Warmer
My day began at quarter to six when the alarm clock woke me up. I waked Laura & we took a taxi together for the
7:04. Marie Selden & a Washington girl got on at Garrison. When I got to 31 W12, Roddy was having a violin lesson.
Sarah gave me some breakfast. I looked at Bests for coats, had lunch with Fuzzy & Jimmy at Mary Elizabeths, then
went to see Constance Talmadge in East is West. Jimmy treated to sundaes. Dinner with Uncle R - ... Roddy, Mrs.
Crane & I went to see "Robin Hood" Very good.

Saturday December 2
Was waked by Duggy about eight thirty. Aunt Frances had already gotten back from Groton. We spent all the morning
shopping. I got a lovely canton crepe dress and a navy coat with beaver collar. Bought pocket book for Mamma's
Xmas present. Had lunch with Mrs Crane and her guests & afterwards Mr B... Charlie Leatherby, Mr Pope Harriet
Moor, Beatric Gayle and I went to the Chauve-Souris* at the Century Roof. I loved it all, and [Balieff] not the least.
Then had tea at Mrs Bitter's lovely time. Dinner with Mrs Crane, Mrs Walter Rogers & daughter Elizabeth. Went to
see Gloria Swanson - "The Impossible Mrs Balleu [Balleux]" with Uncle R.

*Russian revue: Nikita Balieff's theatrical company called Chauvre-Souris

Sunday December 3 Rainy
Did not wake up till ten; dressed, had breakfast & went to hear Dr Fosdick at the Presbyterian church. Frances Welch
who spent the night at Aunt Frances' to go to Gillis dance, is a very attractive girl, lives at new Haven. We had a grand
turkey dinner as Aunt F. had been away at Thanksgiving. After dinner we talked until Frances had to leave, then I read
the paper and had tea by myself. Went down and told Mrs Crane good by; had a nice little visit with her. Met Fuzzy
Willy and Jimmy on the six o'clock train. We all had some delicious food up in Betsey's room. Nice to see every body

Monday. December 4
In math class the whistles began to blow, so Miss Wells let us go early; it turned out however to be a false alarm, after
the fire engine had gone over to students and come back. I studied French second hour - we had a short lesson. In
English we discussed the papers we wrote last Tuesday. It seems natural to be back with the girls again but vacation
was very nice. After music I changed for gym, but we just had to sign up today. Betsey Coggeshall came in & read
Masefield aloud while I knitted. She is moving into a single Friday. Read The Mind in the Making for History.

Tuesday December 5 Cool & slushy.
It was all snowy when we woke up this morning; however the snow soon partly melted, leaving everything very slushy.
Got sent to the board in math - still doing parabolas. Did not have to read in Eng Speech. I Actually found a practice
room in music hall 4th hour. My allowance came, a letter from George, and the Log - A card from Granny and Phil
ticket. Stopped in [Lindmarks] & bought Edward Bok for Dad, Service's poems for Cat, Rough-Hewn for one of the
girls & Courage by Barrie. We worked again on the little bags at Lincoln Center. Studied Meaning of Hist Harrison.
Am planning to go to a matinee with Betsey & Ellen two weeks from tomorrow.

Wednesday December 6 Cold
This day has gone very badly because I haven't done nearly all I should have. Spent 2nd and third hours looking up
reports of U.S. dept of Agriculture for next Wednesday's lesson instead of reading Gil Blas, which I did 4th hour instead
of going to class. Did not come back to lunch. nobody knew anything in History. Then I loafed 7th & 8th hours. My
dresses came and the books from Lindmarks - The Misc and a letter from Bessie. This evening I found I should have
gone to gym last night. Worked on properties, making huge books. We ('25) serenaded Miss Potts who is our faculty
member. Very cold today. Eleanor to supper with Lizdee.

