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Guide to the Benét Family Papers, 1862-1970

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Collection Summary

Repository: Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries
Creator: Benét Family
Title: Benét Family Papers
Dates: 1812-1970
Quantity: 32 boxes (21 cubic feet)
Abstract: Correspondence, manuscripts, clippings, journals, business and legal documents and photographic prints relating the Benét Family’s personal, professional, and creative activity. A significant volume of the collection contains correspondence between family members, including letters to and from Stephen Vincent Benét and William Rose Benét. The collection includes manuscript drafts by Laura Benét, as well as some ephemera and printed material collected by the family.

Historical Note

Laura, William Rose, and Stephen Vincent Benét were the children of James Walker Benét and Frances Neill Rose. James Walker Benét was a colonel in the U.S. Army, following in the footsteps of his father, the first Stephen Vincent Benét, a brigadier general. Both father and son managed ordnance, and because of this, Laura, William and Stephen spent much of their early childhood living at a series of arsenals: Fort Hamilton on the shores of the New York Harbor, the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts, the Frankfort Arsenal near Philadelphia, the Watervliet Arsenal near Albany, and finally the Benicia Arsenal in California. They also spent periods with Colonel Benét's grandparents in Washington, D.C., and lived for several years in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and Buffalo, New York.

It was while the family was at the Watervliet Arsenal, that the boys were sent to Albany Academy (then a military school), and Laura attended the Emma Willard School in Troy. Laura went to Vassar College to continue her education, and William went to Yale. Stephen, who was much younger, attended Hitchcock Academy in California while his father was stationed in Benicia, then followed his brother to Yale.

Laura Benét employed herself as a social worker, newspaper editor, poet and author. She worked as a settlement worker at the Spring Street Settlement in New York City, 1915-1917; as a placement worker at the Children's Aid Society, New York City; a sanitary inspector for the American Red Cross, Augusta, Georgia, 1917-1919; a secretary and assistant book page editor at the New York Evening Post; an editor at the New York Sun; as a book review editor's assistant and book review substitute at the New York Times; and as a free-lance writer from 1930 until her death. She received and award from the National Poetry Center in 1936, and an honorary degree from Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 1967.

William Rose Benét was an author and poet as well. He wrote for Century Magazine, the Saturday Review of Literature, and published several books of poems, and one novel. He was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer Prize for The Dust Which is God, an autobiographical verse narrative. He was married four times. He had three children with Teresa Thompson (sister to the novelist Kathleen Thompson Norris), who died during the influenza pandemic in 1919, just seven years after they were married. He had another child with the poet Elinor Wylie. They were married from 1923 until her death in 1928. His third marriage was to Lora Baxter (1932-1937), and his last marriage was to Marjorie Flack, an author and illustrator of children's books. Their marriage lasted from 1941 to his death in 1950.

Stephen Vincent Benét was also an author and poet. He too won a Pulitzer Prize, in 1929, for one of his most noted poems, "John Brown's Body". He may be best known, however, for his short story, "The Devil and Daniel Webster". Stephen married Rosemary Carr, a reporter in Paris for the Chicago Tribune, in 1921, and had three children. He had severe cases of scarlet fever and typhoid as a child, and suffered from arthritis as an adult; he died in 1943 of a heart attack at the age of 44.


Family Nicknames

1827-1895 Stephen Vincent Benét — Grandpapa
1831-1916 Mary Lee Rose — Ammah
1833-1900 Laura Amanda Walker Benét — Grandmama, Lolly
1857-1928 James Walker Benét — Jack
1860-1940 Frances Neill Rose Benét — Fan, Fanny
1863-1948 Laurence Vincent Benét — Uncle Larry
1881-1911 Teresa Thompson Benét — Tee
1884-1979 Laura Benét — Tissy
1886-1950 William Rose Benét — Willie
1898-1943 Stephen Vincent Benét — Tibbie

Scope and Content Note

The collection includes extensive family correspondence, including letters to and from Laura Benét’s brothers Stephen Vincent and William Rose. Correspondence of note includes a letter to Laura Benét from Edna St. Vincent Millay, letters from Rachel Field and Lola Ridge, and two letters from Robert Frost, to William Rose Benét. Eight folders contain correspondence from novelist Kathleen Thompson Norris to her sister Teresa Thompson Benét, wife of William Rose Benét. Some correspondence to Laura Benét includes editorial commentary from Stephen Vincent Benét (SEE manuscripts: All for a Silver Shoe, and Inheritors of the Earth).

