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Clark, Frances Underhill

Guide to the Frances Underhill Clark Papers, 1890-1937 (bulk 1922-1937)

Collection Title
Frances Underhill Clark Papers
The bulk of these papers are letters to Clark from conscientious objectors and political prisoners sentenced under the Espionage Act and other legislation enacted during World War I, discussing their lives in prison, their philosophy on war and militarism, political issues, their legal cases, their families, lumberjack experiences, reaction to prison life, and current issues outside prison, 1922-1937. Some of the prisoners were Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) members arrested after labor disturbances in Centralia, Washington. Included are six letters from Ray Becker, 1922-1927, and 41 letters from Warren K. Billings, 1924-1937. Other items include pamphlets, poetry, clippings, and photographs as well as three notebooks from her time at Vassar, 1890-1891.
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