Thursday. December 7 Cold.
A very cold day, and the heat was late coming on. My four morning classes went well considering how little I had done
for them. Am a hundred pages behind in Gil Blas. In Botany Lab we did dried fruits, such as milkweed, acorn, bean. It
had begun to snow when we came out. Kay and I went for a walk down to the shoe repairer's & back. I had a letter
from Mamma, enclosing ones from George and Bessie. Was disappointed she did not write. Spent all the evening
making my chart of the Dept of Agriculture for Botany. Betsey C. and I went for a short walk before 10.

Friday -- December 8
The ground is covered with ice from the sleet which makes things very slippery, but the trees are so white and glistening
that we don't mind. In lab we tested for starch fat ... in different fruits. Then I spent a long time adding up accounts, so
did not get much History studied. Miss Brown did not come, so it did not matter. I practiced 2 hours on music, then
walked with Lizdee down to Rev Mr Bird's and to the grocery store. I read Gil Blas the rest of the evening. Some of
the kids went to see "Sonny" down town and they all came in here for toast and tea afterwards. I went up to see Betsey
Coggshall who is in 405. Had a letter from Mamma.

Saturday December 9
Got up at my usual hours. On my way over to Music hall, I signed for a guest ticket for Willie. Practiced two hours
then went over to Students to work on properties. Elmeda sent me down to Arlington for turpentine & adhesive tape so
Kay went with me. I went over to the Mathematics lecture of the Vocational conference by Miss Edith Clarke and to
the one on Public Health by Dr. Emerson. Studied some, & went over to the St Nicholas shop. Bought cards for Jim,
calendar for Kay, necklace for Charlotte & Julia, and some Xmas cards. Fuzzy has [Dana] up. I studied

Sunday, December 10 Cold & clear.
Got up for breakfast this morning, though I was too late to get D.A.'s tray. She has a bad cold. At nine I went down to a
special communion service in the Arlington Chapel held by Mr Wm Gardener. Consequently, I cut chapel and read
Masefield instead. Also read Barrie's address Courage. After lunch, I read the paper, wrote a long letter home and
started one to George. Marion Taylor & J. Wurlitzer gave tea over in Senior Parlor to the Lincoln Center workers.
Very nice. Jimmy Fuzzy & I had an awfully nice time -- took supper with the Wilkinsons in Pokep [Poughkeepsie].
Mary Nettleton was there.

Monday December 11 Cold
Got up at six o'clock to read Gil Blas; got to about page 112 instead of 180. Daddy sent me the Round Robin so I spent
2nd hour reading that. The Log came but nothing else. Miss [Bechles] is giving us a topic due immediately after
vacation. Did not have my chart ready for Botany: thought it was due Wednesday. Had lesson 7th hour after a little
practice. I made Pullman reservations. The Gym eight hour and Properties tonight. We all had 12 o'clock permission.
I went for a while to the violin concert which was very good.

N.C. Brydon
Tuesday December 12 Clear
Was very sleepy this morning so got up after the breakfast bell. Classes went about as usual except that Miss Heineman
picked me to pieces in English Speech. After English I went over to Music Hall and practiced. Miss Brown has
assigned us a History Topic due next Tues. I got Good on the last paper. Lizdee & I went down town and bought things
to fill Xmas stockings for orphans. We then went to Lincoln Center, she as substitute. After dinner, I went over to
Students for [IInd ]Act, then the Class in Recreation and then we had tea in Jimmy's room.

Wednesday December 13
Was late to Botany class because I had to finish the chart after breakfast. Got no mail -- Went over and read French for
an hour - then had an English Speech conference with Miss Heineman-- Did more French before class. Got a B on the
mid-semester exam. After History and Practice, I read life of Maurivaux for French till 5:30. After chapel I finished the
lesson and searched for Books for my History topic. Jimmy had Ellen over to supper- Her aunt has gotten tickets for
the play. Lizdee's father is coming after all.

