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Guide to the Ruth Fulton Benedict Papers, 1905-1948

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Collection Summary

Repository: Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries
Creator: Benedict, Ruth, 1887-1948
Title: Ruth Fulton Benedict Papers
Dates: 1905-1948
Quantity: 26 cubic feet (126 boxes), with an additional 5 cubic feet (25 boxes) of photocopies of originals for researcher use
Abstract: Personal and professional papers consisting of correspondence, diaries, notebooks, manuscripts and typescripts, articles, speeches, financial papers, reports, teaching materials, and photographs. Correspondents include Franz Boas with whom she studied and worked. Subjects include American Anthropological Association, Progressive Education Association, West Side Defense Council (New York City), Council Against Intolerance in America, American Association of University Women, American Folklore Journal, Mary Wollstonecraft, Indians of the American Southwest including Pima, Zuni, Dakotas, Sioux, and Shoshone, civil rights, and Japan and Japanese culture. Other items include her published and unpublished poetry; grant proposals; correspondence, clippings, and reports from field work, including her Mescalero trip, 1931-1932; and a draft of Margaret Mead's An Anthropologist at Work .

Biographical Note

Ruth Fulton Benedict, an American cultural anthropologist, was born in the city of New York in 1887 and died there in 1948. Her early years were spent on her maternal grandparents' farm near Norwich, New York as her father died when Benedict was just eighteen months old. Benedict's mother, Bertrice Shattuck Fulton (VC 1885), moved her family to St. Joseph, Missouri and Owatonna, Minnesota before becoming a librarian in Buffalo, New York when Ruth was eleven. In 1909, after graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Vassar College, in Poughkeepsie, New York, Benedict traveled to Europe with college friends. Following that, she was a social worker for a year, then spent three years teaching before marrying Stanley Benedict, a biochemistry professor at Cornell Medical School, in 1914.

In 1919 Ruth Benedict began taking courses, first at Columbia University with John Dewey and then at the New School for Social Research with Elsie Clews Parsons whose course in ethnology of the sexes kindled Benedict's interest in anthropology. Under the guidance of Franz Boas, Benedict received her doctorate in 1923 from Columbia, where she remained throughout her career. In 1948 she was promoted to full professor in the Faculty of Political Science, the first woman to achieve such status.

Benedict's fieldwork was done in California among the Serrano and with the Zuñi, Cochiti, and Pima in the Southwest. Student training trips took her to the Mescalero Apache in Arizona and Blackfoot in the Northwest. From her work in the field, several of her books were developed: Tales of the Cochiti Indians (New York: 1931); Zuñi Mythology (New York: 1935); and Patterns of Culture (Boston: 1934), which became a best seller and influenced American life in that it explained the idea of "culture" to the layperson.

During World War II, Benedict worked for the Office of War Information, applying anthropological methods to the study of contemporary cultures. A study of Japan was her final assignment. The outgrowth of her work on Japan for the OWI was her book, The Chrysanthemum and the Sword: Patterns of Japanese Culture (New York: 1946), which became a bestseller at the time and, ultimately, a classic work in the study of Japanese culture. It is still in print today.

Benedict died on 17 September 1948 at the age of 61.

Sources consulted for biographical data on Benedict: Caffrey, Margaret. Ruth Benedict: Stranger in This Land. Austin: 1989. International Dictionary of Anthropologists. New York: 1991. Women Anthropologists . New York: 1988.


Scope and Content Note

The collection comprises the largest number of Benedict's known personal and professional papers and consists of correspondence, manuscripts of published and unpublished works, notebooks, lecture and research notes, diaries, photographs, financial papers, and clippings. The Benedict Papers served as the basis for two biographies: Judith Schachter Modell, Ruth Benedict: Patterns of a Life (Philadelphia: 1983) and Margaret M. Caffrey, Ruth Benedict: Stranger in This Land (Austin: 1989). Benedict's work on Japan is currently being revisited by scholars in Japan. Some recent publications are: Pauline Kent, "Ruth Benedict's Original Wartime Study of the Japanese," From "Japanese Behavior Patterns" to "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword," (Kansai: 1995).

Correspondence accounts for nearly a third of the Ruth Fulton Benedict Papers and includes a large number of letters from colleagues, friends, family, acquaintances, and students, along with many carbon copies of Benedict's responses, ranging from 1916 until Benedict's death in 1948. It is arranged chronologically, with some exceptions. Organizational correspondence is arranged alphabetically by organization name and includes the American Anthropological Association, New York Academy of Sciences, Council Against Intolerance in America, the National Research Council, and Progressive Education Association, among others.

From 1925 until 1940, Benedict was editor of the Journal of American Folk-Lore ; consequently, there is a large series of correspondence relating to the journal (1923-1944). Correspondence from Franz Boas to Benedict covers the period 1922-1940. Another series of correspondence, formerly restricted by Margaret Mead, Benedict's original literary executor, is now freely accessible. This series includes letters to Benedict from some of her students, colleagues, and informants.

The collection contains many manuscripts of Benedict's published and unpublished articles, book reviews, speeches, and lectures, as well as numerous drafts of her unpublished biographical essay on Mary Wollstonecraft; a partial, unpublished book manuscript, "The Religion of the North American Indians"; and drafts and other materials relating to some of her books, including Race: Science and Politics (New York: 1940) and The Chrysanthemum and the Sword . During the 1920s, Benedict published sonnets, mainly in journals like Poetry, under the pseudonym of Anne Singleton. Many of her poetry manuscripts are located in the collection along with the stories that she wrote as a child and young adult. Poems published in Poetry or The Nation by Benedict were published as Anne Singleton; all other published poems were published in An Anthropologist at Work [ AAW ]. Box 120 contains material edited out of An Anthropologist at Work which are all mimeos.

There are a large number of Indian subject files, deriving from Benedict's field work and other research, especially regarding mythology, as well as material from some of her students' field work. Numerous culture area files from her OWI days and correspondence and reports from her work for the government are in the papers; also her diaries (mainly from the 1920s) and notebooks; drafts of An Anthropologist at Work ; and teaching and lecture notes. Some of this material is available online at . Alexander Street Press's Anthropology Commons.

Photographs in the collection include many of Benedict and her family; photos of her taken by Stanley Benedict; the family farm in Norwich and Benedict's homes; and a few of Benedict in the Southwest. Some of these have been published in various works about her.



This collection is open for research according to the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Library without any additional restrictions.

Restrictions on Use

Permission to quote (publish) from unpublished or previously published material must be obtained as described in the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Library.

  • Margaret Mead served as Benedict's literary executor until her death in 1978. In a letter to Vassar's librarian in 1959, Mead noted that certain materials were still in existence, but not included in the collection: Benedict's letters to Mead and Mead's letters to Benedict (now located in the Mead Papers at the Library of Congress); and Edward Sapir's letters to Benedict. She further stated that most of Stanley Benedict's letters to Ruth were destroyed by her executor, Ruth Valentine, and no trace of her letters to Edward Sapir had been found.
  • There is a file of material relating to Benedict's relationship with the Vassar College Office of College Relations housed in "Multiple Collections" in the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Library.
  • In addition to her personal and professional papers, a portion of Ruth Benedict's personal anthropological library was given to the Vassar College Libraries after her death by the executor of her estate, Dr. Valentine. At the time they were donated to Vassar in 1948, the decision was made to incorporate her books into the main library collection. In her letter dated 16 November 1948 to Sarah Gibson Blanding, then President of Vassar, Valentine expressed the hope that the books would be to those who read them "what they were to [Benedict]. Not only a record of others' research and thinking but a stimulus to go ahead and further ... enrich scholarship as a living force in the world."

Subject Headings


  • Boas, Franz, 1858-1942
  • Mead, Margaret, 1901-1978
  • Wollstonecraft, Mary, 1759-1797


  • American Anthropological Association
  • American Association of University Women
  • American Education Fellowship
  • Council Against Intolerance in America
  • Journal of American Folklore
  • Progressive Education Association
  • West Side Defense Council (New York, N.Y.)


  • Anthropologists
  • Anthropology--New Mexico--Field work
  • Anthropology--Study and teaching
  • Civil rights
  • Dakota Indians
  • Pima Indians
  • Shoshonean Indians
  • Sioux Indians
  • Women scientists
  • Women--Diaries
  • Zuñi Indians


  • Japan--Social life and customs
  • Mescalero (N.M.)--Description
  • United States--Social conditions

Document Types:

  • Diaries
  • Photographs
  • Poems

VCL Categories

  • Anthropology and Anthropologists
  • Native Americans

Encoding Information

Encoded by Elizabeth Clarke, March-April 2007.


Preferred Citation

Ruth Fulton Benedict Papers, Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries.

Processing Information

Original processing date unknown, updated by the Archives and Special Collections Library staff in October 1996. Front matter updated and phonograph record added to container list in April 2007.

After Ruth Benedict's death, her executor and sole legatee, Dr. Ruth Valentine, did preliminary sorting of Benedict's professional and personal papers located in her home and office. The papers were sent to Margaret Mead's office at the American Museum of Natural History where they were further arranged into categories by Benedict's friend and former undergraduate student, Marie Eichelberger, for use by Mead in An Anthropologist at Work: Writings of Ruth Benedict (Boston: 1959).

Acquisition Information

Gift of Estate of Ruth Fulton Benedict, shipped early in 1959 by Margaret Mead.

Alternative Formats

Some materials from series XI and XV are available online at Alexander Street Press's Anthropology Commons


Series List

Series I. Correspondence (Boxes 1-35)

Series II. Diaries, Biographical Notebooks and Note Cards, and Family-Related Materials (Boxes 36-41)

Series III. Financial Documents (Box 42)

Series IV. Writings (Boxes 43-58)

Series V. Grant Proposals, Consulting (Boxes 59-60)

Series VI. Teaching And Lecture Notes (Boxes 61-69)

Series VII. Student Papers and Other Miscellaneous Reports (Boxes 70-71)

Series VIII. Miscellaneous Prose and Poetry by Others (Box 72)

Series IX. Bibliography (Boxes 73-74)

Series X. General Subject Files (Boxes 75-78)

Series XI. Native American Subject Files (Boxes 79-96)

Series XII. Culture Area Files (Boxes 97-111)

Series XIII. U. S. Office of War Information [OWI] (Box 112)

Series XIV. Tests And Polls (Box 113)

Series XV. Franz Boas, 1858-1942 (Boxes 114-116)

Series XVI. Margaret Mead, 1901-1978 (Boxes 117-120)

Series XVII. Edward Sapir, 1884-1939 (Box 121)

Series XVIII. Photographs (Boxes 122-124)

Series XIX. Maps (Box 125)