A significant volume of the collection’s correspondence is from Laura to her mother Frances Rose Benét and father, Colonel James Walker Benét, written during her years at Vassar (1904 – 1907). Many of the letters note the name of the dormitory in which she lived at the time of writing. Letters in the collection include extensive correspondence between Laura and her mother, Frances Rose, as well as correspondence between Frances Rose and her mother Mary Lee Rose.

Photographic prints include a scrapbook (1907) of Benicia Arsenal (California), home of Frances and James Walker Benét during the years Laura completed studies at Vassar, and a small collection of photographic prints taken at Slabsides, the New York residence of American naturalist and nature essayist, John Burroughs.

Three cubic feet contain manuscript drafts by Laura Benét, one of which holds primarily fragments of writings, partial drafts and notations.



The collection is intellectually arranged roughly by family generation. Top


This collection is open for research according to the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Library without any additional restrictions.

Restrictions on Use

Permission to quote (publish) from unpublished or previously published material must be obtained as described in the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Library.

  • A small collection of books owned by Laura Benét was removed from the papers and added to Vassar's rare book collection.

Subject Headings


  • Barker, Elsa, 1869-1954
  • Benét, Frances Neill Rose, 1860-1940
  • Benét, James Walker, 1857-1928
  • Benét, James, 1914-
  • Benét, Laura
  • Benét, Laurence Vincent, 1863-1948
  • Benét, S. V. (Stephen Vincent), 1827-1895
  • Benét, Stephen Vincent, 1898-1943
  • Benét, William Rose, 1886-1950
  • Burroughs, John, 1837-1921
  • Field, Rachel, 1894-1942
  • Frost, Robert, 1874-1963
  • Goethals, George W. (George Washington), 1858-1928
  • Millay, Edna St. Vincent, 1892-1950
  • Norris, Kathleen Thompson, 1880-1966
  • Ridge, Lola, 1873-1941
  • Taylor, Prentiss, 1907-1991


  • Vassar College--Students
  • Yale University


  • Authors, American--20th century--Family relationships
  • Arsenals--United States--History
  • Poets, American


  • Benicia (Calif.)

Document Types:

  • Clippings
  • Diaries
  • Journals
  • Manuscripts
  • Photographs

VCL Categories

  • Family
  • Literature and Writing
  • Vassar College

Encoding Information

Encoded by Laura Streett, April 2016.


Preferred Citation

Benét Family Papers, Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries.

Processing Information

Processed by Janine St. Germain, 2015.

Acquisition Information

First accession was donated by Patricia and Donald Kennelly in 1991. There was another accession from the Kennellys in 2008.


Series List

Series I. Laura Benét

Financial and Legal Material
Manuscripts of other Writers

Series II. William Rose Benét

Correspondence to and from Teresa Thompson Benét

Series III. Stephen Vincent Benét


Series IV. Parents of Laura, William, and Stephen

James Walker Benét
Frances Neill Rose Benét

Series V. Grandparents of Laura, William, and Stephen

Stephen Vincent Benét, Sr., Laura Walker Benét, and (Great Uncle) Laurence Benét

Series VI. Children of William and Stephen

Wiliam Rose and Teresa Thompson Benét's Children: Frances Rosemary Benét, James Walker Benét, Jr., and Kathleen Anne Benét
Stephen Vincent and Rosemary Carr Benét's Children: Stephanie and Thomas Benét

Series VII. Miscellaneous Benét Family Material

Unidentified and miscellaneous family items

Series VIII. Photographic Prints

Portraits and snapshots of people, images of family homes, and some unidentified landscapes