Thursday December 14 Cold.
When we got up it was beginning to snow, which it continued to do all day - so there is now quite a lot on the ground.
Nothing particular happened in my 4 classes this morning. For Botany, -we went down to Gindia's and spent a couple
of hours in the greenhouses there. Then I walked down town with Betsey C - We went to find [Marks] where I bought
Cowboy songs, [formax] Jimmy and The Days Work for Lizdee. I got a shampoo or rather a treatment. After dinner,
D.A. and I played Bridge against Jimmy and Kay - 7:30 had to be over in Students. Worked on props till ten -

Friday -December 15
Botony for 2 hours after which, getting no mail, I went to the Libe and worked 2 hrs straight on the Daily life of a 13th
century monk. After History and practicing, I've forgotten what I did but probably studied on account of dress rehearsal
for 2 [hrs] tonight. It went very smoothly. I have such a heavy part in Act II - hand out knives, tooth picks and books.
"Romans bring me your noses," says make-up [comm]

Saturday -December 16
Have gotten my ticket and am so excited about going. Helped Fuzzy & Betsey take filled stockings over to Raymond.
Practiced an hour. Had a nice letter from Granny - Went to the Libe & did history for a couple of hours, almost missed
lunch. After lunch went to the Glee-Club concert, which was awfully good. They sang some college songs. Did not go
to the informal. Wore my new dress. Lizdee's father is here for I st hall. It came off splendidly & we had fine seats-
but I'm glad its over. Saved the Birthday of the [Infants].

Sunday. December 17 Sleet & snow.
Got up about seven and did many things between breakfast & chapel / Mr Sheldon preacher) Have broken my rule and
done a lot of studying today - Mostly French and some Botany Wrote no letters, except a short one home. Had a lovely
dinner at the Lodge with Lizdee, Mr Burchstead, Kay and Stef (Lizdee Blissful), Elizabeth Rogers & another girl from
Putnam Hall came over to see me so missed tea. Buns is terribly nice. Lizdee's father took supper with us in the dining-
room. Willy & Monnie have cute men. Snowy --

Monday, December 18
We had to dump everything out of our closets today to clean them. A good way to get trunks packed. Got a letter from
Alice Williams. Paper came & the Log. Read Voltaires tales 2nd hour for French. We had our last class in that. We
had the Botany quiz on reeds and fruits today. About as we expected & thank goodness I had studied for it. Miss
Sullivan gave me a lot of exercises to do over Christmas. Then had gym - Miss English is very nice. Cut Chapel to
study. Did a lot of reading tonight for my topic. Bed very late.

Tuesday, December 19
My last day of hard work. Math went pretty well & English Speech fairly so - I had to read. In English we read some
more of the interesting ballads. - Spent fourth hour finishing up my trunk which finally went off in the afternoon. Did
not get my Hist topic in own [on] time. Miss Brown was very sweet about it. After practicing an hour went for a short
walk to get some Xmas greens. Miss McCaleb's chimney caught fire & Lizdee & I went; not very exciting. The tableau
and carol singing at the Library very beautiful. Lizdee gave a darling Xmas tree party for all of us & Dr Bingham. Up
late studying & packing.

Wednesday December 20 Cold & Clear
On the sleeper: en route to Richmond - thrills!! It was very cold this morning. I had one class in which Miss Roberts
lectured on Xmas decorations. Finished packing, and copied the conclusion to my History topic. Fuzzy and I left
together at the end of 2nd hour; saved seats on the noon special for Willy, Ellen Fay, Betsey & Molly C. The three
latter & I were met in N.Y. by Mrs Lyle and went to see "Loyalties".* Found Mr Sam Harper at the apartment. Aunt
Frances as sweet and pretty as usual. Mrs Shaler Wms & Molly were there. Donald Brodie had dinner with us. he &
Mr Harper were going to the Follies. Went down to see Mrs. Crane. Uncle R took me to the station.

*Loyalties is a 1922 play by John Galsworthy.

Thursday December 21
I got in at 7:10, and Daddy Bob & Nat met me and we drove straight home, after looking for my supposedly lost trunk
check. Spent the morning unpacking & talking. Bessie arrived on the 11:55. Bob came home from school early. I
drove Bess, Mamma, Nat & me in town where we did some shopping. Got Bob an eversharp. Loyalties for Granny,
stockings for Bess. Got home early. We have a [fat] girl Hattie in the kitchen. Invitation to the Pukwana tea. After
supper mamma Bess Dad & I played 500. My trunk came & I sat up late tying up packages.