Series XX. Realia

Container List


Folder 1.1 Correspondence to RFB, 1916-1925
Folder 1.2 Correspondence to RFB, 1926
Folder 1.3 Correspondence to RFB, 1927
Folder 1.4 Correspondence to RFB, 1928
Folder 1.5 Correspondence to RFB, 1929
Folder 1.6 Correspondence to RFB, Jan - Mar 1930
Folder 1.7 Correspondence to RFB, Apr - June 1930
Folder 1.8 Correspondence to RFB, July - Sep 1930
Folder 1.9 Correspondence to RFB, Oct - Dec 1930
Folder 2.1 Correspondence to RFB, Feb - June 1931
Folder 2.2 Correspondence to RFB, Aug - Dec 1931
Folder 2.3 Correspondence to RFB, Jan - Mar 1932
Folder 2.4 Correspondence to RFB, Apr - June 1932
Folder 2.5 Correspondence to RFB, July - Oct 1932
Folder 2.6 Correspondence to RFB, Nov - Dec 1932
Folder 2.7 Correspondence to RFB, Jan - Feb 1933
Folder 2.8 Correspondence to RFB, Mar - Apr 1933
Folder 2.9 Correspondence to RFB, May - June 1933
Folder 2.10 Correspondence to RFB, July - Aug 1933
Folder 2.11 Correspondence to RFB, Sep - Dec 1933
Folder 3.1 Correspondence to RFB, Jan - Feb 1934
Folder 3.2 Correspondence to RFB, Mar - Apr 1934
Folder 3.3 Correspondence to RFB, May - June 1934
Folder 3.4 Correspondence to RFB, July - Aug 1934
Folder 3.5 Correspondence to RFB, Sep - Oct 1934
Folder 3.6 Correspondence to RFB, Nov - Dec 1934
Folder 3.7 Correspondence to RFB, Jan - Feb 1935
Folder 3.8 Correspondence to RFB, Mar - Apr 1935
Folder 3.9 Correspondence to RFB, May - June 1935
Folder 3.10 Correspondence to RFB, July - Aug 1935
Folder 3.11 Correspondence to RFB, Sep - Oct 1935
Folder 3.12 Correspondence to RFB, Nov - Dec 1935
Folder 4.1 Correspondence to RFB, Jan - Feb 1936
Folder 4.2 Correspondence to RFB, Mar 1936
Folder 4.3 Correspondence to RFB, Apr - May 1936
Folder 4.4 Correspondence to RFB, June 1936
Folder 4.5 Correspondence to RFB, July - Sep 1936
Folder 4.6 Correspondence to RFB, Oct 1936
Folder 4.7 Correspondence to RFB, Nov 1936
Folder 4.8 Correspondence to RFB, Dec 1936
Folder 5.1 Correspondence to RFB, Jan - Feb 1937
Folder 5.2 Correspondence to RFB, Mar 1937
Folder 5.3 Correspondence to RFB, Apr 1937
Folder 5.4 Correspondence to RFB, May 1937
Folder 5.5 Correspondence to RFB, June 1937
Folder 5.6 Correspondence to RFB, July - Oct 1937
Folder 5.7 Correspondence to RFB, Nov - Dec 1937
Folder 6.1 Correspondence to RFB, Jan 1938
Folder 6.2 Correspondence to RFB, Feb 1938
Folder 6.3 Correspondence to RFB, Mar 1938
Folder 6.4 Correspondence to RFB, Apr 1938
Folder 6.5 Correspondence to RFB, May 1938
Folder 6.6 Correspondence to RFB, June 1938
Folder 6.7 Correspondence to RFB, July - Aug 1938
Folder 6.8 Correspondence to RFB, Sep - Oct 1938
Folder 6.9 Correspondence to RFB, Nov 1938
Folder 6.10 Correspondence to RFB, Dec 1938
Folder 7.1 Correspondence to RFB, Jan 1939
Folder 7.2 Correspondence to RFB, Feb 1939
Folder 7.3 Correspondence to RFB, Mar 1939
Folder 7.4 Correspondence to RFB, Apr 1939
Folder 7.5 Correspondence to RFB, May 1939
Folder 7.6 Correspondence to RFB, June 1939
Folder 7.7 Correspondence to RFB, July - Sep 1939
Folder 7.8 Correspondence to RFB, Oct 1939
Folder 7.9 Correspondence to RFB, Nov 1939
Folder 7.10 Correspondence to RFB, Dec 1939
Folder 8.1 Correspondence to RFB, Jan - Feb 1940
Folder 8.2 Correspondence to RFB, Mar 1940
Folder 8.3 Correspondence to RFB, Apr 1940
Folder 8.4 Correspondence to RFB, May 1940
Folder 8.5 Correspondence to RFB, June 1940
Folder 8.6 Correspondence to RFB, July 1940
Folder 8.7 Correspondence to RFB, Aug 1940
Folder 8.8 Correspondence to RFB, Sep 1940
Folder 8.9 Correspondence to RFB, Oct 1940
Folder 8.10 Correspondence to RFB, Nov 1940
Folder 8.11 Correspondence to RFB, Dec 1940
Folder 8.12 Correspondence to RFB, [n.d.] 1940
Folder 9.1 Correspondence to RFB, Jan 1941
Folder 9.2 Correspondence to RFB, Feb 1941
Folder 9.3 Correspondence to RFB, Mar - Apr 1941
Folder 9.4 Correspondence to RFB, May 1941
Folder 9.5 Correspondence to RFB, June 1941
Folder 9.6 Correspondence to RFB, July - Aug 1941
Folder 9.7 Correspondence to RFB, Sep 1941
Folder 9.8 Correspondence to RFB, Oct 1941
Folder 9.9 Correspondence to RFB, Nov 1941
Folder 9.10 Correspondence to RFB, Dec 1941
Folder 10.1 Correspondence to RFB, Jan 1942
Folder 10.2 Correspondence to RFB, Feb - Mar 1942
Folder 10.3 Correspondence to RFB, Apr 1942
Folder 10.4 Correspondence to RFB, May - June 1942
Folder 10.5 Correspondence to RFB, July - Aug 1942
Folder 10.6 Correspondence to RFB, Sep 1942
Folder 10.7 Correspondence to RFB, Oct 1942
Folder 10.8 Correspondence to RFB, Nov 1942
Folder 10.9 Correspondence to RFB, Dec 1942
Folder 11.1 Correspondence to RFB, Jan 1943
Folder 11.2 Correspondence to RFB, Feb 1943
Folder 11.3 Correspondence to RFB, Mar 1943
Folder 11.4 Correspondence to RFB, Apr 1943
Folder 11.5 Correspondence to RFB, May 1943
Folder 11.6 Correspondence to RFB, June 1943
Folder 11.7 Correspondence to RFB, July 1943
Folder 11.8 Correspondence to RFB, Aug 1943
Folder 11.9 Correspondence to RFB, Oct 1943
Folder 11.10 Correspondence to RFB, Nov 1943
Folder 11.11 Correspondence to RFB, Dec 1943
Folder 12.1 Correspondence to RFB, Jan 1944
Folder 12.2 Correspondence to RFB, Feb 1944
Folder 12.3 Correspondence to RFB, Mar 1944
Folder 12.4 Correspondence to RFB, Apr 1944
Folder 12.5 Correspondence to RFB, May - June 1944
Folder 12.6 Correspondence to RFB, July 1944
Folder 12.7 Correspondence to RFB, Aug - Oct 1944
Folder 12.8 Correspondence to RFB, Nov - Dec 1944
Folder 13.1 Correspondence to RFB, Jan 1945
Folder 13.2 Correspondence to RFB, Feb 1945
Folder 13.3 Correspondence to RFB, Mar 1945
Folder 13.4 Correspondence to RFB, Apr 1945
Folder 13.5 Correspondence to RFB, May 1945
Folder 13.6 Correspondence to RFB, June 1945
Folder 13.7 Correspondence to RFB, July - Sep 1945
Folder 13.8 Correspondence to RFB, Oct 1945
Folder 13.9 Correspondence to RFB, Nov 1945
Folder 13.10 Correspondence to RFB, Dec 1945
Folder 14.1 Correspondence to RFB, Jan 1946
Folder 14.2 Correspondence to RFB, Feb 1946
Folder 14.3 Correspondence to RFB, Mar 1946
Folder 14.4 Correspondence to RFB, Apr 1946
Folder 14.5 Correspondence to RFB, May 1946
Folder 14.6 Correspondence to RFB, June 1946
Folder 14.7 Correspondence to RFB, July 1946
Folder 14.8 Correspondence to RFB, Aug 1946
Folder 14.9 Correspondence to RFB, Sep 1946
Folder 14.10 Correspondence to RFB, Oct 1946
Folder 14.11 Correspondence to RFB, Nov 1946
Folder 14.12 Correspondence to RFB, Dec 1946
Folder 15.1 Correspondence to RFB, Jan 1947
Folder 15.2 Correspondence to RFB, Feb 1947
Folder 15.3 Correspondence to RFB, Mar 1947
Folder 15.4 Correspondence to RFB, Apr 1947
Folder 15.5 Correspondence to RFB, May 1947
Folder 15.6 Correspondence to RFB, June 1947
Folder 15.7 Correspondence to RFB, July 1947
Folder 15.8 Correspondence to RFB, Aug 1947
Folder 15.9 Correspondence to RFB, Sep 1947
Folder 15.10 Correspondence to RFB, Oct 1947
Folder 15.11 Correspondence to RFB, Nov 1947
Folder 15.12 Correspondence to RFB, Dec 1947
Folder 16.1 Correspondence to RFB, Jan 1948
Folder 16.2 Correspondence to RFB, Feb 1948
Folder 16.3 Correspondence to RFB, Mar 1948
Folder 16.4 Correspondence to RFB, Apr 1948
Folder 16.5 Correspondence to RFB, May 1948
Folder 16.6 Correspondence to RFB, June 1948
Folder 16.7 Correspondence to RFB, July 1948
Folder 16.8 Correspondence to RFB, Aug - Sep 1948
Folder 16.9 Correspondence to RFB, n.d.
Folder 16.10 Correspondence re: RFB's "Science of Custom," 1930-1939
Folder 16.11 Correspondence, n.d. (fragments)
Folder 16.12 Correspondence to and from others, 1943, 1951, 1953
Folder 17.1 Organizational Correspondence: General, 1927-1930
Folder 17.2 Organizational Correspondence: General, 1931-1933
Folder 17.3 Organizational Correspondence: General, 1935-1939
Folder 17.4 Organizational Correspondence: General, 1939
Folder 17.5 Organizational Correspondence: General, 1940-1941
Folder 17.6 Organizational Correspondence: General, 1942
Folder 17.7 Organizational Correspondence: General, 1943-1944
Folder 17.8 Organizational Correspondence: General, 1945-1946
Folder 17.9 Organizational Correspondence: General, 1946-1947
Folder 17.10 Organizational Correspondence: General, 1947-1948
Folder 18.1 Academic Council of the YIVO, Yiddish Scientific Institute, 1946
Folder 18.2 American Anthropological Association, 1932-1936
Folder 18.3 American Anthropological Association, 1937-1939
Folder 18.4 American Anthropological Association, 1940-1946
Folder 18.5 American Anthropological Association, 1947
Folder 18.6 American Anthropological Association, 1947
Folder 18.7 American Anthropological Association, 1947
Folder 18.8 American Anthropological Association, 1948
Folder 18.9 American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1931-1948
Folder 18.10 The American Association of Scientific Workers, 1941-1948
Folder 18.11 American Association of University Women, 1942-1948
Folder 18.12 American Civil Liberties Union, New York, 1939-1941
Folder 19.1 American Committee for Democracy and Intellectual Freedom, 1939-1942
Folder 19.2 American Council on Education, 1944-1947
Folder 19.3 American Ethnological Society, Inc., 1941-1943
Folder 19.4 American Jewish Congress, 1945
Folder 19.5 American Philosophical Society, 1944-1945
Folder 19.6 American Psychopathological Association, 1946-1948
Folder 19.7 The American Scholar, 1939-1944
Folder 19.8 Character and Personality, 1937-1945
Folder 19.9 Conference on Education and Post-War Reconstruction, 194l-1942
Folder 19.10 Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion, 1940-1943