Container List


3.5 Arnold, Adelaide, 1928-1968
3.6 Bacon, Leonard, 1926-1966
3.7 Council for Democracy, 1942
3.9 Davies, Caro, includes poem “Red Moon”, 1967-1969
3.10 Davies, Mary Carolyn, no date
3.8 Fechet, d’Alary, 1933
3.11 Feeney, Leonard, 1940
3.12 Field, Rachel, 1932-1940
3.13 Gousenberg, Abraham, November, 1942
3.14 Johnson, Edith Warner, 1959
3.15 Johnson, Edith Warner, including poems and notations, no date
3.16 Lowell, Amy, January, 1916
3.17 Millay, Edna St. Vincent, includes verse of “The Splendor of Man”, no date
3.18 Miller, Ben, 1928-1933
3.19 Moffat, Marjorie, 1943
3.20 Pike, Violet, 1906
3.21 Ridge, Lola, 1928-1940
3.22 Taylor, Prentiss, 1933-1934
3.23 Widdemer, Margaret, April, 1932
4.1 Condolence letters, 1943
4.2 Christmas cards, notecards, 1930s–1950s
4.3-4.14 General, no date
4.15 General, 1892-1899
4.16-4.20 General, 1904-1909
4.21 General, 1911-1919
4.22-4.23 General, 1920-1929
4.24-4.28 General, 1930-1939
4.29-4.35 General, 1940-1949
4.36 General, 1950-1959
4.37-4.39 General, 1961-1969
Correspondence - Incoming, from family members
5.1-5.24 from Benét, Frances, Rose, 1900s-1935
5.25 from Benét, Laura Walker, 1893-1899
20.19 from Benét, Laurence, 1892-1945
5.26 from Benét, William Rose, 1873-1904
5.27 from Rose, Mary Lee, 1896-1906
5.28 from Rose, William J., 1893
5.29 from miscellaneous nephews, nieces, in-laws, 1929-1961
5.30-5.35, 18.11 from Benét, James Walker, 1892-1907
Correspondence - Outgoing
6.1-6.36 to Benét, Frances Rose, 1893-1935
7.1-7.7 to Benét, James Walker, 1893-1927
7.8-7.17 to Rose, Mary Lee, 1892-1916
7.18 to Benét, Stephen Vincent, 1906-1919
7.19 to Benét, William Rose, 1904-1919
7.20 to Rose, Agnes M., 1904-1917
7.21 to misc. family members, 1905-1936
Financial and Legal Material
1.1 Basket For A Fair, The Poetry Review, 1935 May
1.2 – 1.3 Correspondence, World Center of Women’s Archives, Poetry Society of America, The Author’s Guild, 1895-1943
1.4-1.5 Correspondence, Doubleday, Doran & Co., 1929-1937
1.6 New York Times, book review invoices, 1930
3.1 Association for Arts in Childhood, Schroeder Foundation, women’s War Work Abroad, 1918-1944
3.2-3.3 Doubleday, Doran & Co., copyright titles, 1934
3.4 Publishers correspondence, miscellany 1920-1962
7.22 Anonymous journal (damaged)
7.23 Anonymous journal, 1887
7.24 Day books, 1929 - 1930
7.25 Journal, 1889-1901
7.26 Journal, 1924
7.27 Journal, writing drafts, “A Cat in Distress”, 1933
7.28 Latin notes, no date
7.29 “My Literary Log,” books read by James Walker and Frances Rose Benét, no date
7.30 Research notes, Emily Dickinson, no date
7.31 Research notes, Shakespeare, Leland Opera House
7.32 Shopping lists,
1.7-1.10 Calendars, journals, 1923-1965
Box 25 Scrapbook - poetry press clippings, circa 1917
24.1 Scrapbook, 1930
1.24-1.29 Clippings, 1897-1964
2.1-2.4 Clippings, 1896-1970
24.2 Sheet music book - "Duos", no date
26.2 Sheet music book, no date
1.16-1.17 Notes, lists, fragments of writing
1.18 Recipes
1.19 Report card, sample college entrance exams (Smith, Wellesley, Vassar), 1903-1904
1.20 Schoolwork, Calvert School lesson outlines
1.21-1.22 Sketches, drawings, prints (including Prentiss Taylor prints)
3.24 Certificate, air warden, 1942
27.5 St. Paul’s Church, handbill, no date
1.23 Ephemera, includes Academy of American Poets contest winner cards, 1969
1.30-1.41 Programs and pamphlets, 1880-1967
21.16 Programs - Yale, Theodore Roosevelt Memorial, 1936, 1937