Friday December 22 Mild.
Bessie and I did not wake up till after eight. We got off to town about 9:30. Got some Christmas cards & went down to
Daddy's office to send them off. Met Uncle Nelson who took me to lunch at the Clover inn & then went around with me
- to the State Library & J.M.H.S. Library in search of "The Castle of Otranto". He sent home a bag of oranges by me &
gave me $5.00 for Xmas. Bob gave me my first lesson in driving the Ford. Charlotte came over; we went down to mail
a package. Community House Xmas tree tonight - we all went - Played 500 - & planned our party.

Saturday December 23
Went in to town in Lizzie with the rest of the family about 9. Spent a couple of hours at the State Library reading The
Castle of Otranto - didn't quite finish it. Bought a Jerusalem cherry for Mamma from Bob, a hanky for Uncle Nel, and a
repeater for George. About 3, Granny Bob & I drove over to the station to meet George, got back & found him here.
[Cleland] drove him down from Washington. Then we took him in town to get a shave & haircut as he went to the
Country Club tonight. Have been busy sending off last minute cards & packages.

Sunday December 24 Warm.
Bessie & I were late to breakfast as usual. After it, we cleaned up, [manicured nails] etc until time to dress for church.
Daddy preached. Charlotte came home for dinner & we had a nice time. We three went with Momma & Bob out to see
Va. Williams. She is so sweet & pretty. At half past four there was a children's service at St [Thom's] to which we all
went. Harrison made a fine [santa] - most as good as his father. At seven the Young Peoples Asso. met up at the
community house & we went around singing Christmas carols - Charlotte lead. Got invited into the Rylands &
Masseys. Had lots of fun.

Monday December 25 Very mild
Bessie and I were waked up by fire-crackers about eight thirty so we dressed and opened our stockings which contains
loads of nice things. Momma & Daddy were driven by Bob out to Highland Springs: the rest of us went to St Thomas' -
Geo with Cleland, who brought us home afterwards. After going round to pay cousin Clara a short visit we had turkey
dinner about 3:30. Bessie, Charolotte & I went for a walk ending up at Mrs Ryland's where we played Bridge, danced
etc with Hobart, [Braddie] & Ron. We had supper there - (Geo) Bob & Claude Rowland brought us home and we
danced some more. Hobart is awfully nice, also Claude.

Tuesday December 26 Warm & clear
The weather doesn't seem at all like Xmas. After a late breakfast I went up to the community House to practice for an
hour. Have begun reading "A woman named Smith". Julia W. can't come out to spend the night, but we are going to
ask a few girls & boys for Thursday night. Bob drove Virginia & me into the Camp Reunion at Miss Crenshaw's at
4:30. Saw Clack & Louise [Taliaferro], Butts, ..., Mary Reed Sudie & otherd - it was awfully nice. This evening
Granny Bob, Burwell, Bessie & I went in to the Academy to see ["Alias Mrs Pepp"] which is terribly funny.


Molly Kimball
Frances Vance
Alice Williams
Margaret Van pelt
Betsey Coggeshall
Elizabeth Horsley.
Teddy & Jean

Write to Mrs Schumacher
3978 Seminary
" Ryland Write
send money to Mrs Ruggin
[Ark] B Coggeshall about
cards for charlotte
Note to Uncle Nelson

Card to Miss Welch, Miss Bradford
Mrs Beverley etc
Write Mlle de Carron
7 Elk St Albany
c/o Major Reed.
Florence Hankins / Prism

Miss Susie
Aunt Evelyn
Nilda & Ellen ...


Social Service - Feb 11
Child welfare
Family "
Public Health
The School
Medical or Hospital Social W'k.
Leisure time activities
Girl Scouts
Campfire girls
Playground supervisor
Nutrition work
Ability to get on with people
Health; tact; humor
Love for people & human nature
Training (N.Y. School of Social Work)
Am Association of Social Workers

Physical Education - Mrs. Luther Gulick
Life of Dr Gulick.
This work offers opportunities for service.
Good salaries for teaching it.
Playground Asso.
Girl Scout - Leaders
Camp-fire - Paid executives
summer Camp - Need training in some special field -- swimming, dramatics, story telling, dancing or knowledge of
games & sp'ts
Child Health Organization
cho-cho the clown
Personal health important
be as well as possible.
Must be leaders & confident of success & have health & vitality.