Folder 19.11 Council Against Intolerance in America, 1939-1942
Folder 19.12 Council for Pan American Democracy, 1940
Folder 20.1 Descendants of the American Revolution, 1939-1941
Folder 20.2 The East and West Association, l948
Folder 20.3 The Grolier Society, Inc., 1946-1947
Folder 20.4 The Kinsey Report, 1948
Folder 20.5 Laboratory of Anthropology, Inc., 1935-1939
Folder 20.6 Michigan Committee for Academic Freedom, 1940
Folder 20.7 National Research Council, 1935-1948
Folder 20.8 New York Academy of Medicine, 1946
Folder 20.9 New York Academy of Sciences, 1934-1942
Folder 20.10 New York Conference for Inalienable Rights, 1940
Folder 20.11 ONR, 1947-1948
Folder 20.12 Park West Neighborhood Association, 1948
Folder 20.13 Progressive Education Association, 1936-1938
Folder 20.14 Progressive Education Association, l939-1941
Folder 20.15 Progressive Education Association, 1942
Folder 21.1 The Service Bureau for Intercultural Education, 1938-1940
Folder 21.2 Society for Applied Anthropology, 1941-1947
Folder 21.3 Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI), 1943-1948
Folder 21.4 University Federation for Democracy and Intellectual Freedom, 1938
Folder 21.5 Viking Fund, 1946-1948
Folder 21.6 Washington School of Psychiatry, 1945-1947
Folder 21.7 West Side Defense Council, 1942
Folder 21.8 West Side Defense Council, 1942
Folder 21.9 West Side Defense Council, 1942
Folder 21.10 West Side Defense Council, 1942
Folder 22.1 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1923-1926
Folder 22.2 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1927
Folder 22.3 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1928
Folder 22.4 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1928
Folder 22.5 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1929
Folder 22.6 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1930
Folder 22.7 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1930
Folder 22.8 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1930
Folder 22.9 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1930
Folder 23.1 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1931
Folder 23.2 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1932
Folder 23.3 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1932
Folder 23.4 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1932
Folder 23.5 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1933
Folder 23.6 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1933
Folder 23.7 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1933
Folder 23.8 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1933
Folder 23.9 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1933
Folder 24.1 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1934
Folder 24.2 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1934
Folder 24.3 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1934
Folder 24.4 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1934
Folder 24.5 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1934
Folder 24.6 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1935
Folder 24.7 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1935
Folder 24.8 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1935
Folder 25.1 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1936
Folder 25.2 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1936
Folder 25.3 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1936
Folder 25.4 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1936
Folder 25.5 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1936
Folder 25.6 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1937
Folder 25.7 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1938
Folder 25.8 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1938
Folder 25.9 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1938
Folder 25.10 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1938
Folder 26.1 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1939
Folder 26.2 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1939
Folder 26.3 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1940
Folder 26.4 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1941
Folder 26.5 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1942
Folder 26.6 Journal of American Folk-Lore, 1944
Folder 26.7 Journal of American Folk-Lore: Editor's Reports,
Folder 27.1 Aberle, David Friend, 1942-1948
Folder 27.2 Ackerknecht, Erwin H., 1942-1947
Folder 27.3 Adams, Thelma, 1932-1933
Folder 27.4 Aginsky, Bernard, 1933-1936
Folder 27.5 Arensberg, Conrad M.,
Folder 27.6 Ashley-Montagu, Montague Francis See Montagu, Ashley, 1934-1945
Folder 27.7 Ball, Leona 1930-1931
Folder 27.8 Barsky, Jeannette [Mirsky] 1934-1938
Folder 27.9 Barton, R[oy] F[ranklyn], 1930-1944
Folder 27.10 Benedict, Ruth Boschwitz, M.D.
Folder 27.11 Benet, Sarah "Sula," 1938-1945
Blumensohn, Jules -- see Henry, Jules,
Folder 27.12 Bryan, Ruth [Anthro. Dept. sec'y.?] 1927-1945
Folder 27.13 Bunzel, Ruth Leah, 1930-1947
Folder 27.14 Bush, Wendell T., 1928
Folder 27.15 Carter, Isabel Gordon, 1933-1947
Folder 27.15a Carter, Isabel Gordon, 1929-1946
Folder 27.16 Childs, Gladwyn M, 1931-1943
Folder 27.17 Cooper, John Montgomery, 1936-1942
Folder 28.1 D'Angulo, Jaime, 1930, 1932, 1936
Folder 28.2 DeLaguna, Frederica, 1933-1942
Folder 28.3 Deloria, Ella, 1925-1944
Folder 28.4 Deloria, Ella, 1941-1948
Folder 28.5 Dollard, John, 1935-1936
Folder 28.6 DuBois, Cora, 1929-1942
Folder 28.7 Eglar, Zekiye Suleyman, 1938-1948
Folder 28.8 Goldenweiser, Alexander A., 1931-1941
Folder 28.9 Goldfrank, Esther Schiff (Wittfogel), 1939-1940
Folder 28.10 Goldman, Irving, 1935-1940
Folder 28.11 Gorer, Geoffrey Edgar , 1936-1947
Folder 28.12 Hahn-Husemann, Frida K., 1937-1939
Folder 28.13 Hallowell, Alfred Irving, 1933-1948
Folder 28.14 Hanks, Jane Richardson, 1940-1942
Folder 28.15 Harms, Ernst [Dict. of the Soc. Sciences], 1941
Folder 29.1 Harris, Jack, 1936-1941
Folder 29.2 Harris, Pippa, 1945-1948
Folder 29.3 Hellersberg, Elisabeth, 1945-1947
Folder 29.4 Henry, Jules, 1930-1935
Folder 29.5 Henry, Jules, 1936-1940
Folder 29.6 Henry, Jules, 1941-1942
Folder 29.7 Henry, Jules, 1944-1948
Folder 29.8 Herskovits, Melville Jean, 1930-1940
Folder 29.9 Herzog, George, 1930-1939
Folder 30.1 Hu, Hsien Chin, 1941-1946
Folder 30.2 Huot- Champion, Martha and Louis, 1937-1948
Folder 30.3 Hurston, Zora Neale, 1932-1945
Folder 30.4 Hurston, Zora Neale, [n. d.]
Folder 30.5 Jacobs, Melville, 1935-1943
Folder 30.6 Joffe, Natalie F., 1939
Folder 30.7 Kahn, Hannah, 1934-1935
Folder 30.8 Kardiner, Abram, 1940-1946
Folder 30.9 Kennard, Edward Allan, 1934-1946
Folder 30.10 Kingsbury, Susan M., 1941-1947
Folder 30.11 Kirchhoff, Paul, 1935-1939
Folder 30.12 Kluckhohn, Clyde Kay Maben, 1938-1948
Folder 30.13 Kroeber, Alfred Louis, 1928-1947
Folder 31.1 LaBarre, Weston, 1946-1947
Folder 31.2 Landes, Ruth Schlossberg, 1932-1933
Folder 31.3 Landes, Ruth Schlossberg, 1934-1937
Folder 31.4 Landes, Ruth Schlossberg, 1938-1939
Folder 31.5 Landes, Ruth Schlossberg, 1940
Folder 31.6 Lee, Dorothy Demetracopoulou, 1931-1943
Folder 31.7 Lesser, Alexander, 1930-1943
Folder 31.8 Lewis, Oscar, 1939-1947
Folder 31.9 Lincoln, Jackson Steward , 1939-1941
Folder 31.10 Linton, Ralph, 1932-1943
Folder 31.11 Lipkind, William, 1931-1939
Folder 31.12 Lipkind, William, 1940-1946
Folder 32.1 Lloyd, Wilma, 1947
Folder 32.2 Loeb, Margery, [1940]
Folder 32.3 Lowie, Robert H., 1922-1929
Folder 32.4 Lowie, Robert H., 1931-1947
Folder 32.5 McPhee, Colin, 1937-1938
Folder 32.6 Malinowski, Bronislaw, 1926-1937
Folder 32.7 Mandelbaum, May, 1932-1948
Folder 32.8 Maslow, Abe, 1939-1940
Folder 32.9 Métraux, Alfred, 1937-1939
Mirsky, Jeannette -- see Barsky, Jeannette
Folder 32.10 Mishkin, Bernard, 1934-1944
Folder 27.6 Ashley, Montagu, 1934-1945
Folder 32.11 Opler, Marvin Kaufmann, 1933-1935
Folder 32.12 Opler, Morris Edward, 1936-1940
Folder 32.13 Opler, Morris Edward, 1936-1947
Opler, Morris Edward — see also folders 79.9-79.10
Folder 33.1 Parsons, Elsie Clews, 1923-1932
Folder 33.2 Parsons, Elsie Clews (1874-1941)-Benedict 1933-1941
Folder 33.3 Petrullo, Vincenzo-Benedict 1947
Folder 33.4 Porter, Philip S.-Benedict
Folder 33.5 Radin, Paul, 1924-1943
Folder 33.6 Reichard, Gladys Amanda, 1927-1943
Folder 33.7 Rodnick, David, 1944-1947
Folder 33.8 Sapir (Jean and Philip), 1931-1947
Folder 33.9 Siegel, Morris, 1936-1948
Folder 34.1 Smith, Marian, 1929-1945
Folder 34.2 Spitzer, H. M., 1946-1947
Folder 34.3 Stout, David B.,
Folder 34.4 Stout, Earl J., 1935-1939
Folder 34.5 Susman, Amelia, 1937
Folder 34.6 Tax, Sol, 1931-1940
Tax, Sol — see also folder 79.14
Folder 34.7 Tozzer, Alfred Marston, 1928-1936
Folder 34.8 Underhill, Ruth, 1933-1946
Folder 34.9 Underhill, Ruth, 1933-1946
Folder 34.10 Wagley, Charles William, 1935-1939
Folder 34.11 Weltfish, Gene Regina, 1928-1937
Folder 34.12 White, Leslie Alvin, 1931-1943
Folder 34.13 Whitman, William, 1933-1938
Folder 34.14 Withers, Carl, 1943-1945
Folder 35.1 Personal Correspondence to/from Benedict, A-K, 1937-1948
Folder 35.2 Personal Correspondence to/from Benedict, L-W and unidentified, 1934-1946
Folder 35.3 Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1934-1947
Folder 35.4 Literary Correspondence (Léonie AdaMs; Will Gibson; Ruth Goddard; Rolfe Humphries; Charles Olson; Myra), 1933-1946
Folder 35.5 Informants' Letters, 1926-1936
Folder 35.6 Miscellaneous Correspondence-Personality,