1.42 Vassar related - programs, invitations, student association by-laws, 1905-1907
1.43-1.44 Research notecards, world history, papacy, no date
1.11-1.15 Poetry, A - Z
8.1 Ada’s Triumph (MS, TS)
8.2 All for a Silver Shoe, includes letter with critique from Stephen Vincent Benét (TS)
8.3 Always Look in A Coffee (TS)
8.4 Andy’s Heron (TS)
8.5 Animals’ Christmas (MS)
8.6 Aunt Hester’s Bird (TS)
8.7 An Ass and an Angel (TS)
8.8-8.9 Bible Stories (TS)
8.10 The Bird (TS)
8.11 Bless the Beasts (MS)
8.12 The Box a Bee Crept In (TS)
8.13 The Bracelet that Became a Crown (MS)
8.14 Bret Harte in Literature (MS)
8.15 Bullfrog Dentistry (TS)
8.16 Castle Gardens (MS)
8.17 The Cherrywood Cradle (TS)
8.18 Cinnamon Saint (MS)
8.19 The Cloud the Brought Bread (TS)
8.20 Cody’s Boy (MS, TS)
8.21 The Coffee Pot on the Dunes (TS)
8.22 The Comrade (TS, MS)
8.23 Conies on the Rock (TS)
8.24-8.40 Curious Heart (TS, MS)
8.41 Dancing Skunks (TS)
8.42 A Day in the Orchard (TS)
8.43 Daydawn’s Child (TS)
8.44 Desolation; Three People (TS)
8.45 The Diamond (MS)
8.46 Doll Voodoo (TS)
8.47 Dye Your Hair Red (TS)
8.48 Earth’s Inheritance (Fragment, MS)
8.49 Easter Hats (MS, TS)
8.49-8.50 Edgar Allen Poe (MS, TS)
8.51 Editorial on Girls’ Camps (MS)
8.52 Eglina (TS)
8.53 Emerald; The Ruby; Amber (TS)
8.54 Emperor Wilhelm II (MS)
8.55 Engineers Get Gipped (TS)
8.56 Faith is Victory (TS)
8.57 Fanny and Her Four Aunts (MS, TS)
8.58 Fanny Fuddle and the Flight of Time (TS)
8.59 The Fat King (MS)
8.60 Father Gafney (TS)
8.61 Father Gafney’s Toumbstone (MS, TS)
8.62 First Aid to an Eclipse (TS)
8.63-8.66 Florina (TS)
8.67 Florina’s Ready Pen (MS, TS)
8.68 The Foresters (MS, TS)
10.1-10.49 Fragments of writings, including writings of Florina, Flatboat Days, The Dog Boy, Growing Pains, A Faithful Drudge, The Guilded Weathercock, Jenny Lind (MS, TS)
3.26-3.27 Fragments of writings, including Homecoming, Christmas Market (TS, MS)
8.69 Fresh Springs (MS)
8.70 Gilda’s Tower (MS, TS)
8.71 Golden Lass (TS)
8.72 Greatness (TS)
8.73 Guard and Guide (TS)
8.74-8.75 Guardian Harp (TS)
8.76 The Harp (MS)
8.77 The Hat the Virgin Trimmed (MS, TS)
8.88 The Heron (MS)
8.89 The Hidden Valley (TS, MS)
8.90 The Hole that Spelled Canary (TS)
8.91 Un Homme d’Affaires (MS)
8.92-8.93 Horse Sense (TS)
8.94 The Houses at the End of the Ave (MS, TS)
8.95 How Tall We Are (TS)
8.96 Inheritors of the Earth, includes letter with critique from Stephen Vincent Benét (TS)
8.97 The Imp’s Armor (MS, TS)
8.98 In Queen Bess’ Day (TS)
8.99 In the Last Analysis (TS)
8.100-9.4 Jenny Lind (MS, TS)
9.5-9.6 Jenny, Wren, and the Voodoo (TS)
9.7 Kelly’s Girl (MS)
9.8 The King that Was Hid (TS)
9.9 The Lad With the Loaves and Fishes (TS)
9.10 Let the Sea Come (TS)
9.11-9.12 Loch Berries (TS)
9.13 Look in a Coffee Pot (TS)
9.14 Love’s Young Dream (MS, TS)
9.15 Lucky Strike, Sparrow Hawk (TS)
9.16 MacDowell Colony Studio (TS)
9.17 Magnet of Desire (TS)
9.18 Mary and Martha (TS)
9.19 Many a Mickle (MS, TS)
9.20 Marry, Come Up! (TS)
9.21 The Mouse’s Telegram (TS)
9.22 Mr. Dolberg’s Workbox (MS)
9.23 A Monkey and a Grandmother (MS)
9.24 Mountain Oracle (MS)
9.25 Mountain Sheep (TS)
9.26 The Mouse’s Pudding (TS)
9.27 Music and Molasses (TS)
9.28-9.33 Neptune in Virgo (MS, TS)
9.34 Never Did Run Smooth (MS)
9.35 The Nine Springs (TS)
9.36 Old-Fashioned Bouquet (TS)
9.37 Orpha Comfort’s Heart (MS, TS)
9.38 Pepper Profits (TS)
9.39 The Persistent Caller (MS)
