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[Frances Todd Patterson 1888
Concerning "Young Mrs. Winthrop" and the "[Qui?] Vive" and "[...e]" spelling match to her brother George W. Patterson]

April 8th - '88

Mon chérie..

You don't deserve a letter - and you probably don't want one - but I feel that it will give me great pleasure to bore you for half an hour or so - apology amply sufficient, perhaps ?

I'm in the next hall play with both feet - on the committee and in the play too. The chairman's away and I am at present acting in her place - that has an elegant sound, but it only means that I'm copying parts till I'm black in the face - Our play is "Young Mrs. Winthrop" and we had a jolly time getting it. After the cast was all made out, I hope you know that Miss Goods ell decided that the play was immoral and refused to let us have it - Well, perhaps I didn't tear my hair!- The entertainment is to be given a week from next Saturday and there was no time left to get a new play - That was the time the youngest hope (?) of the family rose to the occasion - She went to Abby and asked permission to rewrite the play and leave out all wicked parts - and we got it - Isn't that grand? I'm "Mrs. Dick". You remember the part, don't you? It's dead loads of fun, but I know I won't do it decently-

Paddy, you've no idea what an ordeal I went through last night - "Qui Vive" (88's society) entertained "T & M" (89) and the program was kept secret till we got to the hall - Imagine your sister's feelings when the President announced that we were to have a spelling match!!' 'Pon my soul, there are places where I draw the line and that is one of them. Well, the door was shut and there was no escape - so I stood up in line - and, my dear, I didn't go down until the third round.' Aren't you proud of me? I flunked on "efficacious" (I've looked the word up and know how to spell it now) - "Gert" ^Pocock, says she's ashamed of me - ashamed when I spelled two whole words right! But then she's a swell - She was third out of about seventy girls - There were still five 88 girls up when the last 89er fell - 88 to the front.' - not to mention parlor 77!

I wish to tell you the large joke - some poor idiot sent "Gert" some flowers to day - sent them anonymously - Of course she would not wear them, so I've been doing it for her - I reckon there's one pretty much disgusted girl in this college - Think how pleased she must be to see me with her love-offering!- serves her right though for being so silly -

You must write and tell me how "Bosting" is - Oh de-yer!


[Note: The flowers had been sent by John D. Patterson, cousin of Frances who married Gertrude Pocock a year later]

[Letter from Frances Todd Patterson, '88, to her brother, George W. Patterson.]