Folder 36.1 Diary (Fragments)
Folder 36.2 Diary (Poetry), 1912
Folder 36.3 Diary (Poetry), l923, 1925
Folder 37.1 Diary, 1926
Folder 37.2 Diary, 1926
Folder 37.3 Notebook - Washington Diary
Folder 37.4 Autobiographical Notebook, Notes
Folder 37.5 Notebook - Early drafts: poetry, prose
Folder 37.6 Notebook
Folder 37.7 Notes - Comments on Poetry
Box 38 Note Cards [biographical information about RFB gleaned by Marie Eichelberger and others from RFB's professional corres- pondence and correspondence files on organizations]
Folder 39.1 Ruth Fulton Benedict Chronology
Folder 39.2 Fulton-Shattuck Family Tree
Folder 39.3 Ruth Fulton Benedict Biographical Data
Folder 39.4 Miscellaneous Biographical and Autobiographical Notes
Folder 39.5 Awards given to Ruth Benedict
Folder 40.1 Awards given to Ruth Benedict: Illinois Institute of Technology, Institute of Design, Award for Standards of Excellence in A-V Communication, 1952 (oversized)
Folder 40.2 Awards given to Ruth Benedict: Lord and Taylor Annual American Design Award, 1946 (oversized)
Folder 40.3 Awards given to Ruth Benedict: National C. I. O. Committee to Abolish Racial Discrimi- nation, Certificate of Recognition, 1944 (oversized)
Folder 39.6 Ruth Fulton Benedict - Obituaries
Folder 39.7 Ruth Fulton Benedict - Last Will and Testament (2), 1937, 1948
Folder 39.8 Contents of Benedict's purse at her death
Folder 39.9 Fulton Family Genealogy
Folder 39.10 Correspondence: Margery Freeman [RFB's sister]-Ruth Fulton Benedict[additional letter in folder 39.8]
Folder 39.11 Correspondence: Margery Freeman-Auntie My [Myra Shattuck]
Folder 39.12 Correspondence: Bertrice Shattuck Fulton [RFB's mother]-Auntie My [Myra Shattuck, Bertrice's sister]
Folder 39.13 Correspondence: Auntie My [Myra Shattuck]-Ruth Fulton Benedict
Folder 39.14 Correspondence: Bob Freeman [RFB's brother-in-law]; Jo Fulton [RFB's cousin?]-Ruth Fulton Benedict
Folder 39.15 Correspondence: C.F. Middlebrook [RFB's cousin]-Ruth Fulton Benedict
Folder 39.16 Correspondence: Fred Fulton-Bertrice Shattuck
Folder 41.1 Stanley Benedict - Biography
Folder 41.2 Stanley Benedict - Death Certificate
Folder 41.3 Stanley Benedict - Obituaries
Folder 41.4 Stanley Benedict - Documents, Correspondence
Folder 41.5 RFB Correspondence re: Stanley Benedict
Folder 41.6 Correspondence re: Stanley Benedict Estate
Folder 41.7 Correspondence re: Stanley Benedict Estate