9.40-9.41 Phil’s Quarry (MS, TS)
9.42 Phinias Barnum (Fragment, MS, TS)
9.43 Pinkey’s Night Ride (TS)
9.44 Prologue: Memory (TS)
9.45 The Quarry (MS, TS)
9.46 Rag Day (TS)
9.47 The Red Box (TS)
9.48 A Shaker Valentine (TS)
9.49 Shakespeare as Sonneteer (MS)
9.50-9.51 Sapphics (TS)
9.52-9.60 Shelley (MS. TS)
9.61 She Was Great (MS)
9.62 A Ship Set Sail (MS)
9.63 Some Achieve Marriage (MS, TS)
9.64 Spring Again (TS)
9.65 The Stairs (TS)
9.66 Steve’s Dad (TS)
9.67 Steve and the Sawmill (MS)
9.68 The Store that Turned into a Post Office (MS)
9.69 Substance in Shadow (MS, TS)
9.70 The Summons of Father LaBrosse (TS)
9.71 Sunday Dinner (MS)
9.72 Take a Green Apple (TS)
9.73 Talk on Animal Poems (TS)
9.74 Ten Cents (MS)
9.75 That Which Has Wings (MS, TS)
9.76 The Things We Are (Revision, TS)
9.77-9.78 Tip Top’s Hat (MS)
9.79 Toby’s Radio Lunch (MS, TS)
9.80 Tom Tiddler’s Ground (TS)
9.81 The Tree (TS)
9.82 A Turkey’s Thanksgiving (MS)
9.83 The Two Coaches (TS)
9.84 Unemployed Fairies (MS)
9.85 Valentine’s vs. Twins (MS)
9.86 Watch Your Step (TS)
9.87 Watchman Stork (TS)
9.88 Watch Your Step (TS)
9.89 Water, Water (MS)
9.90 The Way of an Eagle (TS)
9.91 A Wedding Cinema (TS)
9.92 What the Animals Saw (MS)
9.93 The Whitetop Fiddlers’ Convention (MS, TS)
9.94-9.95 With This Ring (TS)
9.96 Who Rang that Bill? (MS)
9.97 Wind and Bread (MS)
9.98 The Wooden Box (MS)
9.99-9.101 The Workbox (TS)
9.102 Young Witnesses (MS, TS)
Manuscripts of Other Writers
11.1 Barker, Elsa - Unidentified
11.2 Barker, Elsa - A Special Purpose (TS)
11.3 Barker, Elsa - Cat Comedy (TS)
11.4 Barker, Elsa - Der Kalte Graal (Published Score)
11.5 Barker, Elsa - Do It Softly (TS)
11.6 Barker, Elsa - Facts Relative to…Peary North Pole articles, 1936 (TS)
11.7-11.10 Barker, Elsa - Fragments, notes (MS, TS)
11.11 Barker, Elsa - Hard as Nails (TS)
11.12 Barker, Elsa - In Her Own Way (TS)
11.13 Barker, Elsa - Judy Breaks Through (TS)
11.14 Barker, Elsa - Hymns, 1935 (TS)
11.15 Barker, Elsa - Laughing Lion, circa 1935 (TS)
11.16 Barker, Elsa - Letters from a Living Dead Man (TS)
11.17 Barker, Elsa - Letters from a Living Dead Man, 1917 (published work, Italian ed)
11.18 Barker, Elsa - The Living Dead Man, The Channel 1916
11.19 Barker, Elsa - Love and the God of Death (TS)
11.20-11.23 Barker, Elsa - Moon Above the Mountains (Draft Fragment, TS)
11.24 Barker, Elsa - My Search for God, 1940 (TS)
11.25 Barker, Elsa - Notes for unidentified work
11.26 Barker, Elsa - The Old Place (TS)
11.27 Barker, Elsa - Peary (Draft Fragment, TS)
11.28 Barker, Elsa - Poems (TS)
11.29 Barker, Elsa - The Scab (TS)
11.30 Barker, Elsa - The Secret Companions (TS)
11.31 Barker, Elsa - This Book (TS)
11.32 Barker, Elsa - Wayna (TS)
11.33 Barker, Elsa - Virginia (TS)
11.34 Barker, Elsa - Barker, Elsa – Reviews of Works (TS)
11.35 Barker, Elsa - Barker, Elsa – TS submitted to Treasury Department (TS)
11.36-11.40 Barker, Elsa - Fragments, including The Secret Companions, Virginia, The Dragon’s Left Eye, The Alligator Puzzle (TS)
11.41-11.50 Barker, Elsa - Poems, misc. (TS)
11.51-11.58 Barker, Elsa - Unidentified (TS)
12.1 Garvin, [?] -Description of transcontinental trip, 1946 (MS)
12.6 Bharati, Baba - Jim, Books One & Two (TS)
12.2 Sikelianos, Anghelos - Akritan Songs (TS)
12.3-12.4 Sikelianos, Anghelos - The Awakener (TS)
12.5 Sikelianos, Anghelos - The Death of Digenis (TS)
22.16 Winthrop, John - Poem, On Duty (MS)