Sunday, Feb 19, - McAfee
Said that we take too much for granted what others may be dreaming about hopelessly.
Sunday Evening - 7:30-11:30
Points of Discussion
Amy Lowell - Marg. Kellogg & Betsey
Suicides - all
Roman Catholic Christian Scientist
Spiritualism & other religions - all.
Labor & Immigration
Mt Washington & Camping. Lizdee & me
Falling in love. Jim, Bets, Liz & Me

Phil 4;6,8 1st John4;18


Books I want to read
Strachey's Queen Victoria
Dorothy Canfield - The Brimming Cup
Wells - Outline of History
Barrie _ Sentimental Tommy
Quality Street [crossed out]
Kiss for Cinderella [crossed out]
Admirable Crighton
et autres.
The Patrician
Rupert Brooks
Shaw - Back to Methuselah [corssed out]
Amy Lowell - Legends
Six French poets
Men Women & Ghosts
Pater - The Renaissance Mona Lisa
Meredith - The Egoist
G.K. Chesterton - Paganism & Mr Lowes Dickinson


Stevenson's A nights Lodging [Villon]
Justin McCarthy If I were King
Rossetti's Poems & Translations
Dante's Nuova vita
Americanization of Edward Bok
Albert Payson Terhune - Dog stories
The Teaching of Christ - Morgan
Henry Van Dyke
George W. Cable
One Man in His Time - Glascow
(The Idol of Paris - Sarah Bernhardt)
The White Hills in Poetry Houghton-Mifflin Co Monograph
Amateur Photography
Tennis by Molla Mallory
Kipling, Stevenson.
Yeats, Synge, Lady Gregory
Rostand, Princesse Lointaine


The Glad Ascent (Up the Ammonusuc [Ammonoosuc] trail)
The Start
Shadow and light;
Flower-Tangl'd nook;
Shimmering gleam of the quick-running brook;
Half-way up
Queer stunted firs,
Twisted and bent,
Striving to gain the forbidden ascent,
Wind blowing strong;
Clouds sailing high;
Radiant, radiant, sweep of the sky!

---Margaret Engelhard, in The Sampler for March


July 29, 1922
Birthday presents on my 18th Birthday
Lamp with shade Mamma & Daddy
Princess slip & three dollars Granny
Green silk petticoat Aunt Mildred
White crepe skirt & sweater Aunt Frances
Box of chocolates Mr C.R. (')
Handkerchief Eleanor
Five dollars Uncle Nelson
Cuff pins Jimmy
Card Betsey
Cuff pins Kay
Candy box Fuzzy
Jewelry box Lizdee

Vogue patter no6403 [drawing]

Endowment Fund Money
Centerpiece for Aunt E.
" " her library table
Bureau scarfs crocheting for underclothes, guest towels for Christmas gifts.
Miss Katharine Phillips
Rocky Mount, N.C.

Miss Mary Jordon
West Ave, Richmond, Va.
Miss Mary Gregory
Durham, N.C.
Helen Ruggin, Kerah Cole, Marx Betrand.
Mr Bland Roberts - Aberdeen Scotland.


1. We'll read that book we'll sing that song.
But when? O, when the days are long;
When thought are free, and voices clear -
Some happy time within the year.
The days troop by with voiceless tread,
The song unsung, the book unread.

We'll see that friend and make him feel
The weight of friendship, true as steel;
Some flower of sympathy bestow.
but time seeps on with steady flow
Until with quick reproachful tear
We lay our flowers upon his bier.

And still we walk the desert sands,
And still with trifles fill our hands;
While ever, just beyond our readh,
a fairer purpose shows to each.
The deeds we have not done, but willed,
Remain to haunt us -- unfulfilled.