Folder 42.1 Publishing Contracts
Folder 42.2 Royalty Statements
Folder 42.3 Royalty Statements: Patterns of Culture
Folder 42.4 Employment Contracts: Columbia University
Folder 42.5 Columbia University Dept. of Anthropology Pay Scale
Folder 42.6 Columbia University Pay Orders


Folder 43.1 Early Writing
Folder 43.2 A Blessed Incident (MS)
Folder 43.3 The Future of the Horse, [1905] (MS)
Folder 43.4 The Greatest of These (MS)
Folder 43.5 The Home of Evangeline (MS)
Folder 43.6 How the Acadian Men Were Trapped (MS)
Folder 43.7 The Last Bluff (TS)
Folder 43.8 One Thanksgiving, [1905] (MS)
Folder 43.9 The Passing of Gabriel, [1910] (MS)
Folder 43.10 The Passion of Giving (MS)
Folder 43.11 The Perseverance of Sir William Phipps (MS)
Folder 43.12 The Sense of Symbolism (MS)
Folder 43.13 The Sewing Society (MS)
Folder 43.14 The Statue of Justice (MS)
Folder 43.15 Untitled (MS)
Folder 43.16 Wedding, A True Story (MS)
Folder 44.1 Addresses and Names
Folder 44.2 Date Books, 1928, 1929
Folder 44.3 Date Books, 1930-1933
Folder 44.4 Date Books, 1934, 1935
Folder 44.5 Date Books, 1938, 1939 1941, 1942
Folder 44.6 Date Books, 1943-1945
Folder 44.7 Date Books, 1946, 1947
Folder 44.8 Rhyming Dictionary
Folder 44.9 The Bible in Pidgin English, or TOK BOI
Folder 44.10 Notebook - Art
Folder 44.11 Notebook - Sprig, i.e., Speedwriting
Folder 44.12 Notebook - Speedwriting
Box 45 Scrapbook of Benedict's book reviews (first begun by Marie Eichelberger for RFB using clippings from RFB's files; probably does not contain all of RFB's reviews)
PUBLISHED POETRY (arranged alphabetically)
Folder 46.1 "And His Eyes Were Opened," AAW, pp. 187-188 (TS)
Folder 46.2 "Annunciation," AAW, p. 475 (MS, TS)
Folder 46.3 "Another Theseus," AAW, p. 478 (TS)
Folder 46.4 "Burial." [AAW, p. 483] (TS)
Folder 46.5 "But the Son of Man ... " [AAW, p. 475] (TS)
Folder 46.6 "Counsel for Autumn." [AAW, p. 483] (TS)
Folder 46.7 "Countermand." [ Poetry, Mar 1930] (TS)
Folder 46.8 "Death is the Citadel." The Nation, [20 Feb 1929] (TS)
Folder 46.9 "Discourse on Prayer." AAW, pp. 160-161 (TS)
Folder 46.10 "Earth-Born." [Poetry, Jan 1928; AAW, p. 487] (TS)
Folder 46.11 "Eucharist." [The Nation, 26 Sep 1928; AAW, p. 479] (TS)
Folder 46.12 "For My Mother." [ Poetry, Jan 1928] (TS)
Folder 46.13 "For Seed Bearing." [AAW, p. 71] (TS)
Folder 46.14 "For the Hour After Love." [ Poetry, Jan 1928; AAW, p. 480], (TS)
Folder 46.15 "I Shall Not Call." [ Poetry, Jan 1928] (TS)
Folder 46.16 "In Praise of Uselessness." [AAW, p. 489] (TS)
Folder 46.17 "Intruder." [AAW, p. 474] (TS)
Folder 46.18 "Lift Up Your Heart." [ Poetry, Jan 1928; AAW, p. 481] (TS)
Folder 46.19 "Love That Is Water." [ Poetry, Mar 1930; AAW, p. 474] (TS)
Folder 46.20 "Miser's Wisdom." (TS)
Folder 46.21 "Moth Wing." [AAW, p. 488] (TS)
Folder 46.22 "Myth." [AAW, p. 477], (TS)
Folder 46.23 "New Year." [AAW, p. 56] (TS)
Folder 46.24 "November Burning" [draft of a possible book], (TS, MS)
Folder 46.25 "November Burning." [ Poetry, Mar 1930; AAW, p. 484] (TS)
Folder 46.26 "Our Task Is Laughter." [AAW, pp. 167-168] (TS)
Folder 46.27 "Price of Paradise." [AAW, p. 478] (TS)
Folder 46.28 "Resurgam." [AAW, p. 194] (TS)
Folder 46.29 "Resurrection of the Ghost." [AAW, p. 490] (TS)
Folder 46.30 "Ripeness Is All." [AAW, pp. 85-86] (MS, TS)
Folder 46.31 "Rupert Brooke, 1914-1919." [AAW, p. 579] (TS, MS)
Folder 46.32 "She Speaks to the Sea." [AAW, p. 487] (TS)
Folder 46.33 "Sight." [AAW, p. 70] (TS)
Folder 46.34 "Sleet Storm." [AAW, p. 482] (TS)
Folder 46.35 "Spiritus Tyrannus." [AAW, p. 486] (TS)
Folder 46.36 "There Is No Death." [AAW, p. 484] (TS)
Folder 46.37 "This Breath." [AAW, p. 474] (TS)
Folder 47.1 "This Gabriel." [AAW, p. 486] (TS)
Folder 47.2 "This Is My Body." [AAW, pp. 194-195] (TS)
Folder 47.3 "Toy Balloons." [ Poetry, Aug 1926, under the pseudonym of Alice Singleton; AAW, p. 488] (TS)
Folder 47.4 "Unicorns At Sunrise." [ Poetry, Mar 1930; AAW, p. 481] (TS)
Folder 47.5 "Unshadowed Pool." [ Poetry, Mar 1930; AAW, p. 477] (TS)
Folder 47.6 "Ways Not Winds' Ways." [ The Nation, 6 Dec 1933, published under Benedict's given name] (TS)
Folder 47.7 "Withdrawal." [AAW, p. 482] (TS)
Folder 47.8 "Words in Darkness." [AAW, p. 489] (TS)
Folder 47.9 "The Worst Is Not Our Anger." [AAW, p. 580] (TS)
Folder 47.10 "You Have Looked Upon the Sun." [AAW, p. 486] (TS)
Folder 47.11 Drafts and Fragments (TS, MS)
Folder 47.12 Alien (TS, MS)
Folder 47.13 And the Morning Stars Sang Together (TS)
Folder 47.14 Annihilation (TS, MS)
Folder 47.15 Apartment Notes (MS)
Folder 47.16 As a Dream (TS, MS)
Folder 47.17 At a Solemn Mummery (TS, MS)
Folder 47.18 At Last (TS, MS)
Folder 47.19 Awakening (MS)
Folder 47.20 Brook Turning (TS)
Folder 47.21 Consummation (TS, MS)
Folder 47.22 Damascus Road (TS)
Folder 47.23 Demarcation (MS)
Folder 47.24 Deridens (MS)
Folder 47.25 Disarmored (TS)
Folder 47.26 The Dream (TS, MS)
Folder 47.27 Flight (TS)
Folder 47.28 For a Certain Lover (TS)
Folder 47.29 For Faithfulness (TS)
Folder 47.30 For Holy Days (TS)
Folder 47.31 For One Who Loved My Canoe (TS, MS)
Folder 47.32 Fragment (TS)
Folder 47.33 Frostless Autumn (MS)
Folder 47.34 Fulfillment (MS)
Folder 47.35 Gloria Mundis (TS)
Folder 47.36 Grave Stele – Athens (TS)
Folder 47.37 Gray Pavements (MS)
Folder 48.1 I Have Content More in Your Loveliness (TS)
Folder 48.2 In Parables (TS)
Folder 48.3 In Praise of Life (TS)
Folder 48.4 Indemnity (MS)
Folder 48.5 Indian-Pipes (TS)
Folder 48.6 Indian Summer (MS)
Folder 48.7 Iridescent Glass from Etruria (TS)
Folder 48.8 The Kiss (MS)
Folder 48.9 The Little Room (MS)
Folder 48.10 Monk of Ariège (TS)
Folder 48.11 The Moon New Seen (TS)
Folder 48.12 Never Go Lonely (TS)
Folder 48.13 Ourselves (TS)
Folder 48.14 Parlor Car-Santa Fe (TS)
Folder 48.15 Pool (TS)
Folder 48.16 Preference (TS)
Folder 48.17 Profit of Dreams (TS)
Folder 48.18 A Psalm (MS)
Folder 48.19 Rhyme (MS)
Folder 48.20 Riders of the Wind (TS)
Folder 48.21 The Sacrilege (TS)
Folder 48.22 Sepulchre (TS)
Folder 48.23 Siren's Song (TS, MS)
Folder 48.24 Song (TS)
Folder 48.25 Song for Lovers (TS)
Folder 48.26 South Wind (TS)
Folder 48.27 Swimming (TS, MS)
Folder 48.28 Tempest (MS)
Folder 48.29 To M.M. With These Verses (TS)
Folder 48.30 Too Great Has Been the Tension of My Cloud, (TS)
Folder 48.31 Tree Shadows (TS)
Folder 48.32 Turn of the River Tide (TS)
Folder 48.33 Verses For One Dancing (TS, MS)
Folder 48.34 Vision (MS)
Folder 48.35 Woman-Christ (MS)
Folder 48.36 The Woman to Her Dead Husband (TS, MS)
Folder 48.37 Wood Paths (TS)
Folder 49.1 Anthropology and the Humanities [ American Anthropologist, vol. 50 (address as retiring president)], 1948
Folder 49.2 Anthropology in Your Life [ Vassar Alumnae Magazine, vol. 32], 1946
Folder 49.3 The Bond of Fellowship [undated ms. publ. in AAW], [ca. 1942]
Folder 49.4 Continuities and Discontinuities in Cultural Conditioning[ Psychiatry, vol. 1], 1938
Folder 49.5 Boas' Contributions to Ethnology, 1943
Folder 49.6 Dress [ Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, vol. 5], 1931
Folder 49.7 Editorial on War [ American Scholar, vol. 12], 1942
Folder 49.8 The Educational Process: A Comparative Note[ Mental Health in the Classroom, 13th yearbook], [1940]
Folder 49.9 Ideologies in the Light of Comparative Data[unpub. ms. excerpted in AAW], [ca. 1941-1942]
Folder 49.10 In Henry's Backyard, [1948] (carbon ts.)
Folder 49.11 Let's Get Rid of Prejudice [ National Parent-Teacher Magazine, vol. 40], 1946
Folder 49.12 Marital Property Rights in a Bilateral Society - notes[ American Anthropologist, vol. 38], [1936]
Folder 49.13 Natural History of War [unpublished ms. publ. in AAW], [1939]
Folder 49.14 Post-War Race Prejudice [unpublished ms. publ. in AAW], [ca. 1947]
Folder 49.15 Privileged Classes: An Anthropological Problem[ Frontiers of Democracy, vol. 7], [1941]
Folder 49.16 Foreword to Race: Science and Politics (second ed.), [1943]
Folder 49.17 Preface to Race and Cultural Politics (second ed.),
Folder 49.19 Racism is Vulnerable [ English Journal, vol. 35], 1946
Folder 49.20 San Idlefonso Collection, [1933]
Folder 49.21 Some Comparative Data on Culture and Personality with Reference to the Promotion of Mental Health[ American Association for the Advancement of Science, no. 9], 1939
Folder 49.22 Teachers and the Hatch Act [ Frontiers of Democracy, vol. 8], 1942
Folder 49.23 Transmitting Our Democratic Heritage in the Schools [ American Journal of Sociology, v. 48], [1943]
Folder 49.24 The Uses of Cannibalism [unpub. ms. publ. in AAW], [ca. 1925]
Folder 49.25 The Viking Fund [ American Anthropologist, vol. 49], 1947
Folder 49.26 We Can't Afford Race Prejudice [ Frontiers of Democracy, vol. 9], 1942
Folder 50.1 Japanese National Character, by Ruth Benedict (1947)[speech given at Columbia University]
Folder 50.2 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword - Reviews
Folder 50.3 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword - Royalty Statements
Folder 50.4 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Chapter 1
Folder 50.5 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Chapter 2
Folder 50.6 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Chapter 3
Folder 50.7 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Chapter 4
Folder 50.8 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Chapter 5
Folder 50.9 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Chapter 6
Folder 50.10 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Chapter 7
Folder 50.11 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Chapter 8
Folder 50.12 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Chapter 9
Folder 50.13 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Chapter 10
Folder 50.14 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Chapter 11
Folder 50.15 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Chapter 12
Folder 50.16 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Chapter 13
Folder 51.1 Race Bibliography
Folder 51.2 Race and Cultural Relations
Folder 51.3-51.5 Race: Science and Politics: Correspondence
Folder 51.6-51.11 Race: Science and Politics: Royalty Statements
Folder 51.12 Race: Extracts from Books
Folder 51.13 Montclair Civil Rights Audit
Folder 52.1 The Races of Mankind -- Research Notes
Folder 52.2-52.5 The Races of Mankind -- Original Mss.
Folder 52.6 The Races of Mankind -- Galley Proof
Folder 52.7 The Races of Mankind -- Original pamphlet annotated by RFB with pages from Italian edition
Folder 52.8 The Races of Mankind -- Press Release
Folder 52.9 Interview of RFB re: The Races of Mankind
Folder 52.10 The Races of Mankind -- The Nations United Against Fascism
Folder 52.11 Les Races du Genre Human
Folder 53.1-53.11 The Races of Mankind -- Clippings
Folder 54.1 American Melting Pot, 1941 Model, [1941]
Folder 54.2 The Bo-Cu Plant, by Edgar Stanhope [pseud. of RFB] [per RFB, "written with Stanley"; publ. in AAW], [1916]
Folder 54.3 A Dream Biography of a Mountain Maidu, [n. d.]
Folder 54.4 The Family: Genus Americanus, [n. d.]
Folder 54.5 Foreword to A Puerto Rican Town, [1948]
Folder 54.6 The Functioning of the Dobuan Society, [n. d.]
Folder 54.7 The Growth of Culture, [1947]
Folder 54.8 The Growth of the Republic, [n. d.]
Folder 54.9 Human Nature and the Anthropologist, [n. d.]
Folder 54.10 If I Were a Negro, [n.d.]
Folder 54.11 Japanese Origins: Official Versions Vs. Scientific, [n. d.]
Folder 54.12 Memorandum to Conference on Science, Philosophy, and Religion, [ca. 1943]
Folder 54.13 A New York City Experiment in Home Making Courses in Wartime, [n. d.]
Folder 54.14 North American Folklore, [n. d.]
Folder 54.15 On the Role of the Faculty Instructor Concerning the Use of Living Subjects, [n. d.]
Folder 54.16 Post War Experts, [n.d.]
Folder 54.17 Racial Differences, [n. d.]
Folder 54.18 The Study of Learned Cultural Behavior in Civilized Nations, [1947]
Folder 54.19 [Unpublished Book Reviews]
Folder 54.20-54.21 To Secure the Blessings of Liberty, [n. d.]
Folder 55.1-55.12 Miscellaneous drafts and fragments [n. d]
Folder 56.1 Notes - Mary Wollstonecraft
Folder 56.2 Notebook - Mary Wollstonecraft
Folder 56.3 Notebook - Mary Wollstonecraft
Folder 56.4 Notebook - A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
Folder 56.5 Mary Wollstonecraft (TS, miscellaneous drafts)
Folder 56.6 Mary Wollstonecraft (MS, notes, drafts)
Folder 56.7 Adventures in Womanhood (TS)
Folder 57.1 Cawdor, by Robinson Jeffers [review signed by Anne Singleton; publ. in NY Herald Tribune Wkly. Book Rev.], [1928]
Folder 57.2 "The Chance for Life," [n.d.]
Folder 57.3 [Tihuanacu]: The Cradle of American Man, by I. Arthur Posnansky, [n.d.]
Folder 57.4 Evolution and Ethics, by Sir Arthur Keith, 1947
Folder 57.5 Man for Himself: An Inquiry Into the Psychology of Ethics, by Erich Fromm, [1948]
Folder 57.6 The Meeting of East and West , by F. S. C. Northrup[publ. in New Republic , v. 115], 1946
Folder 57.7 Men Before Adam, by Anne Terry White [publ. in NY Herald Tribune Wkly. Book Rev., 12/27], 1942
Folder 57.8 Naven: A Survey of the ProbleMs Suggested by a Composite Picture of a New Guinea Tribe, by Gregory Bateson[publ. in Review of Religion, vol. 2], [1937]
Folder 57.9 The Neurotic Personality of Our Time , by Karen Horney[publ. in Journal of Soc. and Abnormal Psych., vol. 33], 1938
Folder 57.10 Prehistoric Cave Paintings, by Max Raphael [publ. in NY Herald Tribune Wkly. Book Rev., 1/27], 1946
Folder 57.11 Pueblo Indian Religion, by Elsie Clews Parsons [publ. in Review of Religion, vol. 4], 1940
Folder 57.12 Richer by Asia, by Edmond Taylor [publ. in Saturday Review of Literature, 7/26], 1947
Folder 57.13 The Road of Life and Death, by Paul Radin, 1947
Folder 57.14 Secret Societies: A Cultural Study of Fraternalism in the U.S., by Noel P. Gist, [1940]
Folder 57.15 Social Anthropology, by Paul Radin, [1933]
Folder 57.16 Social Reconstruction and the Christian Ethic, by F. W. Eggleston, [n.d.]
Folder 57.17 The Study of Culture, by Bronislaw Malinowski, [n.d.]
Folder 57.18 The Study of Man, by Ralph Linton, [1936]
Folder 57.19 Sun Chief: The Autobiography of a Hopi Indian, ed. by Leo W. Simmons, [1942]
Folder 57.20 Where the Two Came to Their Father: A Navaho War Ceremonial, by Joseph Campbell, [1943]
Folder 58.1 Academic Freedom [fragment], [n. d.]
Folder 58.2 America Converts to Peace, [1946]
Folder 58.3 America's Racial Myths [lecture at Iowa], [n. d.]
Folder 58.4 Anthropology and Mental Hygiene, [1932]
Folder 58.5 Anthropology and Problems of Morale, [1940]
Folder 58.6 Anthropology and Some Modern Alarmists [Anna Howard Shaw Lecture, no. V], Mar 1941
Folder 58.7 Anthropology and the Social Bases of Morale [Anna Howard Shaw Lecture, no. VI], Mar 1941
Folder 58.8 Can Cultural Patterns be Directed?, [n. d.]
Folder 58.9 Comments on Juvenile Delinquency, [1930]
Folder 58.10 Conference on Science, Philosophy, and Religion, [1942]
Folder 58.11 Education and the Cultural Process, [n. d.]
Folder 58.12 Educational Reconstruction in the Post-War World, [1941]
Box 40 "Enjoyment of Poetry," with Margaret Mead, WEVD radio program, 6 Apr 1958 (phonograph album)
Folder 58.13 The Facts About Race, [n. d.]
Folder 58.14 Individual Behavior and the Social Order [Anna Howard Shaw Lecture, no. III], Feb 1941
Folder 58.15 Introduction for Malvina Hoffman, [n.d.]
Folder 58.16 [Lecture, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Washington D.C.], [1938]
Folder 58.17 Lectures on American Life series --"Patterns of American Culture," Columbia University, 1948
Folder 58.18 A Message to the Intercultural Symposium of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, [1946]
Folder 58.19 People Live on Guadalcanal, [n. d.]
Folder 58.20 The Problems of Anthropology [Anna Howard Shaw Lecture, no. I], Feb 1941
Folder 58.21 Property, [n. d.]
Folder 58.22 The Psychology of Love, [1943]
Folder 58.23 Race Prejudice in the United States [radio address, Washington, DC; publ. in AAW], [ca. 1946]
Folder 58.24 Remarks at Luncheon of Southern Conference, [n. d.]
Folder 58.25 Remarks on Receiving Annual Achievement Award, AAUW, [1946]
Folder 58.26 Speech at the Presentation of the Annual Achievement Award to Margaret Mead, [1940]
Folder 58.27 The Study of Learned Cultural Behavior in Civilized Nations [Abstract written for Supper-Conference for Anthropologists], 1947
Folder 58.28 Superior Races: The World's Most Tragic Myth, [n. d.]
Folder 58.29 [Untitled speech, given at Yale University], [1948]
Folder 58.30 What Do We Mean by Democracy?, 1938
Folder 58.31 [Programs (2) of conferences at which RFB spoke], 1941-1942


