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Lutz, Alma

Guide to the Alma Lutz Collection of English and American Women
Authors, 1801-1876

Collection Title
Alma Lutz Collection of English and
American Women Authors
A collection of handwritten letters,
formal notes, autographs, poetry, short writings, and lithograph portraits of
prominent nineteenth-century women authors, including Maria Edgeworth, Caroline L.
Herschel, Hannah More, Lydia Huntley Sigourney, and Lady Emmeline Stuart

Guide to the Alma Lutz Papers, 1906-1973

Collection Title
Alma Lutz Papers
Correspondence, clippings, notes,
speeches, interviews, photographs, manuscript and published versions of her
writings, other publications, bibliographies, and copies of historic documents
pertaining to materials on women's history. There are also family letters and
photographs, biographical materials, and miscellaneous items relating to Vassar

Guide to the National Woman's Party Pamphlet Collection, approximately 1923-1946

Collection Title
National Woman's Party Pamphlet Collection
Pamphlets, flyers, congressional reports, clippings issued or collected by the National Woman's Party.

Lutz, Alma, n.d.

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This album covers the years 1908-1912, and contains photographs of events such as hall plays, Commencement, the Daisy Chain tradition, and various classes. It also depicts college life in residence halls, parlors, classrooms, and outdoor activities.

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