Correspondence - Incoming
13.12 Bacon, Leonard, no date
20.12 Benét, James Walker, Jr.
13.13 Benét, James and Kathleen, 1927, 1936
20.22 Benét, Laurence, 1908, 1915
13.14 Benét, Stephen Vincent, no date
21.3-21.4 Benét, Teresa Thompson, no date
13.15 Fisher, Alfred High, 1915-1921
13.16 Frost, Robert (includes card from Frances Frost), no date
13.17 Frost, Robert, 1921 May
13.18 Miller, Ben, 1924-1925
13.19 Morley, Christopher, 1916
13.20 Morley, Kit, 1919
13.21 Noyes, Alfred, 1915
13.22 Publishers, including Harper & Bros., Yale Review, Harrison Smith, Inc., 1905-1932
13.23 Rose, Mary Lee, 1906
13.24 Untermeyer, Louis, 1918
13.25-13.29 Miscellaneous friends and associates, 1904-1936
Correspondence - Outgoing
13.8 Benét, Laura, 1904-1936
13.9 Benét, Stephen Vincent, 1903-1904
Benét, Teresa Thompson, 1918
13.10 Rose, Mary Lee, 1896-1913
13.11 to miscellaneous family members including James Walker Benét and Frances Rose Benét, 1884-1924
Correspondence to and from Teresa Thompson Benét
19.15-19.17 from family members including Frances Rose and James Walker Benét, 1913-1917
19.19-19.21 to family members including Mary Lee Rose, Agnes Mahon, Laura Benét, Frances Rose and James Walker Benét, 1912-1917
19.22-19.29 from Norris, Kathleen Thompson (Teresa's sister) to family members
13.33 The Enlisted Man, 1905 (MS, including notations)
13.34 Hoodman Blind, A Novel in Verse, no date (TS)
13.35 Notes, no date (TS)
13.36 Sesfina (poem), no date (TS)
13.37 The Shore Road, no date (MS, including notations)
13.38 Poetry, clippings, no date
13.39 Poetry, including To a Falcon, The Joke, Mimi and the Foreboding Frost, Frustrate Boast, no date (TS)
13.30 Receipt, golf score book (with sketch by WRB), 1901
13.31 Receipts, invoices, Poetry Society membership card, 1918
13.32 Notes, including undated Christmas list,
13.40 War Department memoranda, contracts with Yale University Press, 1914-1918
27.6 Insurance policy, 1912