Folder 59.1-59.5 Macy Foundation
Folder 59.6 Proposed Comparative Study of Polish and Russian Jews in the U.S.
Folder 59.7 List of Grant Proposals and Field Trips
Folder 59.8 Funding Analysis for Columbia University Anthropology Department
Folder 59.9 Consulting
Folder 59.10 Grant Proposal: Agencies of White Contact
Folder 59.11 Proposal for a Training Center in the Culture and Character of European Peoples
Folder 59.12 A Plan for a Cultural Approach to the Problem of Inter-Group Tensions
Folder 60.1 Proposal for a Training Center in the Culture and Character of Contemporary Peoples
Folder 60.2 Grant Proposal: Studies in Acculturation
Folder 60.3 Grant Proposal: Project on Psychiatric Anthropology Submitted to the RockefellerFoundation, Division of Medical Sciences
Folder 60.4 Rhodes-Livingstone Institute
Folder 60.5 Columbia University Department of Anthropology Project
Folder 60.6 Laboratory Field Trips to Primitive Cultures
Folder 60.7 Field Training and Research in Anthropology - Financial Statement, July 1932-25 Sep 25 1936
Folder 60.8 Report to Council for Research in Social Sciences, Columbia University, 1937
Folder 60.9 Project for the Study of Personality and Culture in Mexico
Folder 60.10 Application for funds for Research in Progress, 1931
Folder 60.11 Columbia University Approved Research, 1935
Folder 60.12 Social Science Research Council - Fellowship Application
Folder 60.13 Roster of Doctoral Exams, 1934
Folder 60.14 Preliminary Report on Anthropological Fieldwork, 1927
Folder 60.15 Grant Application - Mythology of the Zuñi Indians
Folder 60.16 Project for Ethnological Work in Brazil (Columbia University)
Folder 60.17 Project for Anthropological Work in Pará
Folder 60.18 Sourcebook on Intercultural Education
Folder 60.19 Proposal for the Cataloguing of the Columbia University Art Collections
Folder 60.20 1935 Research, etc.


Folder 61.1 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Anthropology 101
Folder 61.2 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Anthropology 102, Race and Culture
Folder 61.3 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Anthropology 161, Contemporary Problems
Folder 61.4 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Anthropology Seminar, 1930-1931
Folder 61.5 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Seminar
Folder 61.6 Teaching and Lecture Notes, American Indian
Folder 61.7 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Animism
Folder 61.8-61.11 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Australia
Folder 62.1 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Child Rearing
Folder 62.2 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Crow
Folder 62.3 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Folklore
Folder 62.4 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Kinship
Folder 62.5 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Kinship Schedules
Folder 62.6 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Linguistic Stocks
Folder 62.7-62.10 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Melanesia
Folder 62.11 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Mythology
BOX 63 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Mythology
BOX 64 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Mythology
Folder 65.1 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Mythology
Folder 65.2 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Mythology (Anthropology 107)
Folder 65.3-65.11 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Religion
Folder 65.12 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Social Organization
Folder 65.13 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Social Organization
Folder 66.1-66.5 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Social Organization
Folder 66.6 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Spanish Tales
Folder 66.7 Teaching and Lecture Notes
Folder 66.8 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Extracts from Books
Folder 66.9 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Extracts from Books
Folder 66.10 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Field Materials
Folder 66.11 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Lecture and Projects
Folder 67.1 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Miscellaneous
Folder 67.2 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Miscellaneous
Folder 67.3 Teaching and Lecture Notes, Notebooks
Folder 67.4 Miscellaneous Field Notes ("Sample field notebook - M[arie] E[ichelberger] '54")
Folder 67.5 Miscellaneous Notes
Folder 67.6 Miscellaneous Notes
Folder 67.7 Miscellaneous Notes, South America
BOX 68 Miscellaneous Notes, South America
Folder 67.8 Miscellaneous Reading Notes
Folder 67.9 Miscellaneous Research Projects
Folder 67.10 Notes, Psychology of Faith Group
BOX 69 [Indexed Note Cards on Various Topics]


Folder 70.1 Botkin, B. A.: A Collection of Oklahoma Texts and Tunes, pt. 2
Folder 70.2 Brenner, Anita: Notes for a Study of the Mexican Nahual
Folder 70.3 Cantine, H. R., jr.: The Folklore of the Kiwai Papuans
Folder 70.4 Diehl, Walter: Staden and Métraux on the Tupinamba
Folder 70.5 Geismar, David: North American Indian Mythology (for Anthro. 114)
Folder 70.6 Gibel, Fela: [Course Paper on Contemporary Problems] (for Anthro. 161)
Folder 70.7 Grace, Harry A.: Some Hypotheses on the Relationship Between the Culture and the Screen Personality (for Anthro. 121)
Folder 70.8 Greenwall, H. P.: Abstracts of Stories from Die Nayarit Expedition by Preuss (for Anthro. 204)
Folder 70.9 Hall, Mildred: The Story of the Sun Snarer
Folder 70.10 Hallowell, Dorothy Kern: The Problem of Racial Psychology (for Graduate Seminar)
Folder 70.11 Halseth, Odd S.: [Student Study: Plans and Accomplishments]
Folder 70.12 Hoebel, E. Adamson: Big Turtle's War Party (for Anthro. 114)
Folder 71.1 Hoffman, Dan G.: Pictorial Art in Three Cultures (for Anthro. 101)
Folder 71.2 Holzer (Harold) Case History - Delinquency
Folder 71.3 Jones, Yvonne: The People of Dobu
Folder 71.4 Keller, Thelma C.: The Deserted Children (for Anthro. 114)
Folder 71.5 Migration Tales
Folder 71.6 Milk Drinking Habits Among Young People: A psychological study made cooperatively by the Milk Research Council and the University of Newark Research Center
Folder 71.7 Siegel, Morris: Effects of Contact on the Form of the Family in a Guatemalan Village
Folder 71.8 Study of Urban Women
Folder 71.9 Woodward, Patricia: Summary of Interviews on German Culture
Folder 71.10 Student Field Trips
Folder 71.11 Student Grade Sheets
Folder 71.12 Student Notes to Ruth Benedict


Folder 72.1 Poetry of Léonie Adams sent to Ruth Benedict
Folder 72.2 Miscellaneous poetry by others
Folder 72.3 Miscellaneous prose by others


Folder 73.1 Bibliography: Africa
Folder 73.2 Bibliography: American Indian
Folder 73.3 Bibliography: The American School of the Air (CBS)
Folder 73.4 Bibliography: Anthropology I
Folder 73.5 Bibliography: Anthropology II
Folder 73.6 Bibliography: Archaeology and Ethnology
Folder 73.7 Bibliography: Bernice P. Bishop Museum Publications
Folder 73.8-10 Bibliography: Boas
Folder 73.11 Bibliography: Books about the Negro
Folder 73.12 Bibliography: Columbia University Contributions to Anthropology
Folder 73.13 Bibliography: Cultural Anthropology
Folder 73.14 Bibliography: Cultural Anthropology
Folder 73.15 Bibliography: Cultural Dynamics
Folder 73.16 Bibliography: Culture and Personality
Folder 73.17 Bibliography: The Dr. Raymond Pearl Library
Folder 73.18 Bibliography: The Eskimo
Folder 74.1 Bibliography: Farther India
Folder 74.2 Bibliography: Fiction
Folder 74.3 Bibliography: Government
Folder 74.4 Bibliography: Guide to Undergraduate Students
Folder 74.5 Bibliography: Interamerican Training Projects
Folder 74.6 Bibliography: The Literature of the Native Administration
Folder 74.7 Bibliography: Man and the Supernatural
Folder 74.8 Bibliography: Miscellaneous
Folder 74.9 Bibliography: New York State Library
Folder 74.10 Bibliography: Philippines
Folder 74.11 Bibliography: Polynesia
Folder 74.12 Bibliography: Religion
Folder 74.13 Bibliography : Ruth Benedict's Published Works
Folder 74.14 Bibliography: Selected Ethnographic Bibliography of the Plains
Folder 74.15 Bibliography: Southeast Asia
Folder 74.16 Bibliography: Syllabus and Instructions for Anthropology 1A, 1B
Folder 74.17 [Unpublished Bibliography]


Folder 75.1 General Subject Files: Africa
Folder 75.2 General Subject Files: African Americans
Folder 75.3 General Subject Files: Benedict (Articles about)
Folder 75.4 General Subject Files: Benedict (Mention of RFB)
Folder 75.5 General Subject Files: Benedict articles and reprints
Folder 75.6 General Subject Files: Benedict articles and reprints
Folder 75.7 General Subject Files: Benedict book reviews
Folder 75.8 General Subject Files: Benedict - Reviews of Her Books
Folder 75.9 General Subject Files: Columbia University President, Nicholas Murray Butler
Folder 75.10 General Subject Files: East and West Association
Folder 75.11 General Subject Files: Education
Folder 76.1 General Subject Files: Holland
Folder 76.2 General Subject Files: In Henry's Backyard
Folder 76.3 General Subject Files: Italy
Folder 76.4 General Subject Files: Jews
Folder 76.5 General Subject Files: Miscellaneous
Folder 76.6 General Subject Files: Native Americans
Folder 76.7 General Subject Files: Native Americans
Folder 77.1 General Subject Files: Public Works
Folder 77.2 General Subject Files: Racism and Prejudice
Folder 77.3 General Subject Files: Rumania
Folder 77.4 General Subject Files: Russia
Folder 77.5 General Subject Files: Science and Technology
Folder 77.6 General Subject Files: South America
Folder 77.7 General Subject Files: Southwest
Folder 77.8 General Subject Files: Spain
Folder 77.9 General Subject Files: Turkish Students
Folder 77.10 General Subject Files: World War II
Folder 77.11 General Subject Files: World War II -- Commentary
Folder 77.12 General Subject Files: Yugoslavia
Folder 78.1-78.6 General Subject Files: Miscellaneous Clippings

SERIES XI. NATIVE AMERICAN SUBJECT FILES Some of this material is available online at Alexander Street Press's Anthropology Commons