The roses nowhere bloom so white as in Virginia
The sunshine nowhere shines so bright as in Virginia
The birds sing nowhere quite so sweet
And nowhere hearts so lightly beat
For Heaven and Earth both seem to meet
Down in, Virginia.

The days are never quite so long as in Virginia
Nor quite as filled with happy song as in Virginia
And when my time has come to die,
Just take me back & let me lie
Close where the James goes rolling by
Down in Virginia

There is nowhere a land so fair as in Virginia:
So full of song, so free of care as in Virginia:
And I believe that happy land
The Lord's prepared for mortal man
Is built exactly on the plan
Of old Virginia.


"I felt like a thirsty soul that has found a bubbling spring coming out cool from its hidden caverns on the hot hillside."
Benson, From a College Window

Christmas Presents
Mamma & Daddy - Blue Kimono
Granny - "Barrack-Room Ballads"
George - Handkerchiefs & A Woman Named Smith
Bob - Tea Ball
Nat - Toothbrush holder
Bessie - Tiny sewing kit
Charlotte - Shoe trees
Catherine - Conquest of Canaan
Dixie Smith - Shoe trees
Jimmy - Address-book
Aunt F & Uncle R $5.00
Uncle Nelson $5.00
Aunt Evelyn A girls Bk of Prayer
Aunt Lucy - 2 handkerchiefs
Mary Page - 1 "
Aunt Margaret - Basket
Mrs Crane - Chinese cuff links
Aunt Mildred - Tea-table cover
Mrs Ruffin - Wall plaque


Christmas List
x Daddy - Book Edward Bok 3.00
x Mamma - Pocketbook 2.95
Granny - Loyalties
Aunt Evelyn - guest towels & bureau scarf [crossed out]
Bessie; stockings 1.00
x Fuzzy - Roughhewn 2.00
x Jimmy 2.75 Lomax Cowboy songs
x Betsey Vassar cards 1.00
x Kay Calendar $1.00
or Vassar pack of cards [crossed out]
x Lizdee $1.90 Reading Days ...
Silk stockings with clocks
M Kellogg Vassar pennant or stationary
x Julia - Neck-ribbons .65
x Charlotte - " " 85
Virginia - Beads for 85
Mrs Ruffin - card
Miss Susie - card
Uncle Nelson - handkerchief
x Aunts F & M. - Pictures of Campus $4.00
Mary Page - hanky
x Cat Rhymes of a Rolling Stone 1.50


Travelling hat and shoes [crossed out]
Silk drawers and camisole [crossed out] - Shirts
alarm clock
spoons, glass, knife & cake plate
Vase - Book-ends, [crossed out] books, Lucky Boy Rug
Subscription to Sunday T.D.
Bedroom slippers
Lanolin, [crossed out], Angelus mentholatum [crossed out] Adhesive Tape
with hazel & iodine, absorbent cotton, ...
[longine] ribbon

... ... ...
Miss Ellory (Mrs Oliver)
" Textor ( Mr Dave harper)
Mrs Child, Aunt Evelyn, Elizabeth Boggs


Fortune - told by tea-leaves by Jimmy [Ralls] - Jan. 29, '22

Sometime before summer you are going to meet a tall dark man, very good-looking, name begins with B. When you
meet there will be 3 women around him - one short with bobbed hair, another fat. You will see him again in the
summer and he likes you very much. You go canoeing (perhaps with him) on a moonlight night and lose the paddle.
You will get two new hats this summer and some beads which go with one of them and which you are fond of wearing
with it. You


will make two very good friends, girls, some time during the summer. There is a package for you, of a very peculiar
shape. You will get your wish for the most part, not entirely. (20 go to Blue Ridge)

Xmas 1922
Jimmy c/o Mrs. A. R. Kingsmilll
282 St. George St.,
Toronto, Ont. Canada
Betsey with Kay - in Pontiac
Fuzzy at home -

Desk 469 Main A.P.B. $7
" 235 " E.L.B.
Box 481 Main A P B $1.50