Correspondence - Incoming
13.1 Alanova, Kyra, 1924
20.23 Benét, Rosemary Carr, 1939-1940s
13.2 Untermeyer, Louis, 1916
13.3 Miscellaneous correspondents, including Aggie Mahon, Laura Walker Benét, 1905-1940s
Correspondence - Outgoing
13.4 to Benét, Frances Rose, 1912
13.5 to Rose, Mary Lee, no date
13.6 Membership confirmation, Mory’s Association, 1916
13.7 Little Golightly, The Elks Magazine, 1930


Correspondence - Incoming
18.1-18.5 Correspondence from friends, family and associates, 1891-1927
18.6 Goethals, George Washington, 1882
20.18 from Benét, Laurence, 1886-1905
20.26 from Cox, Margaret, 1917-1918
Correspondence - Outgoing
19.1 to misc. family members, including Teresa Thompson, James Walker Benét, Jr., 1895-1915
19.2 to friends, associates, 1895-1916
19.1-19.7 to Benét, Frances Rose, 1818-1927
18.12 to Benét, Laura, 1916-1927
18.13-18.14 to Benét, William Rose, 1898-1917
19.8 to Rose, Mary Lee, 1902-1914
18.7-18.10 to Miller, Ben, 1920-1927
Box 23 An Autobiography, with footnotes by his younger brother, no date (TS)
22.18 Journal, [James Walker Benét ?] 1920
26.3 Centennial International Exhibition - Stock certificate, 1926
18.15 "Watervliet Arsenal Bids you Welcome to the May Day Fete," 1919
Correspondence - Incoming
14.1-14.23 From miscellaneous friends and associates, 1871-1942
20.17 Benét, Laurence, 1880-1938
14.24-14.26 Rose, Mary Lee, 1898-1906
Correspondence - Outgoing
15.1 to miscellaneous family members, including Elizabeth Neill Rose, Betsy Jane[?], 1929
15.2-15.11 to Benét, James Walker, 1885-1915
15.12-15.18 to Benét, William Rose, includes letter regarding WRB’s probation from Yale University, 1905-1919
15.19 to Mahon, Agnes, 1905-1929
16.1 to Rose, Mary Lee and William, 1906-1908
16.2-16.30 to Rose, Mary Lee, 1810-1917
17.1-17.16 Journals, 1903-1940
17.17 A Woman, a Horse and a Dead Man, no date (MS)
17.18 Virtue Is It’s Own Reward, no date (TS, MS)
21.6-21.9 Business records, including invoices, bank receipts, banking correspondence, check registers, 1875-1939
Correspondence between extended Neill/Rose family members
20.27 Mahon, A.M., correspondence to Rose, Mary Lee, 1867-1885
27.1 Mahon, David and Elizabeth, correspondence to, 1812-1872
27.4 Neill, Catherine, correspondence to, no date
20.28 Neill, David, correspondence to, 1820
21.1-21.2 Neill, Elizabeth, correspondence to, 1916-1925
20.29 Neill, Sophia, correspondence to, no date
20.30 Neill, William, correspondence to Rose, Mary Lee, 1852-1858
20.31-20.33 Rose, Agnes, correspondence to, 1866-1929
20.34-20.37 Rose, Mary Lee, correspondence to, 1883-1919
20.38 Rose, William J., correspondence from, 1870-1878
19.9-19.14 To Mary Lee Rose from family members including Laura Benét, William Rose Benét, Teresa Benét and Frances Rose Benét, 1862-1937


20.14-20.16 Benét, Laura Walker, correspondence to/from, 1883-1894
20.20 to Benét, Laura Walker from Laurence Benét, 1885-1894
20.24 Benét, Stephen Vincent, Sr., correspondence to/from, 1872-1895
20.21 to Benét, Stephen Vincent, Sr. from Laurence Benét, no date
27.3 Correspondence, from (great uncle) Laurence Vincent Benét, to family members, 1882-1888


20.10 Benét, Frances Rosemary, correspondence from, 1926-1935
20.11 Benét, James Walker, Jr., correspondence to/from, 1920s-1930s
20.13 Benét, Kathleen Anne, correspondence from, 1920s, 1930s
20.25 Benét, Stephanie and Thomas, correspondence to family members, 1930s