Folder 79.1 Mescalero Trip: Accounts
Folder 79.2 Mescalero Trip: Applications
Folder 79.3 Mescalero Trip: Clippings re: Henrietta Schmerler, 1931
Folder 79.4 Mescalero Trip: Correspondence: Regina Flannery, 1932
Folder 79.5 Mescalero Trip: Correspondence: Paul Frank, 1931
Folder 79.6 Mescalero Trip: Correspondence: John Gillen, 1932
Folder 79.7 Mescalero Trip: Correspondence: Jesse Nussbaum, 1931
Folder 79.8 Mescalero Trip: Correspondence: Jesse Nussbaum, 1931-1932
Folder 79.9 Mescalero Trip: Correspondence: Morris Oppler[for other Oppler correspondence, see folders 32.12-32.13], 1931-1933
Folder 79.10 Mescalero Trip: Correspondence: Morris Oppler[for other Oppler correspondence, see folders 32.12-32.13], 1933
Folder 79.11 Mescalero Trip: Correspondence: Edward Sapir, 1931
Folder 79.12 Mescalero Trip: Correspondence re: Henrietta Schmerler, 1931-1932
Folder 79.13 Mescalero Trip: Correspondence re: Students, 1931
Folder 79.14 Mescalero Trip: Correspondence: Sol Tax[for other Tax correspondence, see folder 34.6], 1932
Folder 79.15 Mescalero Trip: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1931-1932
Folder 80.1 Pima Mythology - Notebook
Folder 80.2 Pima Mythology - Notebook
Folder 80.3-80.5 Pima Mythology - Notes
Folder 80.6 Pima Mythology - Song Transcriptions, Notes
Folder 80.7 Pima Mythology - Song Transcriptions
Folder 80.8 Pima Mythology - Song Transcriptions
Folder 80.9 Pima Mythology - Bluebird and Coyote Try To Make Themselves Blue
Folder 80.10 Pima Mythology - Bungling Host/The Girl Who Would Not Marry
Folder 80.11 Pima Mythology - Corn Woman
Folder 80.12 Pima Mythology - Coyote and the Turkeys/The Benefactors
Folder 80.13 Pima Mythology - Coyote Is Pursued By a Lion/The Crows Get New Feathers
Folder 80.14 Pima Mythology - Coyote Marries the Hunter's Wives
Folder 80.15 Pima Mythology - Coyotes Make War Against the Sun
Folder 80.16 Pima Mythology - Creation
Folder 80.17 Pima Mythology - Deer Planter
Folder 80.18 Pima Mythology - Dove Makes Magic for a Race/The Survivors
Folder 80.19 Pima Mythology - The Dragonfly Asks Tobacco to Return
Folder 80.20 Pima Mythology - Eagle Hawk Man
Folder 80.21 Pima Mythology - The Feud
Folder 80.22 Pima Mythology - The Feud of the Coyote Brothers
Folder 80.23 Pima Mythology - Figures of Speech Among the Pima
Folder 80.24 Pima Mythology - Frog and Water/The Origin of Tobacco
Folder 80.25 Pima Mythology - The Giant Cactus/The Mesquite Tree
Folder 81.1 Pima Mythology - Haak
Folder 81.2 Pima Mythology - Harvest Ceremony
Folder 81.3 Pima Mythology - Koolhaa
Folder 81.4 Pima Mythology - Man Eagle
Folder 81.5 Pima Mythology - Navictu
Folder 81.6 Pima Mythology - Old Woman's Grandson Rescues His Mother from the Apache
Folder 81.7 Pima Mythology - The Orphan Boy
Folder 81.8 Pima Mythology - Rain Ritual
Folder 81.9 Pima Mythology - Remarks to Pima Speeches
Folder 81.10 Pima Mythology - Ritual for the First Water Allowed the Slayer in the Purification Rites
Folder 81.11 Pima Mythology - Songs of the Trading of the Turquoise Chain
Folder 81.12 Pima Mythology - The Sons of Naasa
Folder 81.13 Pima Mythology - The Sons of Rain
Folder 81.14 Pima Mythology - The Tsaidjuukam
Folder 81.15 Pima Mythology - Twin Sons of Rain (fragment)
Folder 81.16 Pima Mythology - The Two Brothers/Coyote Eats His Own Bowels
Folder 81.17 Pima Mythology - War of the Coyotes Against the Sun/Coyote and Buzzard
Folder 81.18 Pima Mythology - War Ritual
Folders 82.1 - 82.36 Acoma Drawings
Folder 83.1 The Boy Who Broke His Vows (TS)
Folder 83.2 The Cumaakoli Mask (TS)
Folder 83.3 The Curing Contest of Cumaakol and Kokotana, (TS)
Folder 83.4 They Dance for Rain in Zuñi (TS)
Folder 83.5 The Drought (TS)
Folder 83.6 Emergence Myths (TS)
Folder 83.7 Fire Dance (TS)
Folder 83.8-83.11 How They Brought the Curing Societies from Cipapolima (TS)
Folder 84.1 The Kianakwe Dance (TS)
Folder 84.2 The Lahewe Dance (TS)
folder 84.3 The Santu (TS)
Folder 84.4 The Solo Dancers of Wotemta (TS)
Folder 84.5 The Tcakwena Dance (TS)
Folder 84.6-84.8 Sun Priest (TS)
Folder 84.9 Miscellaneous Zuñi Pictures
Folder 84.10 Zuñi Costume drawings
Folder 85.1 Zuñi Notes
Folder 86.1 Totem Dakotas (TS)
Folder 86.2 Dakota Sioux - Social Organization -- The Kinship System (TS)
Folder 86.3 Dakota Sioux - Social Organization -- Kinship Categories (TS)
Folder 86.4 Dakota Sioux - Social Organization -- More Characteristic Behavior (TS)
Folder 86.5 Dakota Sioux - Kinship Notes
Folder 86.6 The Indians of North and South Dakota(Brownlee and Johnson)
Folder 86.7 Seminar on Indian Work, 1941
Folder 86.8-86.12 Assiniboine Report (Ella Deloria) (TS)
Folder 86.13 Blackfoot Field Trip, 1939
Folder 86.14 Blackfoot Field Trip, 1939
Folder 87.1 Religion of the North American Indians, Notes
Folder 87.2 Religion of the North American Indians, Notes
Folder 87.3 Religion of the North American Indians, Outline and Synopsis (TS)
Folder 87.4 Religion of the North American Indians. Chapter 1 (TS)
Folder 87.5 Religion of the North American Indians. Chapter 2 (TS)
Folder 87.6 Religion of the North American Indians. Chapter 3 (TS)
Folder 87.7 Religion of the North American Indians. Chapter 5 (TS)
Folder 88.1 The Bears Killed for Their Father (TS)
Folder 88.2 The Dancers Bring Out a Dead Hand (TS)
Folder 88.3 How a Man Obtains His Mask (TS)
Folder 88.4 The Lame and the Blind (TS)
Folder 88.5 The Man Who Refused Power from Yosin (TS)
Folder 88.6 Medicine Talk of the Stick Swallowing Order of the Big Fire Society (TS)
Folder 88.7 The Ojibwa Brother-Gods (TS)
Folder 88.8 The Orphan Children (TS)
Folder 88.9 The Rabbit Hunt (TS)
Folder 88.10 Scalp Dance (TS, fragment)
Folder 88.11 The Visit of Kialko (TS)
Folder 88.12 Notes
Folder 88.13 Drawings
Folder 88.14 Drawings
Folder 88.15 Photographs and clippings of illustrations of Native American [see also folder 123.17]
Folder 89.1-89.3 Southwest Myth Concordance - Original Myths
Folder 89.4 Southwest Myth Concordance - Preface
Folder 89.5-89.9 Southwest Myth Concordance
Folder 90.1-90.14 Southwest Myth Concordance
Folder 91.1-91.19 Southwest Notes
Folder 91.20 Indian Mythology, Ethics -- Notes
BOX 92 Concordance for Shoshone Folklore (?) -- Notes
Folder 93.1 Concordance for Shoshone Folklore -- Notes
Folder 93.2-93.11 Concordance for Shoshone Folklore
Folder 94.1 Concordance for Shoshone Folklore
Folder 94.2 Research on Indian Education -- Outline for Fieldwork, Guide for Volunteers
Folder 94.3 Purpose of the Research on Indian Education
Folder 94.4 U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Office of Indian Affairs -- Chicago Seminar
Folder 94.5 Research on the Development of Indian Personality -- Outline for Use in the Pilot Study
Folder 94.6 Research on the Development of Indian Personality - Analysis of the Authority System of Each Tribe -
Folder 94.7 Research on the Development of Indian Personality -- Field Guide to the Study of the Development of Inter-Personal Relationships
BOX 95 American Indian Mythology Field Notes
BOX 96 Serrano Field Trip Notes


Folder 97.1 Culture Area Files - Africa
Folder 97.2-97.5 Culture Area Files - Austria
Folder 97.6-97.10 Culture Area Files - Belgium
Folder 97.11 Culture Area Files - Bulgaria
Folder 97.12 Culture Area Files - Burma
Folder 97.13 Background for a Basic Plan for Burma
Folder 98.1 Culture Area Files - China
Folder 98.2 Culture Area Files - China
Folder 98.3-98.6 Culture Area Files - Czechoslovakia
Folder 98.7 Culture Area Files - England
Folder 98.8 Culture Area Files - Finland
Folder 98.9-98.12 Culture Area Files - France
Folder 98.13 Culture Area Files - Greece
Folder 99.1-99.9 Culture Area Files - Germany
Folder 100.1-100.11 Culture Area Files - Holland
Folder 101.1-101.11 Culture Area Files - Holland
Folder 102.1 Culture Area Files - India
Folder 102.2 Culture Area Files - Indo-China
Folder 102.3 Culture Area Files - Ireland
Folder 102.4-102.7 Culture Area Files - Italy
Folder 102.8 Culture Area Files - Japan - Japanese Behavior Patterns, by Ruth Benedict (TS)
Folder 102.9 Culture Area Files - Japan - Japanese Behavior Patterns, by Ruth Benedict. Report to OWI. Mimeo
Folder 102.10 Culture Area Files - Japan - Japanese Origins, by Ruth Benedict
Folder 102.11 Culture Area Files - Japan - Social Structure Brochure
Folder 103.1 Culture Area Files - Japan - An Analysis of Japanese Ethics Textbooks and the Imperial Rescript on Education, by P. Ehret and E. Lockhard, (1945)
Folder 103.2 Culture Area Files - Japan - Japanese Administration at the Local Level, by John Embree, (1944)
Folder 103.3 Culture Area Files - Japan - Japanese Character Structure, by G. Gorer, (1942)
Folder 103.4 Culture Area Files - Japan - Provisional Analytical Summary of Institute of Pacific Relations Conference on Japanese Character Structure, by M. Mead, (1944)
Folder 103.5 Culture Area Files - Japan - Our Past in Modernizing Japan's Beliefs, by Dr. Henry Neumann, (1946)
Folder 103.6 Culture Area Files - Japan - Muteki (Fog Horn), by Jiro Osaragi, (1934)
Folder 103.7 Culture Area Files - Japanese OWI - Notes:
Folder 103.7 Japanese Suicide a Spiritual Act, Tokyo commentator says (OWI 31)
Folder 103.7 Diary (typescript) of second lieutenant Hirano, a Platoon leader North of Templeton's Crossing
Folder 103.7 "The Japanese View of Life and Death"
Folder 103.7 A Note on Japanese Suicide
Folder 103.7 Notes on Japanese Suicide
Folder 103.7 "What Shall be done about the Emperor"
Folder 103.7 Problems in Japanese Morale Submitted for Study by Psychiatrists
Folder 103.7 Morale Handbook
Folder 103.7 Miscellaneous notes
Folder 103.8 Culture Area Files - Japan - OSS Tests, Pentagon
Folder 103.9 Culture Area Files - Japan - OWI Research Materials
Folder 103.10 Culture Area Files - Japan - Films
Folder 103.11 Culture Area Files - Japan - Psychiatry
Folder 103.12 Culture Area Files - Japan - Rorschach Tests
Folder 103.13 Culture Area Files - Japan - Women
Folder 104.1 Culture Area Files - Japan - Tokyo Mainichi Shimbun (Japanese Metropolitan Daily) - Translation (Report #22, 1945)
Folder 104.2 Culture Area Files - Japan - OWI Daily Report - Foreign Radio Broadcasts (1945)
Folder 104.3 Culture Area Files - Japan - Report of the U.S. Education Mission to Japan (1946)
Folder 104.4-104.6 Culture Area Files - Japan - Miscellaneous Notes
Folder 104.7-104.9 Culture Area Files - Japan - Research Notes
Folder 105.1-105.3 Culture Area Files - Japan - Bibliography
Folder 105.4-105.6 Culture Area Files - Japan - Quotes and Excerpts from Books on Japan
Folder 105.7-105.10 Culture Area Files - Japan - Interviews
Folder 105.11-105.14 Culture Area Files - Japan - Data Excerpts
Folder 106.1-106.11 Culture Area Files - Japan - Data Excerpts
Folder 106.12 Culture Area Files - Jews
Folder 106.13 Culture Area Files - Mexico
Folder 106.14 Culture Area Files - Norway
Folder 106.15 Culture Area Files - Portugal
Folder 107.1-107.9 Culture Area Files - Rumania
Folder 108.1-108.7 Culture Area Files - Rumania
Folder 109.1-109.7 Culture Area Files - Rumania
Folder 110.1-110.4 Culture Area Files - Russia
Folder 110.5 Culture Area Files - Spain
Folder 110.6-110.-10 Culture Area Files - Thailand
Folder 110.11 Culture Area Files - Turkey
Folder 110.12 Culture Area Files - Turkey
Folder 111.1-111.11 Culture Area Files - United States
Folder 111.12 Culture Area Files - Yugoslavia


Folder 112.1 Applications of Anthropology to Social Problems
Folder 112.2 Notes on Captured Documents
Folder 112.3 Memo to Mr. Katz
Folder 112.4 Overseas Newsletter
Folder 112.5 Underground Activities
Folder 112.6 Planning for the Liberation of Europe
Folder 112.7 Miscellaneous
Folder 112.8 Council for Democracy
Folder 112.9 Employment Data
Folder 112.10 OWI Consultants -- List; Corr. with A - M (1943-1945)
Folder 112.11 OWI Consultants -- Corr. with P - W (1943-1945)
Folder 112.12 Memo on Selection of Personnel in China, [1944]
Folder 112.13 Educational Project for Strengthening the Cultural and Social Ties Between Allied and Neutral Nations
Folder 112.14 Unesco - 1947-1948
Folder 112.15 Unesco Seminar, 1948


Folder 113.1 Tests and Polls -- Details to be Observed
Folder 113.2 Tests and Polls -- Basic Table on Cultural Diversity
Folder 113.3 Tests and Polls -- Tests
Folder 113.4 Tests and Polls -- Replies of Experts to Questions on the Inheritance of Mental Traits
Folder 113.5 Tests and Polls -- The Gottschald Figures
Folder 113.6 Tests and Polls -- Bibliography for Research in Public Opinion Management
Folder 113.7 Tests and Polls -- Health Services and Medical Care for Children and Mothers
Folder 113.8 Tests and Polls -- Welfare Services for Children and Mothers

SERIES XV. FRANZ BOAS, 1858-1947 Some of this material is available online at Alexander Street Press's Anthropology Commons

Folder 114.1 Correspondence: Boas to Benedict, 1922-1930
Folder 114.2 Correspondence: Boas to Benedict, 1931-1932
Folder 114.3 Correspondence: Boas to Benedict, 1933-1938
Folder 114.4 Correspondence: Boas to Benedict, 1939-1940
Folder 114.5 Correspondence: Benedict to Boas, 1937-1939
Folder 114.6 Correspondence: Boas to Others, 1886,1933, 1939, 1942
Folder 114.7 Correspondence: Re: Boas, 1927-1934
Folder 114.8 Correspondence: Re: Boas, 1935-1936
Folder 114.9 Correspondence: Re: Boas, 1937-1947
Folder 114.10 Correspondence: Re: Boas, 1943-1946, 1958
Folder 114.11 Correspondence: Miscellaneous to Boas, 1925-1927, 1948
Folder 115.1 Boas -- Vita and Fragments
Folder 115.2 Boas -- Fragments
Folder 115.3 Boas -- Journal articles
Folder 115.4 Boas -- Laguna Tales
Folder 115.5 Boas and Edward M. David -- "Race: America's Social Barrier"
Folder 115.6 Boas -- Lecture: "Race and Progress"
Folder 115.7 Boas -- Lectures
Folder 116.1-116.4 Boas -- Obituaries
Folder 116.5 Boas Tribute by Benedict -- Draft
Folder 116.6 Boas Honorarium
Folder 116.7 Boas -- Printed Material
Folder 116.8 Boas -- Clippings and Tributes


Folder 117.1 Mead to Benedict: Research Notes and Memos
Folder 117.2 Correspondence: Condolence Notes, 1948
Folder 117.3 Correspondence: To Mead re: "A Lady of Culture"
Folder 117.4 Correspondence: To Mead re: Benedict Obituary, 1948-1949
Folder 117.5-117.13 An Anthropologist at Work. (TS)
BOX 118 An Anthropologist at Work -- First Working Draft, Vassar File, Parts 1-3 [mimeo]
BOX 119 An Anthropologist at Work -- First Working Draft, Vassar File, Parts 4-6 [mimeo]
Folder 120.1 Early poems and correspondence with Harriet Monroe (mimeo)
Folder 120.2 Letter to Bruce Bliven (mimeo)
Folder 120.3 Patterns of American Culture (mimeo)
Folder 120.4 The Study of Cultural Patterns in European Nations (mimeo)
Folder 120.5 Anthropology and Problems of Morale (mimeo)
Folder 120.6 A Reply to John Chamberlain (mimeo)
Folder 120.7 Remarks at Luncheon of Southern Conference (mimeo)
Folder 120.8 If I Were a Negro (mimeo)
Folder 120.9 The Bond of Fellowship (mimeo)
Folder 120.10 Sex Offenses: A Comparative View (mimeo)
Folder 120.11 A Delinquent Boy: Comments on a Life History (mimeo)
Folder 120.12 Malvina Hoffman (mimeo)
Folder 120.13 American Culture: A Comparative View (mimeo)
Folder 120.14 Franz Boas's Courage (mimeo)
Folder 120.15 Franz Boas Is Dead (mimeo)
Folder 120.16 Boas Says He'll Vote for FDR Because . . . (mimeo)
Folder 120.17 The Death of Freedom (mimeo)
Folder 120.18 Boas Challenges 'Biological Purge' (mimeo)
Folder 120.19 Academic Freedom (mimeo)
Folder 120.20 Preserving Our Ideals (mimeo)
Folder 120.21 Why German-Americans Blame America (mimeo)
folder 120.22 A Note from the American Ethnological Society (mimeo)
Folder 120.23 Franz Boas (mimeo)
Folder 120.24 Prof. Franz Boas, President, American Association for the Advancement of Science (mimeo)
Folder 120.25 Review: Gregory Bateson: Naven (mimeo)
Folder 120.26 Review: Elsie Clews Parsons: Pueblo Indian Religion (mimeo)
Folder 120.27 Patterns of Culture (mimeo)
Folder 120.28 Teaching Notes on Field Methods (mimeo)
Folder 120.29 Review: Robinson Jeffers: Cawder [sic] and Other PoeMs (mimeo)
Folder 120.30 The Bo-Cu Plant [See unpublished ms. in 54.2] (mimeo)
Folder 120.31 The Chance for Life (mimeo)
Folder 120.32 Journal: 1909 (mimeo)
Folder 120.33 The Future of the Horse (mimeo)
Folder 120.34 Notes on Boas' "Methods" Lectures (mimeo)
Folder 120.35 North American Folklore (mimeo)
Folder 120.36 The Home of Evangeline (mimeo)
Folder 120.37 The Statue of Justice (mimeo)
Folder 120.38 The Passion of Giving (mimeo)
Folder 120.39 The Sewing Society (mimeo)


Folder 121.1 Sapir Obituary
Folder 121.2 Sapir Biographical Sketch
Folder 121.3-121.7 Sapir -- Poetry Manuscripts
Folder 121.8 Sapir -- Original Poetry Typescripts
Folder 121.9-121.12 Sapir -- Published Poetry


Folder 122.1 Ruth Fulton Benedict as a child, young woman
Folder 122.2 Ruth Benedict, European trip, 1909-1910
Folder 122.3 Ruth Benedict, ca. 1924
Folder 122.4 Ruth Benedict (by Marie Eichelberger), ca. 1930
Folder 122.5 Ruth Benedict during early years of marriage
Folder 122.6 Ruth Benedict with Blackfoot (?) Indians
Folder 122.7 Ruth Benedict as a mature woman
Folder 40.4 (oversized) Portrait of RFB by Bachrach, ca. 1937
Folder 122.8 Sketch of Ruth Benedict: "Prefiguring Death," by Erik Erikson
Folder 122.9 Ruth and Margery Fulton as children
Folder 122.10 Ruth Benedict with Margery Fulton Freeman's grandchildren
Folder 122.11 Ruth Benedict with Margery Fulton Freeman's children, ca. 1916
Folder 123.1 Margery Fulton Freeman
Folder 123.2 Bertrice Shattuck Fulton
Folder 123.3 Photocopies of photographs in VC Class box, VC 1885 (Bertrice Shattuck Fulton's class)
Folder 123.4 Dr. Frederick S. Fulton, 1857-1889 (Benedict's father)
Folder 123.5 El Greco -- Fra Felix Mortensis Palaviciano
Folder 123.6 Myra Shattuck (Auntie My)
Folder 123.7 Shattuck Family
Folder 123.8 Ruth, Stanley Benedict, Bertrice Shattuck Fulton
Folder 123.9 Stanley Benedict
Folder 123.10 Shattuck Farm
Folder 123.11 Summer home at Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire
Folder 123.12 Homes at Bedford Hills and Douglas Manor, New York
Folder 123.13 Margaret Mead
Folder 123.14 Franz Boas
Folder 123.15 Edward Sapir
Folder 123.16 Mescalero trip [?]
Folder 123.17 Indians of the Southwest
Folder 123.18 Miscellaneous Photographs
Box 124 Lantern slides [used by RFB for teaching?]


Box 125 Maps


Realia cabinets Benedict's portable typewriter

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Personal and professional papers consisting of correspondence, diaries, notebooks, manuscripts and typescripts, articles, speeches, financial papers, reports, teaching materials, and photographs. Correspondents include Franz Boas with whom she studied and worked. Subjects include American Anthropological Association, Progressive Education Association, West Side Defense Council (New York City), Council Against Intolerance in America, American Association of University Women, American Folklore Journal, Mary Wollstonecraft, Indians of the American Southwest including Pima, Zuni, Dakotas, Sioux

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