20.1-20.9 Miscellaneous unidentified correspondence to/from various family members, 1906-1969
22.1-22.16 Deteriorated correspondence to various/unidentified Benét family members, 1900s-1930s
20.39 Insurance policies, stocks, 1894-1931
20.40-20.44 Invoices, receipts, 1907-1943
20.45 Real estate holdings, correspondence with J.F. Ellis, Esquire, 1890s
21.5 Real estate holdings, Laura and William Rose Benét, 1928
21.10 Last will and testament, Catherine Neill, Frances Rose Benét, 1899, 1939
21.15 Real estate agreement, 1890
21.11 Journal, anonymous, 1917
22.17 Journal, Mahon, F.E., 1863
21.13 Report cards, lists - Benét, William Rose, Kathleen, Frances Rose, Walker 1870-1928
21.14 Writings, unidentified typescripts, manuscripts, no date
22.18 Journal, [James Walker Benét ?] 1920
22.19 Printing plate - calling card for Elizabeth Neill Rose, no date
26.1 Mathematics lesson book, 1803
27.2 Photostats from the New York State Library, including an Ada Rehan letter and images of the Old Pearl Street Theatre 1943


28.1 Photo album - including the Benicia Arsenal and family travels in the west, circa 1905 - 1911 (fire damaged)
29.1 Scrapbook - "Benicia Arsenal Views", circa 1905-1911
30.3 Family groups and portraits
30.4 Miscellaneous and unidentified family
31.24 Unidentified family portrait
30.1 Laura Benet
30.5 Laura Benet - Slabsides and Vassar, circa 1904-1907
31.4 Laura Benet with Rosemary Carr, Stephen Vincent Benet, and their 3 children, 1938 Spring
32.1 Stephen Vincent Benet
32.3 William Rose Benet
32.4 William Rose Benet - portrait from Albany Academy, circa 1899-1904
31.3 Children of Teresa and William Rose Benet
30.2 Teresa Benet and children [?]
32.2 James Walker Benet
32.5 Francis Rose Benet
32.6 Francis Rose Benet - portraits, 1882, 1915
31.8 Frances Rose Neill Benet
32.7 Mary Lee Rose
31.1 "Mrs. Rose"
31.2 Mary Mahon, 1919
32.8 Rosemary Benet, aged approximately 2 years, circa 1917
32.9 Kathleen and Charles Norris with Frances Rosemary and Kathleen Anne Benet
31.5 Wedding of Kathleen Anne Benet and George B. Fry II, 1939 August
31.6 Rachel Lyman Field at 3 years old, 1898
31.7 Anna and Marian Watts, 1897, no date
31.9 Anna Bundy Jacobs, Westtown Farmhouse, Pennsylvania
32.17 Signed portrait of unidentified author
32.11 Painting of Helen Parry Eden at 24
32.10 Friends - named
31.14 Friends - named
31.11 Unidentified women photographed in Philadelphia (cartes des visite)
31.12 Woman from the Neill Family photographed in Philadelphia (carte desvisite)
31.13 Miscellaneous and unidentified women
31.15 Miscellaneous and unidentified women
31.10 Unidentified women (tin types)
28.2 Unidentified women
28.7 Portrait of an unidentified woman
28.8 Portrait of an unidentified woman
29.4 Portrait of an unidentified man (Laurence V. Benet?)
32.15 Unidentified men
31.16 Unidentified children - Norwalk, Connecticut
31.17 Unidentified children - groups
31.19 Miscellaneous and unidentified children
31.20 Unidentified children
32.14 Unidentified children
29.3 Three portraits of unidentified children, including one taken by Walter Scott Shinn, circa 1920, no date
31.18 Unidentified child (tintype)
32.12 Portrait of unidentified child, taken by Philip Conklin, Troy, New York
32.13 Portrait of unidentified child, framed in Washington, DC
29.3 Benicia Arsenal, 1907
31.21 Rectory of St. Luke's Protestant Episcopal Church, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, 1924
31.22 Augusta, Georgia - Flood of [1888?]
29.2 Miscellaneous and unidentified buildings and landscapes
32.16 Unidentified homes
31.23 Unidentified homes
29.2 Locations, homes, landscapes, no date
28.3 Unidentified homes and people
28.4 Miscellaneous and unidentified buildings
28.5 Miscellaneous and unidentified landscapes
31.25 Negatives (damaged)
28.6 Postcards

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Correspondence, manuscripts, clippings, journals, business and legal documents and photographic prints relating the Benét Family’s personal, professional, and creative activity. A significant volume of the collection contains correspondence between family members, including letters to and from Stephen Vincent Benét and William Rose Benét. The collection includes manuscript drafts by Laura Benét, as well as some ephemera and printed material collected by the family.

Finding Aid Date
Dates: 1812-1970
Collection Title
Benét Family Papers